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Stacey Solomon is known for not shying away from the truth even when it is a little embarrassing.

And the Loose Women star has revealed that she is sporting a ''furry'' stomach since she's become pregnant.

The 29-year-old took to Instagram to post a snap of her tummy which is covered in hair.

She wrote, ''I think I’m pregnant with a Furby I need to know…Did anyone else’s belly just suddenly become covered in fur?''


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Stacey, who is expecting her third child, her first with boyfriend Joe Swash, continued, ''Im not sure if you can see it but all of the grainy little lines are blonde hairs that I’ve never had before and now I’ve now started sprouting some lovely thick, wirey black ones around my belly button.''

She added, ''I’ve always had my hair tummy snail trail which is a line of hair that practically goes from my cleavage all the way done to my hoo-ha but never an all over fuzz. i’m not upset by it one bit I’ve always loved my, furrier than most, body, I’m just so fascinated as to why this happens? What does it mean? Is it to keep the Furby warm?

Her followers adored the candid snap and took to the comments to tell her so.


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One said, ''That happened to me when I was pregnant with my son. Something to do with hormone levels. It all disappeared after I had him. You are glowing! Enjoy….''

While another wrote, ''I’ve been like this since having kids lol I’m sure I’m actually becoming a yeti! You are still beautiful and have a lovely bump! It’s all hormone induced.''

Stacey is already mum to 11-year-old  Zachary, and six-year-old Leighton, while Joe is dad to 11-year-old Harry.

We love how open Stacey is about things that other women might feel too self-concious about – well done Stacey.


They are one of the few celebrity couples that seem so down-to-earth and relatable.

And Stacey Soloman has just proven that she's just like the rest of us with her heartfelt and funny tribute to boyfriend Joe Swash on his birthday.

The presenter and Loose Women panellist took to Instagram to wish Joe a happy 37th birthday.


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She posted a series of adorable black and white snaps of the pair looking loved up.

She captioned it, ''Happy birthday to my best friend.. I love you to the moon and back. Been staring at you like a weirdo since the day I met you and I’m going to continue to do so for all of your next birthday to come… ''

Her followers loved the message and took to the comments to give Joe their well wishes and call for the couple to tie the knot.

One said, ''Get hitched you two!!! Happy birthday @realjoeswashy.''


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While another wrote, ''Love you two as a couple!!! Just perfect!!!''

Stacey and Joe have been together for more than two years and have spoken about their desire to get married.

Stacey, who has sons Zachary and Leighton from previous relationships, opened up about their plans.

She said, ''We love the concept and the thought of having a day to celebrate our love for each other but neither of us is adamant that we have to get married.''

She continued, ''We're so lucky to be in the position that we're in, so we're not in any hurry to have any more children or to put ourselves under any more pressure to have any more."

Well, whatever they're doing seems to be working for them – happy birthday Joe, we hope Stacey spoils you.



We (or a lot of us) have them – pesky grey hairs.

Do we cave and colour our hair every few weeks or let the natural roots shine through?

This regular question we ask ourselves is one that Stacey Soloman does too – another reason she is so relatable.

The Loose Women panellist appeared on the show with fresh brunette locks and we noticed that her hair looked even more fab than usual. 


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The 29-year-old took to Instagram to reveal what she had done differently to it – as well as give us some much-needed advice on hiding grey hairs.

She posted a gorgeous snap of herself and captioned it, ''I can honestly say there’s no need to go to the shops and buy anything. All I’ve done is stopped bleaching. I’ve also left my hair alone for the last few weeks! No hot irons or curls and it’s worked wonders! I hate to admit it but bleach and lots of heat will kill your hair to beyond the point of saving!'

The mum-of-two continued, ''I’m going to try and touch up my grey hairs with eyeshadow and only wash and put heat on my hair once a week! The ultimate goal is to have long, thick, healthy mermaid hair.''

It seems that we've had the answer all along – eyeshadow. 


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Her followers were in awe of the nifty tip.

One said, ''Oooh eyeshadow on the greys I’ve been using waterproof mascara! I might try this.''

While another wrote, ''I use a product that looks like brown eyeshadow ( comes in many shades) but it's waterproof and only comes out after shampooing.''

A third added, ''Such a lovely look, and your hair looks fab. So refreshing to hear it’s a case of nature taking its course (as opposed to promoting products). Lovely!''

