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The brother of a heartbroken bride-to-be has issued an appeal after his sister lost her engagement ring in Dublin last week. 

According to a tweet posted by the BiPolar BearWear account, the woman misplaced the precious item in the Rathmines/ Rathgar/ Terenure area last Wednesday. 

There is an award on offer for anyone who may have information on the ring's whereabouts. 

The appeal reads: "My sister lost her engagement ring yesterday evening (May 9th) in Rathmines / Rathgar / Terenure area.

"She's obviously fairly heartbroken and I know it's a long shot but if anyone happens to find it there'll be a lovely reward for your kindness. Thanks a mill."

While a solid line of investigation has not yet been established, many Twitter users have replied to the original post wishing the newly-engaged woman the best of luck in her search. 

Anyone with information can contact the moderator of the Bipolar BearWear Twitter account here.



Jamal Sul was having a mad night out in Dublin to celebrate the end of his thesis, as you do.

Unfortunately, Jamal was a bit dozy in the taxi on the way home, so much so that he forgot his laptop in the cab.

This would be pretty awful enough for anyone, but it was extra problematic for Jamal, whose entire catalogue of PHD files resides on his missing laptop. 

Dubliners have been sharing Jamal's public plea for help all afternoon, but the search is about to go viral thanks to the help of one very well known author.

JK Rowling took to Twitter to share Jamal's plight., saying 'One of my worst nightmares has happened to this poor man. RT to help!' 

The tweet from JK's page has already been retweeted almost 4,000 times, so hopefully Jamal gets his laptop returned to him ASAP. 

We'll be on the look out for that navy blue taxi!



Ah lads, we're devestated we lost against Belgium today.

But even though everyone hails Belgium as the best team in the world, there were some seriously sketchy things going on there today.

Here, we're looking at the top 5 things that made us go WTF during today's match:

1. Shane Long's head kick

And then Belgium scored. That was a yellow card!!


2. Lukaku was playing top notch 

Which was ultimately crap for us…


3. Two balls on the field

And then Hendrick getting a yellow card for kicking one.


4. Ah REF

Was it just us or did he favour Belgium? 


5. We LOST 🙁

But, we'll come back fighting!




We LOST. 🙁

In the UEFA Euros 2016, Ireland played against Belgium, with kick off starting at 2pm.

The first half of the match was super frustrating for Ireland, with no score by the end of it.

At the start of the second half Belgium scored in two minutes of throw in, and then proceeded to score an additional two goals after that.

The score was Belgium 3 – 0 Ireland at full-time.

We're all really disappointed, but are eager to see the come out of our next match against Italy.


Irish fast food chain Supermac's has lost its fight with McDonald's… but to be honest, we kinda saw that coming.

McDonald's operates just about 34,000 restaurants around the world, so it's no surprise it beat Supermac's in a recent trademark claim.

Supermac's was bidding for a European trademark, but lost out when the American company filed a 41-page complaint to the EU's Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM).

In its decision, OHIM held up Maccy D's claim, rejecting Supermac's application because there's too many food items and branding that are similar.

McDonald's claimed that there was a "likelihood of confusion" if Supermac's was trademarked in Europe as they have a McFish, McToast, McCountry and other variations of "Mc" on its menu.

The inquest also found that both fast food chains had identical milk, meat and a "high degree" of similar seasonings.

“To the extent that both marks contain the element ‘MAC’, which may be perceived as a name or a nickname, the marks are conceptually similar. Furthermore, to the extent that both marks may be perceived as containing references to great or considerable size, they are also conceptually similar in that they refer to quantitative indicators," it was said.

“Taking into account the above mentioned visual, aural and conceptual coincidences, the signs under comparison are similar.”

But, speaking to Newstalk Breakfast, Pat McDonagh, managing director of Supermac's said that "the battle is not over" and he will not stop fighting to open the Irish chain in Europe.


Actress Evangeline Lily is celebrating the arrival of baby number two!

She and her long-time partner Normal Kali have welcomed their second child together. Their new arrival makes their already four year old son Kahekili a big brother. 

The actress has not yet introduced her youngest child to the world, although E! News shared photos of the 36-year old showing off her amazing post-baby bikini body.

She had managed to keep her pregnancy totally under wraps, never actually making an announcement until she debuted her bump at the Ant-Man premiere in LA in June of this year. 

She told People: “My first one, I was 30, now I’m 35. I’m much more tired this time.”

“The last time I was off work, I had no children, I had a partner who was busy working 18 hours a day, so I had all day to meditate and love on my baby and just be pregnant.”

The former Lost actress admitted that she hadn’t put too much thought into naming her second child. 

She was hoping that Mother Nature might be able to help her out a little bit again this time around:

“We are the laziest parents ever … This one, we’re hoping the same might happen because we still don’t have any names for this child.”

They first son’s name was inspired by the “epic” thunderstorm that took place during his birth. She has not yet revealed the newest member of the family's name.



Photographers got more than they bargained for when Evangeline Lilly took to the red carpet last night in Los Angeles for the premiere of Ant-Man.

Although she had made no official announcement, it was clear from the actress' blossoming bump that she was pregnant. Evangeline, who hasn't been pictured on the red carpet since the premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies back in December 2014, happily posed for the cameras in  stunning black and white Halston Heritage dress.

This will be the Hobbit star's second child with her husband Norman Kali – the pair already have a four-year-old son together named Kahekili. Prior to meeting Norma, Evangeline was married to Murray Hone, and she also dated her Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan.

The expectant mum confirmed the news herself via Instagram yesterday, first posting a picture of herself backstage at Conan O'Brien cradling her bump in a gorgeous yellow dress, and later sharing an image from the Ant-Man premiere with the hashtag #proudmama.

Evangeline had made no secret of the fact that she was hoping to get pregnant again, telling Ocean Drive magazine back in January that she had big plans. "What I wanted originally was six kids. I frickin’ love being pregnant," she said.

"I’m one of the lucky women who just had a blissful pregnancy, but I wanted to adopt four."

Looks like little Kahekili will have quite a few younger brothers and sisters in that case!