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The very first photo of Lauren Conrad’s dream wedding has been released and it’s so pretty!

The photo is featured on the front cover of US Weekly and shows the stunning reality TV star sitting on her new husband’s knee looking very loved and happy – aww!

While not much of the dress can be seen (all in good time) we can see her beautiful headpiece of golden leaves with a veil.

Lauren was married to William Tell in a ceremony on the California coast last weekend. 

Wow – we never pictured Lauren with a veil but it looks gorgeous on her!

This has gotten us super excited for the rest of the photos (hint hint, Lauren!)




Nicki Minaj has gotten a seriously classy makeover for a recent spread in Dazed magazine.

Now, don’t get us wrong, sometimes Nicki can get it very very right in the style stakes, remember this dress?

However, sometimes she gets it very wrong too…

Despite this, the only things we never thought we would see her in was a Chanel style pink tweed jacket!

The Anaconda singer looked every inch the classy ‘50s housewife as she sat at a retro table with her hair in a sleek bob.

We’d know those almond-shaped talons anywhere though!

Another photo from the shoot features a pair of green wellies…with a heel. Where can we get them before the next Electric Picnic?!

Nicki looks great and her makeover really reminds us of Pamela Anderson's from a couple of weeks ago – don't you think?!



5 Seconds of Summer member, Calum Hood, has confirmed that a snapchat of him showing off his manhood, is in fact him.

Despite the fact that his face wsasn’t actually in the snap, so he could have easily said it wasn’t him, Calum decided to tell the truth, tweeting: “Least ya know what it looks like now.”

He later blamed his youth (because, YOLO) writing: “I’m still just a teenage kid learning from mistakes J”

Needless to say, fans of the boyband member have gone completely crazy over the image over the image with tweets such as these interesting ones basically taking over the internet…

Most fans seem to be mostly concerned by the fact that they don't have Calum's snapchat. 




Wow! Pamela Anderson looks absolutely incredible in a recent shoot for NO TOFU magazine.

The actress is featured in the magazine’s spread wearing a stunning collection of vintage-inspired clothes and looking very demure.

Pam is seen looking very pretty, sporting a blonde bob with her blue eyes highlighted by massive eyelashes that FYI we are very jealous of.

Featuring clothes by the likes of Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs and Dolce and Gabbana, this is definitely one way we have never seen Pam before – and we LOVE it!

Could this be the beginning of a high-fashion makeover for Pam? 

The Baywatch actress also spoke to the magazine about her sons, and how her life has affected them: “I acted out, self-medicated, but I got through it. I was desperate to find love again, and was convinced a few times that I could salvage a family … my boys grew up around a colourful crowd.”

Pamela’s split from her husband, Rik Salmon, was announced during the summer, though the two have since been seen kissing and cuddling in public, sparking rumours of a reconciliation.

She also hit headlines in the past few weeks following her attack against the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, writing on Facebook: “Sorry – I can’t bring myself to do your Ice bucket challenge … I thought instead I’d challenge ALS to stop Animal testing.”



The world rejoiced yesterday when Lindsay Lohan shared a photo of herself and fellow Mean Girls alumna, Tina Fey.

The selfie immediately hit the headlines, with everyone delighted to see the two together, especially seeing as most people pretty much assumed Tina wouldn’t exactly hang out with Linds anymore…

The photo, uploaded by Lindsay, held the sweet caption: “Lovely running into an inspiring, funny, beautiful old friend!!!!” and featured the two smiling for the camera.

But now…it’s gone. See, look:

No Cady and Ms. Norbury selfie!

The photo has simply disappeared from the actress’ Instagram account and we are left wondering what has happened. Did Regina George get jealous? Maybe Damien slagged off Lindsay’s hair?

Either way, the photo is gone and we NEED to know why.

Tina isn’t the only Mean Girls co-star Lindsay has run into in recent months – she shared a photo of herself and Rajiv Surendra (that’s Kevin G to you) and Daniel Franzese, who plays Damien in the movie, with the caption: #RajivSurendra #youcantsitwithus #soquiche #Klangkarussell #KevinG.”

We really, really hope they are planning something BIG!




Hmm, is it just us or does Kim Kardashian look very, very like her nemesis, Beyoncé, in her latest Instagram snap?!

The KUWTK star shared some snaps of her unusual outfits to her Instagram account recently, and one in particular stuck out…

Kim is seen sporting corn rows and a pink, black and gold bodysuit with black tights.

However, something about this image in particular just struck us as being very like many of Queen Bey’s photos, what do you think? Is she channelling the singer’s look?

It doesn’t look as if we’re the only ones who noticed the similarities either as many followers have commented saying that she resembles Bey, or the style of photos that Beyoncé posts on her Instagram account.

There has been a lot of tension between the two since Jay-Z and Beyoncé failed to turn up to the famous Kimye wedding. 




James Franco has announced that he and Lana Del Rey got married.

However, before you get upset that another Hollywood hottie has been taken off the shelf, he was just joking!

Obviously responding to media speculation that the two are dating, James uploaded an image of himself and Lana to his Instagram page, captioning it: “Oh snap, we got married. JUST KIDDING!!!”

