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The Late Late Show is celebrating love in all its forms tonight with a show dedicated to romance and butterflies in your stomach.

'So who are the guests for their infamous Valentine's Day episode?', I hear you ask. Well, Tubs has a treat for everyone in the love-struck audience.

Reality TV star couple Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews fell in love while filming a TV show in 2017, and now they're married with little baby Theodore. They join Ryan Tubridy in the studio tonight, getting candid about their relationship.


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What else could startle the romantic senses on the guest seat? Well, someone who has adapted some of Shakespeare's greatest love stories to film and TV is stopping by for a chat.

Actor and director Kenneth Branagh will join The Late Late Show panel of guests to discuss his new movie All Is True, and will elaborate on why Ireland holds a special place in his heart, having moved to England at a young age.

The show has also carried out a search for 'The Greatest Love of All' nationwide, and the public will exclusively be hearing some of the most romantic tales of true love, and viewers who have found their soul mate against all the odds. SWISH SWOO.


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Audience games will be taking place (sure to be absolutely GAS), and the 200 singles will be hoping to find that special someone on the RTÉ show.

Music from Whigfield and Mickey Joe Harte join Ryan for some music.. Is is because Mickey Joe's name sounds like Heart? Who knows…tune in to see.

Comedy dance duo Lords of Strut also pop by the Valentine's show to add to the hilarity, rounding up the guests nicely.

There have been some classic humour moments from the show, remember when one guest Colm had his mum asking him questions about his love life? We DIED.

The Late Late Show's annual love programme has long been one of the favourites with the viewers, and for good reason.

We can't wait to see what's in store tonight, the love episode is ALWAYS the best. Apart from the Toy Show, of course. 

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President Obama has referred to Caitlyn Jenner in a speech that was recorded for Logo’s Trailblazer Honors in New York City.

Logo is a television network that celebrates one-of-a-kind personalities and unconventional stories. Their aim is to achieve this “all through a mix of original and acquired entertainment that’s outrageous, smart, and inclusive.”

The Trailblazer Honors ceremony is to honour LGBT people around the world and the victims of those who have suffered from homophobic abuse.  The ceremony, which airs tomorrow, will also host celebrity speakers including Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne, Sir Ian McKellan, Martin Luther King III, and more.

In his speech President Obama said that “tonight is a chance to celebrate, not just ten years of Logo, but ten years of extraordinary progress for our country.

“When this network aired its first show, gay marriage was a political wedge issue used to divide us. Today the majority of Americans live in states where they can get married, no matter who they love.

“And all you have to do is look at this month’s cover of Vanity Fair to see how America is more accepting of people for who they truly are,” he said referring to Ms Jenner's recent issue of the magazine. 

Since Caitlyn’s transition, she has become an icon for transgender people around the world. With all eyes on her, she has become the most famous person to openly undergo the gender transition process in the public eye.  



A much loved and respected actor was lost this weekend and many of his fellow actors and public figures have been using social media outlets to voice their grief and dismay at losing Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Gwyneth Paltrow uploaded this cute picture of her laughing alongside Philip saying, “Philip was a true genius”.


Madonna took to her Instagram account to voice her grief, writing “Lost another genius! What a tragedy”.


Sir Ian McKellan’s touching tribute to the late actor featured an image of Philip and Natalie Portman shooting for the movie, The Seagull in 2001. McKellan talks about his regret at not meeting Hoffman when he came to see his play last month, saying; “Last month he came to our plays at the Cort Theatre. I wish, now more than ever, we had met afterwards, so I could have told him of my admiration”.