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Ever since he burst onto our screens in the early noughties as the face of Big Brother's Little Brother. Dermot O'Leary has been incredible vocal about his Irish heritage.

He may have been born in the UK, but with parents hailing from Co Wexford, a position as patron for the London Irish Centre and an intense interest in Irish sport, the X Factor presenter considers Ireland and its people an enormous part of his life.

Taking to Instagram this morning, the broadcaster revealed that after almost 40 years in the UK, his parents would be returning to their native Wexford.

"Squeezed in a last visit and supper to O'Leary HQ before Mam and Dad take the trip back to Wexford," he wrote.


Squeezed in a last visit and supper to O'Leary HQ before Mam and Dad take the trip back to Wexford. They've loved it here. Since they've moved in 68 the people have been nothing but kind, welcoming and generous to them in a time when it wasn't easy to be Irish in Britain. But, home calls. So thanks Maria and Sean, for being brave enough to pack up as kids, leave your homes, loved ones and move somewhere no one knows you. Here's to all our parents, and what they do for us. Your daughter has a PHD, your son… well he talks out loud for a living, but let's gloss over that. Est 1968, with a final supper of home grown potatoes, obvs, and one last wistful gaze at those beautiful big Essex/Suffolk skies. Here's to act three. X

A post shared by Dermot O'Leary (@radioleary) on

"They've loved it here. Since they've moved in 68 the people have been nothing but kind, welcoming and generous to them in a time when it wasn't easy to be Irish in Britain. But, home calls," he wrote.

"So thanks Maria and Sean, for being brave enough to pack up as kids, leave your homes, loved ones and move somewhere no one knows you. Here's to all our parents, and what they do for us."

Paying tribute to the O'Leary family successes in their time spent in the UK, he continued: "Your daughter has a PHD, your son… well he talks out loud for a living, but let's gloss over that.'

Ending the  post with a nod to the future, Dermot, who holds dual Irish and British citizenship, concluded: "Est 1968, with a final supper of home grown potatoes, obvs, and one last wistful gaze at those beautiful big Essex/Suffolk skies. Here's to act three."

So, it looks like the people of Wexford may be seeing more of Dermot in the near future…


Since it's Father's Day we wanted to give some of our favourite celebrity dads some love. 

From David Beckham, to Tom Fletcher – the calibre of the famous father is pretty darn high, but Ryan Reynolds is by far the funniest.

The 40-year-old father has become somewhat renowned for his brutal honesty when it comes to parenting – and we have the hilarious tweets to prove it. 

1. When he called his own daughter an asshole. 



2. When he joked about loosening his parental reigns. 

3. Travelling with kids is no joke, right?

4. When he got super real about how scary kids can be! 

5.  That time he accepted that parenthood affected his social life. 

6. When he focused on the decor in his daughter's room.

7. That time he was a total prankster.

8. Real talk (but only for a second!)

9.  When he admitted to something we have all secretly done. 

10. #RoadTrip

Hours of entertainment! 

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They only recently rekindled their romance but it seems like Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are becoming serious.

The pair were very family-orientated over the weekend and went to a Pittsburgh Steelers games with their mams!


Family outing

A photo posted by Karen Meyers (@karen1215) on

The rapper's mam, Karen Meyers, shared a snap on Insatgram with Ariana, and we have to say, it looks like the women are having a ball.

“Damp in Pittsburgh but fearless,” Karen wrote.


#devinefeminine Damp in Pittsburgh but fearless #blackandgold #steelersnation

A photo posted by Karen Meyers (@karen1215) on

However, last week Ariana divided the Internet when she was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and he brought up her new relationship. Let's just say, she got very touchy and awkward when asked to confirm the romance.

Either way, they look to be pretty happy together.



It’s been little more than a week since Lindsay Lohan made a cryptic pregnancy announcement on Twitter and although many people had their doubts over the legitimacy of the claim, Lindsay’s father Michael did not.

Last week the father of seven told Us magazine that the former child star would not lie to him about being pregnant with her Russian fiancé’s child, but it seems LiLo’s mother Dina has adopted a more sceptical stance on the situation as it has been reported that she does not believe Lindsay is expecting.

According to TMZ, Lindsay’s mam says the star’s pregnancy claim was nothing more than an attempt at getting revenge on Egor after it was alleged he cheated on and tried to strangle the actress in a week of intensive drama.

Dina believes Lindsay was distraught when she said she was expecting and that she just “overreacted”. 

Apparently Lindsay and Egor are still engaged and that despite currently spending time apart they do intend on reuniting in the future.

The Freaky Friday actress has yet to comment on her parents’ claims and appears to still be travelling with friends while she recovers from last week’s ordeal.



Bonding with nature. I let my little friend swim away after.

A photo posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on




It has been just two weeks since the pictures of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston kissing leaked.

And now, they've both decided to meet the parents.

Tom met Taylor's parents while on a trip to Nashville during the week, and now Taylor has jetted (ahem, private jetted) over to Essex to meet Tom's mother, Diana.

According to the Mail Online, the Shake It Off singer had FIVE bodyguards accompanying her as Tom showed her some of his favourite spots.

He even rented a Jaguar to take her for a spin around the town. Swiss swoo.

Is it just us or are they moving extremely quickly?



So you have all gathered around on the couch for some quality family time. 

The popcorn is ready, the onesie's are on and you are thinking to yourself that there is no where else in the world you would rather be. 

