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Richard Gere and his wife Alejandra are expecting their second child together. The Pretty Woman actor and his 36-year-old wife welcomed their first child together in February 2019.

It is believed she is three months pregnant, according to Spanish publication Hola!

The couple will welcome their second child in the springtime. Both Richard and Alejandra have children from previous relationships.


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Richard and his former wife share 19-year-old son Homer and Alejandra has a six-year-old son called Albert with her former husband Govind Freidland.

The couple have yet to publicly comment on the news but we’re sure their baby announcement will be just as wonderful as their last one.

Alejandra posted a snap of her and husband Richard Gere with the Dalai Lama. He blessed the business woman’s stomach during the special meeting.

The pair dated for four years before saying ‘I do’ at the 70-year-old’s ranch just outside of New York. Richard and Alejandro married in an Indian-inspired ceremony in April, 2018.

The couple welcomed a baby boy earlier this year.

Huge congratulations to Richard and Alejandra.


ODEON and Pigsback.com have partnered up to bring another huge classic cult film to the big screen, Pretty Woman.

The iconic 1990 hit, Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere will have an exclusive screening on Thursday, November 29 at 6.30pm, ODEON Cinemas Nationwide – Dublin (Blanchardstown, Charlestown, Coolock, Point Square, Stillorgan), Cavan, Limerick, Naas, Newbridge, Portlaoise and Waterford.

This is the perfect opportunity to get the girls together, tickets for the screening of this classic rom-com are priced at €15, which includes a cinema ticket, popcorn combo (medium combo with a dispensed soft drink or bottle of water) and one small tub of ice cream.

Cinema lovers can purchase tickets from www.Pigsback.com.

Paul Wren, Commercial Manager for ODEON cinemas said: "After screening previous 90’s chartbusters in partnership with Pigsback.com, Pretty Woman was the obvious next choice. With such memorable and iconic performance from Julia Roberts and Richard Gere – this film deserves another run on the big screen."

Pretty Woman hit the silver screen in June 1990 and gained immediate critical acclaim and huge box office success. This unusual take on the traditional fairy tale story captured the hearts of many and has become a quick cult classic.

Gather up the gals and head to your nearest ODEON cinema to watch this classic rom-com.



Sunday is a day for relaxing. We’re sure most of the country has spent the day at the beach, sunbathing in the park, or enjoying a barbecue at home.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the sunny weather, but we must admit that it can leave us feeling exhausted.

After spending the day working on tanning our pasty pale legs, all we want to do is curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a classic rom-com on TV.

Thankfully, RTÉ 1 have got our Sunday night movie covered as they are streaming one of Julia Roberts’ best movies tonight.

This 1990 classic has a strong female lead, the dreamy love interest, a kickass soundtrack and a complicated love story, what more could you ask for?

Pretty Woman is one of the most iconic romantic comedies and there’s no doubt that we’ll be tuning in tonight.

The film follows the complicated love story of a millionaire and a prostitute. Gere’s character decides to hire prostitute Vivian, who is the perfect partner to accompany him to lavish work events. Much to his surprise, he starts to develop feelings for her. The pair come from completely different worlds, but as the saying goes, opposites attract.

Pretty Woman has a stellar cast with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere taking on the lead roles. It also stars Jason Alexander, Laura San Giacomo, Ralph Bellamy and Hector Elizondo.

You can watch Pretty Woman on RTÉ1 tonight at 9:30 pm.


We always fancied ourselves as rather adapt polo players.

Something about all that champagne and Pimm’s and jolly-good fun seems to appeal hugely.

It’s a little Pretty Woman when she wears the amazing polka-dot dress and on-fleek Nineties white gloves; it’s a lot Prince Harry racing around on a noble steed giving us the eye during occasional breaks in play.

And it seems that polo events are not just for royalty (cinematic, aristocratic or otherwise).

Because at the All Ireland Polo Club on the grounds of the Phoenix Park, there are plenty of good-natured equine larks to be had.

Case in point: the glamorous Pink Polo In The Park event, which was successfully held last week.

Glamorous guests, all of whom were supporting Breast Cancer Ireland, comprised of the likes of Michelle Harrison, Norah Casey, Leigh Arnold, Roisin Tierney Crowe, and Gavin Duffy.

