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While the film game in 2015 was strong, there was also some seriously stunning movie posters to match. 

Seriously, we would hang half of these on our wall as art!

So whether you even like the film or not, check out our favourite movie posters of 2015:

7) The Martian 

Who could say no to that FACE though. 

6) The Lobster 

It's always impressive when a poster says a lot about a film, but doesn't give the game away.

We love the vintage feel to this one.  

5) Jurassic World 

This poster impressively picks up on a strong theme in the film, that humanity cannot overpower nature. 

But apart from that, this is just an awesome visual. 

4) Crimson Peak 

Artsy and creepy – this poster says everything you want to know about the film. 

And it kind of freaks us out. 

3) It Follows

A spine-tingling film that pays homage to old horror classics brings a welcome retro feel to it's poster. 

And with that hook line, this is more than enough to get you into the cinema. 

2) Magic Mike XXL 

We know what we want from these films and this poster is not afraid to give it to us. 

Definitely one for the ladies. 

1) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Perhaps the most anticipated movie of 2015 really delivered an amazing visual for it's poster.

This image of Katniss sitting on Lord Snow's throne still gives us chills. 


Is this just the best birthday present or what?

Mindy Kaling knows exactly how to celebrate her birthday in comfort. The Office star marked her 36th birthday by having a pyjama party and watching the horror flick, It Follows with a bunch of friends and a whole load of McDonald’s.



Part of my birthday is we got to wear pajamas and we are watching It Follows at lunch.

A photo posted by Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) on

This sounds like the perfect birthday party to us!

And what present did the actress really want for her birthday? Why, a Dubsmash from friend Lena Dunham, of course!

Mindy tweeted her special request saying “I would also love a dubsmash of @lenadunham doing a portion of @tomhanks iconic “there’s no crying in baseball” speech.”

Sure enough, the talented  Ms Dunham obliged.


Your bday wish is my command @mindykaling

A video posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

But it wasn’t all about Ms Kaling as the kind-hearted writer also tweeted asking fans what their favourite charities were so as that she could donate to them.

“For my birthday I’d like to go shopping. What are your favourite charitable organizations and why? Tweet me link & I will give!”

This is just so sweet! All in all, this sounds like a seriously great birthday to us.