Is it just us, or would James and Lana be a match made in celeb heaven? If only James would keep away from the Instagram…!

Lana recently ended her long-term relationship to Barrie-James O'Neill and has spoken out about their tumultuous relationship. 



Erm, wow?! Heidi Klum is looking ahh-mazing in her recent Instagram photo!

The supermodel and host of Project Runway posed for a photo with designer, Zac Posen, in which she was topless – other than Posen’s strategically placed hands, of course!

The mum of four captioned the racy photo: “@zacposen …. I need something to wear for tonight’s @projectrunway @lifetimetv.”

Earlier today, Irish model and presenter Amanda Byram expressed her disappointment that Instagram deleted a snap of her photoshoot for Women's Health – is it only a matter of time before Heidi is censored too? 

Instagram are well known for their strict nudity policy, and were even forced to apologise to a teen who accused them of deleting her account due to her lingerie shots

Either way, Heidi look incredible, we wish we were this brave! 



Kelly Osbourne uploaded an image of herself in a classic OITNB orange jumpsuit to her Instagram account recently.

Not only that, but Pornstache was in the shot too!

In classic Pornstache style, he was grabbing her chest (tut, tut!) but Kelly didn’t seem to mind!

Imagine if Kelly joined the cast of the hit HBO show – that would be uh-mazing!

Alas, the photo was only in preparation for the upcoming Young Hollywood Awards, which Miss Osbourne is hosting.



Well this bride won’t forget her wedding anytime soon, especially thanks to this hilarious photo.

Bride-to-be, Karen sent out a group text inviting all of her friends to a wedding photo-shoot and barbeque.

But what Karen didn’t realise she had actually sent the message to a wrong number – and when the bride-to-be explained it was accident, the receiver of the text was still determined to come.

Of course true to their word, he arrived with a group of friends but the bride and groom were good sports and allowed the lads to become a part of their group wedding photo.

Since then the texts and hilarious wedding photo has become a viral hit. One thing is for sure we’ll be double checking our numbers in future.



Actress Kaley Cuoco has upset many of her fans by uploading an image of herself with a cigarette in her mouth to her Instagram account.

Despite the fact that the cigarette is unlit, many followers have condemned the actress for smoking, with Kaley captioning: “Werkkk #burningbodhi #defintelynotacomedy.”

The cigarette is obviously just a prop for Kaley’s upcoming movie, Burning Bodhi, although fans don’t seem to like seeing their favourite girl-next-door in this light!

We wonder what Sheldon would think?!



If you’re a Snapchat user, you might find some of these familiar.

1. People Using the Filter
Why. Why would you use the filters? Snapchat is designed for naked pictures and ugly photos of yourself. Stop it!

2. The Stranger Snapper
They added you and yet you have no clue of who they are. When they snapchat you it’s never of their face. Who is this person?

3. The Constant Snapchatter
Everything is Snapchat worthy. Everything. The sitting down watching tv snapchat. The lunch break snap chat. The funny shaped chip snapchat. They slowly grate on your nerves until there very name makes you want to kill them.

5. Long Stories
What happened in the last 24 hours that caused you to have a Snapchat story of 650 seconds?

6. Snapchats That are Too Short
Why would you make your Snapchat two seconds long? What was it?! 

7. The Toilet Snapper
We mean the people who literally Snapchat their poo. Toilet selfies are a phenomenon that we would like to be stopped. Please.

8. The Non-Stop Selfies
All they do is take selfies that have no meaning whatsoever.

9. The Screenshotter
These guys. Nothing gets past them, they have screen-shotting down to a fine art. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve timed the photo, they will immortalize it. 

10. The Sneaky Snapper
You’re quite happily curled up on your couch munching on your dinner in your finest sweatpants watching TV and then all of a sudden your phone goes off. Your supposed friend is trying to not pass out with laughter. You open it, yes instead of a fork going into your mouth it’s now a giant green penis. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

11. Cocktail Night People
You’re drinking some sort of pink concoction out of a glass that looks like a dildo. No way, you did not go to MacDonalds afterwards! You’re crazy!!

12. The Dick Pic
Similar to the poo picture in that we don’t want to see your willy on my phone’s screen. It doesn't matter how you try to dress it up with a pink smiley face or by giving your balls googley eyes, we promise we won’t be looking at it for long enough to see the effort you put in.

13. The Ugly Face
Just kidding, these are the best! 

14. Hungover Snaps
You wake up after a night out, your mouth feels like a rat crawled in and died and your first thought was to Snapchat us to say you’re hungover? Why?

15. My Life is Fantastic, Let Me Shove it in Your Face
J1 people, Interrailing people or even just people with a better job then you. You’re not just going to ignore a Snapchat like you would a Facebook post. Watch it, watch it to the end!

16. The Drunken Snapchats
I’m sure the club is fantastic, however we are in bed. It’s also never really a great feeling when you have no idea what you sent the next day. 

17. The Flirty Snapchatter
He has tried to start a relationship through Snapchat, a social medium that has less character space then twitter. Unless you use the text option but who uses that anyway? I’ll make it simple, I will not be showing you my boobs.


So maybe just leave the hilarity to these professionals…

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