Watching the polo from the comfort of a marquee. they were treated to on-pitch action from a talented Irish squad who played against Team Canada… and we’re glad to report that Ireland emerged victorious in a fast-paced show of horsemanship.

The day had began with a pink prosecco reception followed by a sumptuous three-course luncheon prepared and served by the team from the swish Tinakilly House.

TV presenters and stylist entrepreneurs Darren Kennedy and Cathy O’Connor judged the keenly-fought best dressed competition, which was eventually won by Naomi Mulderry and Eoin Likely – both of whom received prizes from Harvey Nichols, Louis Copeland and Ireland’s Blue Book


Lovely lunch with Claire Bear! Thank you #pinkpolointhepark #breastcancerireland

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In the second match of the day, Team Breast Cancer Ireland narrowly beat Team Nissan with a score of 6-5 and afterwards CEO of Nissan Ireland, James McCarthy, presented beautiful Galway Crystal trophies to both teams.

During the afternoon, guests furthermore enjoyed a Veuve Clicquot champagne reception and once all the excitement in the park was over, teams and guests were brought to Residence on St Stephen's Green in a cavalcade of Nissan cars for the after-party celebrations.

Certainly, it was a fitting end to the summer polo season and raised much-needed funds for the charity. And in the meantime, roll on the 2016 season, we say! Now, where did we leave our white gloves…

You can also view the Breast Cancer Ireland website here for more detail on forthcoming events and fundraising efforts.



Today marked the 25th anniversary of Pretty Woman's release, and the film is still a firm favourite with women everywhere.

The modern-day (well, 90s) Cinderella tale might not be a perfect love story, but in reality, what love story ever is?

Richard Gere was of course the film's Prince Charming but it's Julia Roberts that makes us want to watch this movie time and time again. Vivian – what a lady!

Here are just a few of the times she won us over…

1. When she had a no-bullsh*t attitude towards safe sex
A buffet of safety.


2. When she sang her heart out to Prince while taking a bath
She is basically our spirit animal in this scene…


3. When she gave that snobby Rodeo Drive shop assistant a piece of her mind


4. When she was blatantly honest about how much she loved the opera
"She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance."


5. Anytime she did her giant, infectious laugh
Gets us every time!


6. When she was honest about what she wanted
Stick to your guns, Viv.


7. And basically the entire last scene
The two of them are so goddamn cute!




Amanda Holden has found herself on the bad side of the internet today after she posted a photo of her daughter in fancy dress.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge shared a photo of her daughter 9-year-old daughter, Lexi, dressed as Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman, captioning: “1990’s day at Lexi’s school today. Julia Roberts ‘Pretty Woman’.”

For anyone who may not know, Julia Roberts’ character in the hit movie was a prostitute, and it would seem that Amanda’s choice of outfit for her daughter has outraged many people.

It didn’t take long for the presenter to be blasted online, with many claiming that the outfit was completely inappropriate for such a young child. The tweet was deleted less than eight minutes after it was shared online.

Things got even more confusing when Amanda claimed that not only was Lexi actually dressed as Cindy Crawford, but that her husband had shared it on her Twitter account by accident mistaking it for his own private Facebook account. Eh?!

The statement read:

“The truth is that Lexi went to school as Cindy Crawford for her school '90s Day – not Julia Roberts – as anyone who heard me yesterday at BGT – and indeed the teachers at Lexi's school – will confirm. However my husband thought she looked more like Julia Roberts, without any thought to any interpretation."

"Although given that she is a 9-year-old girl it seems completely unbelievable and disturbing that anyone could or would put such an interpretation on it. Julia Roberts is one of the most beautiful and iconic women in the world and so, as a proud father, he wanted to post the similarity on his own private Facebook account. He hit the wrong button and posted it on my twitter account- but removed it as soon as he realised. The first I knew about it as I was contacted by the media whilst filming today."

"Needless to say my husband is mortified. And just as an aside, on the school run this morning we bumped into 'Mia Wallace' from Pulp Fiction and ‘Mr Pink’ from Reservoir dogs!"