Excuse us while we head off to stock up on dark brown eyeshadow.


Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash are genuine relationship goals. The loveable, down-to-earth pair are certainly going from strength to strength.

They recently moved into their first home together, but rumour has it the lovebirds could be celebrating another major milestone soon.

Viewers of the I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here spin-off show noticed Joe was sporting something pretty special on his hand.


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Fans of the Extra Camp presenter took to Twitter to point out that Joe was wearing a ring on his wedding finger.

One asked: “Noticing a ring on Joe Swash’s wedding finger. Anyone know if he and Stacey engaged/married on the quiet?”

“Just noticed on extra camp that Mr Joe swash has a ring on his wedding finger!!! Any great news to tell us?” another tweeted Stacey.


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Stacey and Joe may not be commenting on the rumours, but we can’t help but hope they’re true. They really are the perfect match.

Loose Women panelist Stacey recently bid farewell to her beau of three years as he headed to Australia to film.


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Stacey shared a touching family photo of her, Joe and her two sons on Instagram.The mum captioned the family snap: “And he’s off to the Ozzy Outback. We are gonna miss you so much @realjoeswashy but we can’t wait to watch you do what you do best.”


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“Honestly though, our home will feel empty without you bub,” the former X Factor contestant shared.

They do say distance makes the heart grow fonder.



Stacey Solomon has had to say goodbye to her long-term boyfriend Joe Swash who has headed off to Australia to film I’m A Celebrity.

Joe presents the spin-off show I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp which means he’ll be away from his loving girlfriend Stacey and his son.

Stacey shared a touching family photo of her, Joe and her two sons on Instagram. The Loose Women panellist revealed she had to say goodbye to her beau earlier this morning.

“And he’s off to the Ozzy Outback,” she wrote.


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“We are gonna miss you so much @realjoeswashy but we can’t wait to watch you do what you do best,” Stacey gushed.

The mum-of-two continued: “No fun and Lots of trials please @imacelebrity @itv2.”


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Stacey couldn’t help but express her sadness over Joe’s departure. The duo recently moved into their first family home together: “Honestly though, our home will feel empty without you bub.”

“Except for the bed, the bed will feel wonderfully spacious and snore-free,” she joked.


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Joe also took to Instagram to share a sweet message before he left for Australia: “Not long now until I have to leave this lot. I’m going to miss these guys,” the dad wrote alongside a photo of Stacey and her son Leighton.


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The TV presenter will be in Australia for months as he films the spin-off show. There’s no doubt he’ll miss his 11-year-old son Harry, Stacey and her two sons, Zachary and Leighton.

I’m A Celebrity is rumoured to return on Sunday, November 18.


Stacey Solomon is one of our fave gals as she isn't afraid to call bullsh*t on the unrealistic beauty standards women are held to. 

The 29-year-old is a breath of fresh air with her bikini selfies and campaign against airbrushing images.

That's why we were living for her Penneys' launch, and she didn't disappoint.

Photo credit: Primark

Prepare for your bank account to be drained as the presenter has incorporated everything we love about her into the clothing line.

It's designed to flatter all shapes and sizes, and encourages shoppers to embrace their au natural beauty – and you guessed it, her images for the line haven't been airbrushed.

Stacey actually had real women in mind when she picked pieces for her collection, from warm winter woollens to striking yellow jumpsuits.

Photo credit: Primark

Her bubbly and bold personality shines throughout the collection and hits all the right notes with vibrant colours dominating the range. 

The body positivity message is really reflected in the carefully crafted clothes, and it's affordable AF – so you can rock day or night time looks, feeling your best.

And if that wasn't enough, 20 percent of profits from full price sales of the Living My Best Life t-shirt will be donated to both the NSPCC and ISPCC.

Purses out ladies, have your cards ready to tap from October 11, when this fun, body-loving collection takes over your local Penneys.


Loose Women's Stacey Soloman has been sharing snaps from her holiday with her two kids on Instagram and they are amazing.

Why, you ask?

Because she's documenting her real body on the social media platform by putting up several pictures of her enjoying the sun, sans filter.

Currently on holidays with her two son's – Zachary, ten, and six-year-old Leighton, whom she had with previous partners, Stacey treated us to a few real pictures. 

