The 7 realities every waitress will understand


Waitressing is a great part-time job to have during college or even full-time whenever – but it's hard. People think it's so easy to be "just a waitress" (we're looking at you Ross Gellar) when in reality it's not easy. At. All. 

1. People asking stupid questions and giving  you stupid answers
Would you like tea or coffee? "Yes” The silence that follows is agonising so you’ve to ask again “tea or coffee?” oh yeah sorry tea. *Face palm*

2. When they start arguments with you with things out of your control. 
Telling the customer that you only accept card for orders over five euro and suddenly World War 3 breaks out.

3. When people make paying the bill awkward
By telling you at the last minute they want to split the bill half with one side of the table and three quarters with the other side and Richard is paying by cash and the rest by card.

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4. Then there's the people with the strange food orders that make the chef want to strangle you
Gordon Ramsay’s anger may look entertaining on TV but not when you’re on the receiving end of it.

5. It's actually very tiring 
You are literally standing all day and those trays with food are actually pretty heavy. 

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6. Rachel Green may make waitressing look glamorous
Reality is you’ve to wear a uniform and not a stylish outfit and your hair has to be tied back. Guess there was no Health and Saftey regulations in Central Perk.

7. Waitresses smiling all the time isn’t because we love our job so much
It's because we have to so don’t be fooled we’re really dying inside.

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