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Friends wouldn't be Friends without Phoebe Buffay, let's get that straight. The iconic, quirky character always saw life through another lens, and had a neverending supply of enviable vintage rings.

But according to the actress who played the hilarious character, Lisa Kudrow, playing the role wasn't easy for her. She even needed her co-star's help to handle the pressure.

The 56-year-old comedian made her comments while hiking with Kevin Nealon for his YouTube web series Hiking With Kevin yesterday.

Kudrow is a graduate of the prestigious Vassar College, where she majored in biology. She later rose to fame with her popular, slightly ditzy role on Friends for 10 series, until 2004.

"I had played dumb girls, sure. But it wasn't really me," Kudrow told Nealon.

"I feel like s**t, I tricked them. At the audition, I was the only one who could cope with the audition process and that's how I got it, I think. So I had to work hard at being Phoebe, you know."

LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribbiani on the show, noticed something was up and gave Kudrow a much-needed pep talk.


"And then like third season in, I was struggling so much," she said. "And Leblanc was like, 'What's going on with you?' And I said, 'I can't, I don't think I have it, I mean, I don't know what I'm doing.'

"And he went, 'You're her, relax, you got it. You've been doing this f**king character for three years. You're working too hard. That's your problem. You don't need to work this hard. Relax.' He was right."

Kudrow also revealed that she has never actually watched an episode of Friends. "I should," she said. "I hear it's good."

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Friends is our go-to show whenever we’re feeling uninspired, too lazy to watch something new or in need of a laugh. Sure, we’ve watched every episode at least a dozen times since it first aired in 1994, but there’s something so comforting about watching it again and again and again.

Our love for the show knows no bounds, but there is one storyline that never felt quite right for us and one of the cast members feels the same.

Kevin S Bright, director and executive producer of Friends revealed Matt LeBlanc hated the idea of Rachel and Joey hooking up.

He told Digital Spy that the actor protested against the strange storyline: “I can tell you this – in the beginning, Matt LeBlanc did not want to do that story.”

Rachel and Joey’s love affair was one of the least popular romances on the show. We’d sooner see her with Gunther, to be honest.

The pair’s ‘relationship’ just felt wrong. It was one we just couldn’t accept and Matt felt the same: “He was very firmly against it, saying that he's Ross's friend and that the type of friend that Joey is would never go and take someone else's girlfriend."

The director admitted they really had to twist Matt’s arm to get him to do the storyline. It was no easy battle. The actor felt shocked by Joey and Rachel’s love story, but eventually “got on board” with it after some very intense conversations.

Joey may not have been Rachel’s lobster, but at least he’ll always appreciate her famous trifle.


When a show runs for as long as Friends did, it is inevitable viewers will begin wondering just how close the cast of actors and actresses truly were.

And while Sex and the City was plagued with rumours of cat fights and cold shoulders, most Friends fans focussed on the possible relationships which COULD have been blossoming behind the scenes.

Did Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox ever get it on in the early days? Did David Schwimmer and Jennifer ever toy with the idea of a real-life Ross and Rachel? And so on, and so forth.

Well, one woman who was more than happy to take the bull by the horns and address the idea head-on was given a platform to do so on The Late Late Show this week.

After appearing alongside James Corden in Carpool Karaoke, Lady Gaga laid one fairly cheeky question on fellow guest, Matt Le Blanc, who handled it like a PRO.

Fair play for trying, Gaga.



From his role as Joey in Friends to his recent gig on Top Gear, Matt LeBlanc has always been seen as cute, harmless and pretty damn lovable.

But it looks like a recent remark he made at the Emmys this weekend may go a long way towards turning that perception on its head.

While walking the red carpet at the weekend, the 49-year-old actor offered his opinion of Game of Thrones – and Twitter has been having a field day ever since.

While being interviewed alongside GoT's Emilia Clarke, Matt revealed he wasn't a die-hard fan of the show, but Emilia's nude scenes may change that.

"I saw the first season and then kind of fell out of touch with it…and I guess that’s when she started getting naked, so I need to catch up," he said.

And then all hell broke loose in the Twitosphere as social media users debated the nature of the comment.







Just as Chris Evans steps down from hosting Top Gear, it seems that another celeb is very keen to take on the job.

Brian McFadden wrote to the BBC on Twitter yesterday, and in a series of messages, begged the bosses to consider him for the job.

