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The co-founder and chief executive of the HQ Trivia app has been found dead in his lower Manhattan apartment yesterday morning, according to police.

Colin Kroll was found facedown on his bed after a woman rang 911 and asked for a police check-up in SoHo. Cocaine and heroin were discovered in his home.

Kroll also co-founded the formerly popular six-second video app Vine, which he sold to Twitter in 2012.

The app then closed down last year, and Kroll went on to work for Twitter before being fired for 'poor management' following allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour towards women.


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When HQ Trivia debuted in August 2017, the app became a viral sensation after millions of people came together for a livestreaming-interactive game which inspired numerous imitations.

Anyone who participates has the hope of winning money from answering trivia questions on their phones.

Rus Yusupov founded HQ Trivia alongside Colin Kroll, and has yet to respond to his death.

The norm is that comedians host the game show on their phones, and the difficulty of the questions increases by the round.

The company raised $15 million in venture capital funding, but Mr Kroll's workplace history deterred many investors, yet Mr Kroll has always denied that he ever sexually harassed women at work.

In a statement to Axios, he said;

“It was a painful experience, but an eye-opening one that served as a catalyst for professional development and greater awareness in the office.”

He continued;

“I now realise that there are things I said and did that made some feel unappreciated or uncomfortable. I apologise to those people. Today, I’m committed to building HQ Trivia into a culture-defining product and supporting the dedicated team that makes it all possible.”

In an interview with The New York Times last year, the entrepreneur said the company preferred to be based in NYC instead of San Francisco.

The Detroit native said that;

"Our inspiration is more from media and TV than it is from technology.” Livestreaming gaming platforms such as Twitch inspired the creation of HQ Trivia.

Kroll had previously worked as an engineering manager for Yahoo from 2007 to 2009, and then as chief technology officer at Jetsetter from 2009 to 2013, so had a wealth of technological and software engineering knowledge.

The cause of Colin Kroll's death has yet to be revealed.



Vine was probably the first nugget of video sharing social media that we all experienced.

The Twitter-owned app made videos popular on the world wide web back in 2013, but soon it'll be no more.

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The app issued a press release today to tell its fans that the app is going to be discontinued.

However, it insures that all of its content will stay online and you will still be notified if there's further changes.

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You can read the full press release here. #RIPVine.


If you're angered daily by Starbucks getting your name wrong, don't worry, they do it to everyone. 

But one girl thought she'd get one up on them and tell the barista that her name is Beyonce. 

"I told the girl at Starbucks my name is Beyoncé just, like, to be funny and this is what she gave me," Vine user JEWISHJEN said in her video.

"I'm not sure if my tone gave it away or if maybe the barista could have recognised I had been there before, but she just decided to one-up my bitchy-sarcasm with a catty response. I actually thought it was hilarious."

And we did, too. Maybe next time you're in Starbucks try this one out.

We're sure the Irish will have a much more catty response. 


Two months ago, Justin Bieber called upon a flurry of big celebritie names to tease his What Do You Mean comeback single. 

The release countdown was as star-filled as could be with big names like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Britney, Martha Stewart and Ruby Rose all taking part.

But yesterday, Michelle Obama outdid ALL of the other celebs to promote Justin's second single, Sorry. 

The FLOTUS appeared in a clip alongside Vine star, King Bach. 

It's only a small promo but her face says everything really:



Are you bored with your fancy new smart phone? Do you have some spare cash floating about that wouldn’t mind spending on another brand new gadget?

Not to fear, there a new viral trend just for you: Extreme iPhone Pinching, a new bizarre pastime that has the people of the Internet feeling very adventurous with their smart phones.

First introduced by Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of the band Twenty One Pilots, the practice involves dangling your iPhone over precarious drops just for the adrenaline rush.

We think there have to be less costly ways to get the adrenaline pumping. Surely someone sees the possibility of this trend ending in tears?

Tyler and Josh posted a series of videos of themselves engaging in iPhone Pinching to Vine, where the anxiety-inducing clips since attracted a lot of nervous attention, and blatant outrage.

Plenty of copycat type photos and videos appeared on social media in the days following the first phone pinching instance.

They had the internet feeling very tetchy indeed.

“The Exhiliaration,”- more like “MY NERVES!”

You had to admit it is a touch stressful (or irritating) to see such ridiculous antics:

We think it might hard to decide which is more uncomfortable; that people are willing to destroy their phones because of an internet trend, or that the possibility of such makes us feel a little stressed?





A video clip that only lasts for six seconds should probably not make you laugh that much. However, there are many dedicated Vine users out there who just wanted to smile.

So, with some help from the good people at Buzzfeed, we managed to gather together some of the funniest Vines around.

We apologise in advance if you begin laughing uncontrollably in a crowded public area, but we promise you it is worth it.