Okaaaaay Amanda…We believe you. Thousands wouldn’t – but we do. 



Now, we know many of you will be flocking to the cinema to see Fifty Shades of Grey this Valentine’s Day – however, we have movies for those who aren’t into that kind of thing too. 

These movies are classics; both modern and old and are good enough to watch alone and not feel lonely. 

You don't have to have a Valentine to appreciate the day of love y'know! After all, as long as hot water bottles exists, who REALLY needs a fella? 

Romeo + Juliet
Baz Luhrmann's take on Romeo + Juliet will go down in history as one of the greats. Making it modern and with a serious soundtrack, you'll find yourself wondering why Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio didn't end up together in real life…

10 Thing I Hate About You
Any excuse to see Heath Ledger's performance as Patrick is fine by us! This movie is based (loosely of course!) on The Taming Of The Shrew and all of the characters are so well thought out. Not to mention the epic love story between Kat and Patrick. 

Such a romantic classic – if you haven't seen this yet then you NEED to get on it. Made in 1942 and starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart, the movie is responsible for classic quotes such as "We'll always have Paris" and "Here's lookin' at you, kid". Oh the heartbreak!

The Notebook
Oh come on, how could we leave it out?! Allie and Noah's love story started in a book by Nicholas Sparks before being immortalised on screen by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Since then the movie has become a staple romantic film and we reckon it could be a classic in years to come. 

Pretty Woman
Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were the face of early Nineties romance after this movie's release in 1990. That fire escape scene though…

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen's classic novel was taken to screens countless times; in a mini series with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and again in a 2005 movie with Matthew McFayden and Keira Knightley in the title roles. Mr. Darcy will always be the ultimate heartthrob and Elizabeth Bennett the heroine. 

Jack and Rose, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet respectively, are the star-crossed lovers of the "unsinkable" ship. All we'll say on this one is: she could have moved over. 

An Affair to Remember
Often old movies don't appeal to our generation, however with An Affair to Remember, prepare to feel as if Cary Grant is personally breaking your heart…

The Fault In Our Stars
A movie adapted from the book by John Green of the same name; Hazel and Augustus Waters' love story in the face of unthinkable heartbreak will reduce you to tears pretty quickly. 

When Harry Met Sally
Does it get any more classical than the modern love between Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal? No, it doesn't! The best line? "I'll have what she's having."




This 1990 romantic comedy is a stand-out for so many reasons. Yes, the performances were top-notch, the tender moments were tender and the funny moments were funny, but have we ever stopped to consider the educational value of this tear jerker? Vivian Ward and Kit De Luca taught us so much. Girls, they were revolutionaries. 

Here is just SOME of the advice and life hacks Hollywood’s sassiest working girls shared with us.

Black marker was a must-have in a footwear emergency. Scuffed? No problem, quick slick of permanent marker and you were good to go. Work it baby, woooork it.

A man’s shirt and bare legs is a totally acceptable piece of daytime attire. Ignore the haters.

You can still get runners in your pantyhose, even if you’re not wearing any pantyhose. Something to really think about, girls.

Bar food nourishes you more than any store-bought food would. Nuts and fruit, what more could you want?

Having pizza delivered to a men’s clothing store is not only advised, but should be mandatory.

Allowing some of your snail dinner to fly across a restaurant dining room is not in the least bit embarrassing, but actually super-cute.

Kiss by Prince is the perfect soundtrack when learning of a pay rise.

Taking your wig off after spending your first night with a man will only endear you to him more. Good to know.

Flossing isn’t optional and frankly, neglecting your gums is a sin.

If a car corners like it’s on rails, that’s a good thing and something to be admired.

Consumer Rights
Returning with a sassy look and a can-do attitude to any store that wronged you is your only course of action. Forget irate phone calls or surly boycotting, it’s all about working your outstretched arms and using as many synonyms for the word ‘big’ as possible.


Thank you, ladies. We're forever in your debt.



Remember all those iconic movie moments we grew up with, well, Buzzfeed decided to turn them all on their heads with this hilarious video.

Buzzfeed has managed to create all the so called romantic moments from Twilight to Pretty Woman and what they would be like if the gender roles were reversed.

What occurs is slightly uncomfortable but funny too.