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The Late Late Show is celebrating love in all its forms tonight with a show dedicated to romance and butterflies in your stomach.

'So who are the guests for their infamous Valentine's Day episode?', I hear you ask. Well, Tubs has a treat for everyone in the love-struck audience.

Reality TV star couple Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews fell in love while filming a TV show in 2017, and now they're married with little baby Theodore. They join Ryan Tubridy in the studio tonight, getting candid about their relationship.


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What else could startle the romantic senses on the guest seat? Well, someone who has adapted some of Shakespeare's greatest love stories to film and TV is stopping by for a chat.

Actor and director Kenneth Branagh will join The Late Late Show panel of guests to discuss his new movie All Is True, and will elaborate on why Ireland holds a special place in his heart, having moved to England at a young age.

The show has also carried out a search for 'The Greatest Love of All' nationwide, and the public will exclusively be hearing some of the most romantic tales of true love, and viewers who have found their soul mate against all the odds. SWISH SWOO.


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Audience games will be taking place (sure to be absolutely GAS), and the 200 singles will be hoping to find that special someone on the RTÉ show.

Music from Whigfield and Mickey Joe Harte join Ryan for some music.. Is is because Mickey Joe's name sounds like Heart? Who knows…tune in to see.

Comedy dance duo Lords of Strut also pop by the Valentine's show to add to the hilarity, rounding up the guests nicely.

There have been some classic humour moments from the show, remember when one guest Colm had his mum asking him questions about his love life? We DIED.

The Late Late Show's annual love programme has long been one of the favourites with the viewers, and for good reason.

We can't wait to see what's in store tonight, the love episode is ALWAYS the best. Apart from the Toy Show, of course. 

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Queens, listen up! Pre-drinks are about to get a lot more interesting as two of the most outrageous elements of popular culture combine to make the ultimate party game. 

Cards Against Humanity is no stranger to the odd unofficial spin-off. From Harry Potter to Disney the bad-mannered card game has undergone a few makeovers over the past few years – though we think this latest one might just be our favourite yet. 

Introducing Cards Against Rumanity. 

And yes, that is a RuPaul's Drag Race version of the beloved game. 

The cards feature various words and phrases used throughout the series such as  'Backrolls?', 'Fine art drag', 'A sequins dress', 'Voguing the house down', 'Puppets', and 'One hundred thousand dollars' – so we can only imagine all the hilarious combinations just waiting to be had. 

A set costs $29.99 (€24.79), and are available on amazon. However, as they don't currently ship to Ireland, you might have a hard time getting your hands on them. 

But never fear. There is an alternative. 

A similar, and much more affordable, set is available on Etsy for just £4.50 (approx €5.11). 

This option allows you to download a digital PDF version of the cards and print them out at your leisure. 

And while that might sound like a lot of effort – we can guarantee it'll all be worth it in the end! 



All 90s kids will remember the horror of getting your Tamagotchi confiscated in primary school, only to get no sympathy after choruses of "but he'll die, Miss" from your teacher.

By the time you got your precious baby back at the end of the day, he was literally on death's door, surrounded by little poops and crying out for food. 

Oh, and you could never get a hint of pity from your parents, who simply did not understand the whole Tamagotchi concept.


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Well, get ready to live your 10-year-old life all over again, because the Tamagotchi is the latest 90s relic to resurrect itself from the graveyard of hair mascara and diamante denim.

As well as being one of the first artificial intelligence toys, the Tamagotchi was the ultimate fashion accessory to jazz up your school bag, which is why we're totally behind this re-launch.


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How kitsch would it be to have one of the baby bots attached to our keys?

And we'd have something else to do on our commute home than scroll through social media. 

Unfortunately, the adorable but needy little critters are only being re-released in Japan, but there are plenty available on eBay for anything form €9.99 to €20.00. 

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


We've all been there, right? 

From pretending to be really happy with the crappy gift he bought us, to celebrating when some unknown team won some sort of match; we pick and choose when to be excited for the men in our lives. 

It's a tough thing to hear but we have mastered the art of it… sorry boys. 

Transfer deadline day

Of course it's an emotional and exciting time in football.. for you maybe. Unless David Beckham is back in the game and topless, we have no interest. 


Winning your 5-a-side match

Well done!… We think, we only found out what 5-a-side is last week (even though he plays every Tuesday night). 


Video games

He's expressed his excitement for the new FIFA 16' numerous times AND he has already pre-ordered it. We're just really happy we'll finally have some piece and quiet. 


When he invests in meaningless gadgets

"Deadly!"… *eye roll*


When he finally completes the DIY jobs you've been asking him to do for months

Yes, congratulations Ikea King!… Now get onto the next job please!


Receiving a gift you really don't like

"Oh my god, you know me so well"… Really what was he thinking?!



As kids, we all had TV’s and even PlayStation and Gameboys if we were lucky, but we still played outside A LOT. Here are some outdoor games that will seem familiar to you.

1. Rounders
Rounders always created a rift between those who were batting, and those who were out in the field. And this rift often lasted all week long.

if0fu82. Duck Duck Goose
This was mostly played at school and someone always ended up falling on someone else while running at top speed around that circle. Or else someone changed direction. Cheaters.

tumblr_mwoeteVLBt1qdcel5o3_2503. What time is it Mr.Wolf
This one always created so much panic! The second Mr. Wolf said “DINNER TIME” you ran like your life depended on it.


4. Stuck in the mud
You never released someone you don’t like. Ever. That’ll learn ’em!


5. Musical Chairs
This one was an indoor game but who else remembers that time of the party where the mom says ‘okay everyone, it’s time for musical chairs’ followed by a big sarcastic ‘yaaaaay!’


6. Pass the parcel
Yet another party game.. we awkwardly sat there passing around a wrapped present. Holding it for that second longer praying the music would stop on you!


7. 45/Tip the Can
The king of all childhood games! God help the person who was on if they left the pole/wall to see could they find people people it was all systems GO GO GO to run to base and SCREAM “45 I FREE ALL” #legend


8. Mother May I
What a memory game. This taught you manners like nothing else.


9. Knock A Dolly
Not so much a game as a neighbourhood nuisance. Still though, what a rush.


10. Red Rover
The trick to this was to get all the big, strong, vicious, crowd on your side.

giphy (1)

11. Chinese Whispers
Ah, the childhood version of how cruel rumours start.


12. Dodgeball
This one is still the best fun ever.


13. Skipping
All the popular girls used to be so good at skipping. If you were good and could jump two ropes at a time, you owned that playground.


14. Kerbs
I think everyone in Ireland played this game… so you took one side of the path and the other took the other side.. and you threw the ball to bounce off the kerb!


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