We can relate:

The 3 people you meet in every bar:

This epic struggle:


One of the finest battle scenes, ever:

Kanye. Just Kanye:

This Beyoncé fan:

This freestyle dance teacher:

This dog taking a selfie:


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If you happened to venture on to Twitter today you might have come across the name Carter Reynolds. Actually, you definitely did because the #RespectForCater hashtag was trending not only in Ireland but around the world.

It has made an awful lot of people wonder, who on earth is Carter Reynolds?

Carter is a 19-year old ‘Vine star’. He’s not the only one, there’s a whole group of people, many of whom are teenagers, who have found worldwide fame using the social media platform Vine.

Carter, for example, has 2.39 million followers on Twitter and 4.3 million followers on Vine, where he shares short video clips with his fans. Such as this:

Now though, Carter has become better known for her personal life than his videos. A month ago there was a video leaked online in which Carter was seen pressuring his then 16-year old girlfriend (also a Vine star) into oral sex.

Carter went on to claim that his iCloud account was hacked and that the happenings in the video were a “misunderstanding”.

He tweeted an apology, but then appeared to take that back as he went into a huge online rant about how his girlfriend had cheated on him. The LiveStream has since been deleted but that didn't stop the drama. 

His followers, and many other Twitter users were naturally upset about the ordeal and he has faced extreme backlash online.

The #RespectForCarter  trend was started this morning by his fans in an attempt to defend him after he was removed from a conference for YouTube and Vine ‘stars’ in California, VidCon.

The hashtag has been met with fierce resistance however, and it doesn’t look like Carter is redeeming himself in the eyes of social media. 



One Direction have been in the media a lot lately since the shock departure of Zayn Malik, but this has to be the best piece of 1D news we've seen so far.

Louis Tomlinson showed his sporty side over the weekend when he played in a legends game to honour James Coppinger, a player on Louis' hometown team, Doncaster Rovers. Luckily for us though, his footie skills weren't all that was on show.

One cheeky spectator posted this amazing vine of Louis running energetically on the pitch with his manhood VERY obviously jumping up and down beneath his shorts.

Here it is, for your viewing pleasure:


Louis himself didn't seem to mind the extra attention, tweeting after the game to say how delighted he was despite having lost 7 – 4:

"Wow what a game !! Loved that experience , I've grown up watching most of those lads !!" he wrote.

Louis recently broke up with his girlfriend of three and a half years, Eleanor Calder, after reports she flew out from the UK to Australia in January in a last-ditch attempt to save the relationship. Since the split, Louis has been spotted with a number of other women, but has yet to move on with anyone serious.

The 1D singer has been signed to Doncaster Rovers on a non-contract basis since the start of last season, but he hasn't played for them too often, which is understandable given that he has a slightly busier schedule than your average football player. 

After seeing that Vine though, we'll definitely be tuning into his next game…



We thought at this stage people commenting on Taylor’s past love life had come to an end – but not so by the looks of things.

The singer, who stunned in a turquoise gown on the red carpet at this weekend’s Grammy awards was chatting to Nancy O’Dell who actually said these words: “You’re going to walk home with more than maybe just a trophy tonight. I think, lots of men.” Sigh…

Needless to say, Taylor was far from impressed and simply looked at Nancy and replied: “I’m not going to walk home with any men tonight.”

Twitter is now alight with many saying that Taylor deserves an apology from the reporter for such a personal and frankly rude comment.

Though Taylor managed to stay calm and composed and very, well, Taylor-like during the exchange, we have to say that filthy look may be the scariest we've ever seen…! 



Nobody was expecting Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner to show up at last night’s National Television Awards.

The reality TV star looked stunning in a floor-length white gown with keyhole detail down the front. Unfortunately for Kris, the night didn’t exactly go as smooth as she had hoped when she mispronounced one of the nation’s favourite TV shows…

Taking to the stage to present the Multichannel award, Kris accidentally pronounced Geordie Shore as ‘Georgie’ Shore.

 Not the biggest of fluffs, in fairness – it was no Adele Dazeem! Nonetheless Twitter took the opportunity to rip into the KUWTK star, with Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley and Brian McFadden leading the way:

 It didn't take long for the Twittersphere to join in:

Poor Kris! She also had something of a bizarre meeting with Keith Lemon, after which she branded him 'the most annoying man in the world' – ouch! 

Something tells us Kris is going to be delighted to get back on her plane to LA after last night!  



We all know the FLOTUS just loves her fruit and veggies – and what better way to show her true feelings that doing a little dance with a turnip?

In a Vine released by The White House, Michelle asks: “turnip, for what?” before dropping the beat…

We love it, maybe Sabina might do her own version? 



This Vine perfectly demonstrates our feelings when you’re singing very loudly and someone stops the music…

Look at that little face! A classic.