Is there a Mean Girls feud? We can’t believe Lindsay did this!


The world rejoiced yesterday when Lindsay Lohan shared a photo of herself and fellow Mean Girls alumna, Tina Fey.

The selfie immediately hit the headlines, with everyone delighted to see the two together, especially seeing as most people pretty much assumed Tina wouldn’t exactly hang out with Linds anymore…

The photo, uploaded by Lindsay, held the sweet caption: “Lovely running into an inspiring, funny, beautiful old friend!!!!” and featured the two smiling for the camera.

But now…it’s gone. See, look:

No Cady and Ms. Norbury selfie!

The photo has simply disappeared from the actress’ Instagram account and we are left wondering what has happened. Did Regina George get jealous? Maybe Damien slagged off Lindsay’s hair?

Either way, the photo is gone and we NEED to know why.

Tina isn’t the only Mean Girls co-star Lindsay has run into in recent months – she shared a photo of herself and Rajiv Surendra (that’s Kevin G to you) and Daniel Franzese, who plays Damien in the movie, with the caption: #RajivSurendra #youcantsitwithus #soquiche #Klangkarussell #KevinG.”

We really, really hope they are planning something BIG!