Kian Egan’s stalker moves to his hometown in Sligo


Reports say Kian Egan’s stalker has moved to his hometown of Sligo.

Kian said he had not seen the individual for some time until recently: “I didn’t see her for years until I pulled up outside my house in Sligo at 1am, turned around and there she was standing there.”

The former Westlife singer spoke about receiving a letter in relation to his marriage from the women saying she: “sent me a letter saying my marriage to my wife was nothing but a ‘publicity stunt’ and for this reason she was going to stop being a fan.”

The woman obviously did not keep her promise as she has now turned up in Sligo, where Kian is originally from.

Kian’s biggest worry is for his family: “I’ve been strong enough to deal with that so far but if she ever went near my wife or child I would go straight to the Gardaí.”