Pretty Woman- The life lessons


This 1990 romantic comedy is a stand-out for so many reasons. Yes, the performances were top-notch, the tender moments were tender and the funny moments were funny, but have we ever stopped to consider the educational value of this tear jerker? Vivian Ward and Kit De Luca taught us so much. Girls, they were revolutionaries. 

Here is just SOME of the advice and life hacks Hollywood’s sassiest working girls shared with us.

Black marker was a must-have in a footwear emergency. Scuffed? No problem, quick slick of permanent marker and you were good to go. Work it baby, woooork it.

A man’s shirt and bare legs is a totally acceptable piece of daytime attire. Ignore the haters.

You can still get runners in your pantyhose, even if you’re not wearing any pantyhose. Something to really think about, girls.

Bar food nourishes you more than any store-bought food would. Nuts and fruit, what more could you want?

Having pizza delivered to a men’s clothing store is not only advised, but should be mandatory.

Allowing some of your snail dinner to fly across a restaurant dining room is not in the least bit embarrassing, but actually super-cute.

Kiss by Prince is the perfect soundtrack when learning of a pay rise.

Taking your wig off after spending your first night with a man will only endear you to him more. Good to know.

Flossing isn’t optional and frankly, neglecting your gums is a sin.

If a car corners like it’s on rails, that’s a good thing and something to be admired.

Consumer Rights
Returning with a sassy look and a can-do attitude to any store that wronged you is your only course of action. Forget irate phone calls or surly boycotting, it’s all about working your outstretched arms and using as many synonyms for the word ‘big’ as possible.


Thank you, ladies. We're forever in your debt.