The former Westlife singer said that he would "happily drive the best cars in the world and get paid for it."

He also referred to Jeremy Clarkson's ill-fate by promising "not to punch any producers," which eventually led to the host departing from the show.

Finally, Brian offered himself as a "female anchor," and shared a picture of himself wearing a wig and bright red lipstick.

Top Gear bosses have yet to announce who will take over Chris Evans' role, but it's expected that Friends star Matt Le Blanc will return for a second season.


Matt LeBlanc appeared on the Graham Norton Show last night to talk about the upcoming series of Top Gear, which will air this Sunday.

And with Graham being from Ireland, of course he had to ask about the infamous hen party that Matt allegedly crashed.

The host started off by asking about the former Friends star's time “back in my neck of the woods, Southern Ireland, West Cork, Kerry," and then showed the gas hen do picture on the big screen.

"Was she just taking a selfie and you literally just drove by?" Graham questioned.

To which Matt replied, "She was with her girlfriend and they were on their way to her hen do, and we were driving up the road and we were at a red light, I think in Dingle, they came over and just took a selfie."

Brilliant. However, Graham did mention that Matt looked particularly happy in the snap.

"She had a very short skirt on," Matt laughed.

Oh, Matt. You chancer.


Matt le Blanc is currently in Kerry filming Top Gear with Chris Evans and even though Chris wanted to keep a low profile this weekend, Matt had something else in mind.

He popped up in an epic selfie yesterday and gate-crashed an Irish woman's hen party – and let's be honest, we're jealous.

According to the Irish Mirror,  Sarah Jayne Murphy was celebrating her hen party in Kenmare when Matt drove up in a car behind her and posed for a selfie.

One of the Sarah's hens, Lisa Marie Keane, posted the picture to Twitter, saying: “Thanks for making our hen’s day!!! #kenmare #topgear”



Top Gear hosts Chris Evans and Matt Le Blanc are coming to Ireland this weekend to film a part of the new series in Kerry.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2 this morning, Chris said: Mr Le Blanc and I are going to Ireland on Friday to make a Top Gear film – actually a couple of Top Gear films that will be combined.

"We're thinking of going to the Dingle area."

Matt then began to mention all of the lovely pubs and restaurants on our fair green isle, but Chris shut him down, saying they need to stick to a schedule.

"We haven't got time for any of that. Technically we'll be working obviously, but we'll try and eke out some time."

The new series is set to air next month, yet the latest reports suggest all is not well between the two hosts.



It's not all rainbows and sprinkles in Top Gear land today.

There has been so much controversy over the new hosting line-up for the car show, that we honestly don't know if it will even go ahead.

And now the show's top hosts are in a row over a recent stunt they filmed.

Last month, Matt did a stunt in London's Whitehall which filled the street with smoke, noise and the smell of burning rubber.

After many complaints were made about the donut segment, Mr Evans went on camera to downplay his role in creating the sequences.

He later apologised for it saying, "On behalf of the Top Gear team and Matt I would like to apologise unreservedly for what these images seem to portray.

"This isn't a shoot I'm particularly involved in," he said.

Now, the The Sun reports that the incident hasn't passed the two men by and is a source of bad blood between them.

A source told the paper: "Since the Cenotaph their relationship has deteriorated. Chris thinks Matt has severely damaged the brand. 

"Behind the scenes it is very frosty between them."



Matt le Blanc has been announced as one of the presenters of the BBC's revamped hit show, Top Gear. 

Yep, the American actor has rather unexpectedly landed a co-hosting role alongside Chris Evans who will replace former hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. 

And if you are wondering how this bizarre hosting duo came about, well it turns out that Matt holds the fastest time for completing the Top Gear racing track in the auto show's history. 

The 48-year-old first appeared on the show in 2012 where he confessed he was a bit of a car nerd and was highly entertaining as he and Jeremy dissected his lap. 

So on the face of it, it seems the BBC may have made a pretty rogue decision but Matt actually came back to the show and helped to host Top Gear: The Races and he even managed to beat the Stig. 

"As a car nut and a massive fan of Top Gear, I'm honoured and excited to be a part of this iconic show’s new chapter. What a thrill!" read a statement by the new host. 

Matt will be the first non-British person to host the show in it's entire 39-year history on the air. 

We may even sidestep the fact that the show is about cars and give it watch.