On one snap, she wrote, ''no filter needed. Loving my extra fold over tummy lines this year, they look like a six pack wahoo! Winning! Happy hump day xxx.''

The photo was welcomed by many people, who praised Stacey for showing what real bodies look like.

One wrote, ''I love that you don't filter your photos and are just comfortable being yourself. You look amazing!''

Another photo revealed  that things aren't always as picture-perfect as they appear on social media.

She posted a picture of herself on a boat, wind blowing her hair,  and not a thigh-gap in sight.


Classic stand on the front of a boat pic! Smashed  it. they don’t call me Stacey Sexy Solomon for nothing

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She captioned it, ''classic stand on the front of a boat pic! Smashed it. they don’t call me Stacey Sexy Solomon for nothing.''

People were quick to comment on how naturally gorgeous she looked, without any editing.

One comment said, ''simply gorgeous!! Love your pics and how you are so proud of your body. We all come in different shapes and sizes and should all be proud xx'' while another wrote, ''Stacey you are an inspiration to all woman no filters nothing the way everyone should be you look amazing.''

How refreshing is to see tummy rolls? Stacey is proper beach-body inspo.


Stacey Solomon has revealed that a music producer once asked her for some 'alone time' in exchange for help with her music career.

Speaking on ITV's Loose Women, the 28-year-old explained how the unnamed man told her that sleeping with him would make a 'huge difference' to her professional life.

“I remember going out to a different country to work on a record and hopefully distribute it and that country," she told panel.

“And I met somebody who was really big – a music producer– who could help me distribute it and get on board and make a huge difference.”

The former X Factor contestant then went on to say how she laughed off the invitation, but eventually came to realise the detrimental impact her refusal would have on her career.

“At first I just laughed it off but then I realised it was a real invitation of ‘if you come with me then maybe I can help you,” she said

“At that point I was like Ok I am going to go home and definitely not further my career in this.”

And while she expressed disappointment that women are subjected to these types of situations, she maintained that she would not judge anyone for going along with it.

“It’s disheartening more than anything because you look and think I definitely had the credentials to do that just as well as the other person, so there’s no reason I shouldn't have got the job, but it is disheartening.”

However, fellow panellist, Janet Street-Porter, was no so forgiving.

“You say you’re not judging, but I judge them, I hate them. There could be two people qualified for the job and one get the job because they put out.”

Stacey finished the discussion by condemning those who use their power to take advantage of vulnerable young women.

“Ultimately those people in power shouldn't be putting women in that position in the first place.

“That is where the fault lies.”


Stacey Soloman and Joe Swash made their relationship public only a few months ago, but they're already #CoupleGoals to us.

The pair are away on holidays at the moment and have been recreating a few movie moments.

Taking to Instagram, Stacey first uploads a small clip of them doing the iconic Dirty Dancing lift… and we have to say, Joe is quite good at it:


Nobody throws baby into muddy sand!

A video posted by Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon) on

A few hours later Stacey uploaded another snap, this time recreating the Lady and the Tramp's famous spaghetti scene:


Lady and the tramp #love

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Ah, young love.



We all know that the media have a habit of pitting women against each other, and while the vast majority of us despise it, still it continues.

And it looks like Stacey Solomon has had enough.

After seeing herself compared to former X Factor contestant, Louisa Johnson in The Sun newspaper, the Loose Women panellist decided to call the publication out on their cruel jibes.

Referring to the writer's decision to play the women off against each other by publishing photos of both in their bikinis before suggesting that Stacey was the less attractive of the pair, Stacey shared the article, and tweeted: "I love my body."

In a post which has been liked thousands of times on Twitter, Stacey added: "My boobs are a result of being pregnant & breastfeeding & I love them. I am just as sexy"

26-year-old Stacey, who is mum to two boys, was inundated with comments from supportive fans and followers, including her supposed 'rival' Louisa.

"I think you look amazing, everybody is beautiful. Girl Power," wrote Louisa in a comment to which Stacey replied: "As do you, gorgeous."

Thanking Twitter users for their support, Stacey shared a snap of herself with her children, writing: "ur comments so much. It Means a lot. currently swinging my saggy maggies around the pool on holiday with these 2." (sic)

"Beautiful girl," wrote one follower in response. "Brilliant answer to that horrible thing. Well done you, fab role model for everyone xx"

We're with her on that one.