Supermacs and Coppers have pulled off the BEST April Fools’ yet

April Fools' Day is a total minefield for false news stories, as brands and celebrities do their best to pull the wool over everyone's eyes for one day only.

So far this morning we've seen Woman's Way announce a new mag called Men's Way, Loose Women announce a new show called Loose Men (we sense a pattern), H&M reveal a new collection by Mark Zuckerberg, and Tom Fletcher tell the world that he's launching a toddler music supergroup led by his two-year-old son, Buzz.

But the best – and most Irish – corporate prank we've come across today has to be this gas joint effort by Supermac's and Copper Face Jacks.

In an article posted to the Supermac's website this morning, the fast food chain announced plans to set up a new branch… right on the dancefloor at Coppers.

"Starting tonight, nightclubbers will be able to tuck into a Smokey Bacon Burger without ever leaving the dance floor," the article reads.

And Coppers' owner Cathal Jackson even weighed in on the development, adding, "Just last week I was asked by a Guard from Clare in the nightclub ‘Where is the nearest Supermac’s?’ Now, we will only have to point customers towards the Supermac’s branch in our Premium Bar where they can end their night the traditional Irish way."

The best part? If you have a Coppers Gold Card, you're entitled to one free portion of Curry Cheese Chips per night, which will apparently "almost guarantee" that you get the shift.

Solid effort – and is it weird that we really think this would work?!