Today marked the 25th anniversary of Pretty Woman's release, and the film is still a firm favourite with women everywhere.

The modern-day (well, 90s) Cinderella tale might not be a perfect love story, but in reality, what love story ever is?

Richard Gere was of course the film's Prince Charming but it's Julia Roberts that makes us want to watch this movie time and time again. Vivian – what a lady!

Here are just a few of the times she won us over…

1. When she had a no-bullsh*t attitude towards safe sex
A buffet of safety.


2. When she sang her heart out to Prince while taking a bath
She is basically our spirit animal in this scene…


3. When she gave that snobby Rodeo Drive shop assistant a piece of her mind


4. When she was blatantly honest about how much she loved the opera
"She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance."


5. Anytime she did her giant, infectious laugh
Gets us every time!


6. When she was honest about what she wanted
Stick to your guns, Viv.


7. And basically the entire last scene
The two of them are so goddamn cute!