This man made (and ate) Rachel’s trifle from Friends

We still get a little bit sick in our mouths when we think about that legendary Friends episode in which Rachel proudly presents a Thanksgiving trifle made of raspberry jam, ladyfingers, custard… and a good helping of minced beef.

The recipe disaster has gone down in history as one of the most memorable Friends moments, and now one brave soul has recreated the horrific dish.

Yes, Neil Killham stocked up on mince, custard, peas and all the other essential ingredients and set to work making Rachel's trifle as per her ill-fated recipe. Luckily for us, he live-tweeted the experience so we could see exactly how disgusting a real-life version of the trifle would be.

From the top, it looks grand. We'd happily have a slice:

Once it was all cut up though, it was a VERY different story:

*vomits into office bin*

So how did it taste?

Yup, that seems about right. Don't worry though, Joey will gladly finish it…