That is until, some actors' bare bottom flashes up on screen. 

There is perhaps nothing worse than innocently watching a film that descends into racy sex scenes with your Mam or Dad sitting right next to you. And WHY do those scenes seem to last a LIFETIME. 

Well, now you can adequately protect yourself from these awkward movie scenes by using CringeMBD.

All you have to do to avoid any scarlet moments with the family is to type in the name of any film between 1995 and 2015 and wait to see if it is parent-proof. 

The website provides you with a simple and effective Yes or No answer as to whether you should really be hitting play button with any young ones or parentals in the room. 

And the best part? You don't have to spoil the plot for yourself or make any awkward runs to the bathroom during the movie. 

We say, YES PLEASE. 


You hope you can change them… in reality you rarely can: the serial cheater. They’re the guys and gals who seemingly ‘don’t do relationships,’ or who just can’t help themselves straying.

And while having your heart-broken may sometimes be unavoidable, according to a new study from Texas Tech University, there is a MAJOR red-flag to look out for.

In short: sleeping around runs in families.

Frighteningly, nearly half of the subjects that researchers spoke to who were raised by philandering parents also admitted to having cheated on a partner.

This means these men and women are actually TWICE as likely to stray.

The tendency to sleep around is partly genetic, author Dana Weiser, PhD explains. Other scientists have found that you can also inherit biological traits, like dopamine receptors, that make you crave multiple partners. 

But Dr Weiser furthermore suspects that your parents shape your expectations for your own relationships. For example, if a parent failed to be faithful, you may conclude that monogamy is unreasonable or impossible. And that belief could turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So what do you do if you’re currently in a relationship where your other half grew up in an adulterous environment? Or if you are the one from a non-monogamous home?

Don’t worry! You’re not entirely doomed, Dr Weiser says. However, you do need to be aware of how past experiences have affected you.

And remember, there’s another huge predictor of cheating that you actually have control over: the strength of your relationship. Pouring your energy into communicating, having fun, and trying new things together is one of the best safeguards against infidelity, Dr Weiser adds.


Simon Cowell has opened up about his fears about becoming a father for the first time, and what advice he has for another famous father to-be.

He spoke with Good Morning Britain and explained that while he had something of a shaky start, he has since embraced fatherhood.

The X Factor judge, and music mogul, is father to Eric who is almost two years old.

Simon admitted that when he was Louis Tomlinson’s age, he doesn’t know how he would have cope with the news he was going to be a dad.

“But he did call me and I said, ‘When you’ve embraced it, you’ll be amazed how much you are going to love it.”

Louis is expecting his first child with stylist Briana Jungwirth in early 2016.

56-year old Simon added that he told Louis that having a child “will change your life for the better.”

He did admit that when he and Lauren Silverman first welcome their son into the world, he didn’t adjust as quickly as he would have liked.

“When he was about 5 or 6 [months old], I was like … I just don’t know what to do! Because he wasn’t reacting to me and I thought, ‘Maybe he hates me.’ ”

He explained that someone told him he needed to have more patience, and eventually it just clicked for him:

“Suddenly one day they are talking, listening, responding … communicating. It’s a whole different ball game.”

He did confess that he is not sure if Eric taking on all of his dad’s personality traits is such a “good thing” but his taste in music makes up for any of those worries.

“One of the first records I got on tape of him playing along to was a One Direction record, so he’s got good taste.”


As many young couples tend to do, Emily and Johnny shared numerous photos of themselves on Facebook. Emily wasn’t expecting them to be shared over 30,000 times on Twitter, but it happened.

Emily and her boyfriend really, really love selfies. So much so that she’s willing to put her career on hold in order to get the perfect shot. After all that practice they really do know how to work their angles. All of the angles.

Her collages were noticed by many of her Facebook friends, but no one was quite as taken with them as her parents. Nancy, Emily’s mom loved them so much that she decided to recreate them with Emily’s dad.

The results were hilarious.

They absolutely nailed it.

Emily didn’t take it so well.

She kind of got over it, after a while. A friend of Emily told Buzzfeed that this kind of thing wasn’t a surprise coming from her mom, but her dad was a different story.

“My dad is sort of conservative so it’s interesting she got him to participate,” she said.

The best part, her parents haven’t actually met her boyfriend yet.



Parents and Facebook are generally a hilarious combination. 

If they're not embarassing you, then they are probably making you laugh so hard you cry. Sometimes the levels of sass they exhibit make even the wildest of celebritie 'feuds' look pretty tame. 

These are just some of the social media titans that had enough of their kids antics and put their foot down. We imagine ther are many more out there just waiting to be uncovered.

This dad believes honesty is the best policy:

This dad who is just trying to enforce proper grammar:

This mom who isn't afraid to tell her son the truth:

This mom who almost broke the internet. Almost:

And this mom, who clearly has no issue picking favourites:



It's often touted as the best time of your life – and in many ways it is: after all, your 20s is the decade that brings with a load of amazing milestones.

Renting; graduating; jobs; travel and great friendships: it's all actually pretty awesome.

You have the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want, with none of the responsibilities and stresses of the likes of home-ownership, marriage, and children (hello there, 30s!).

Let's face it though; your 20s can also be a pickle – full of uncertainties, broken hearts and set-backs. In fact, at times it's easy to let the pressures of your third decade get to you.

But the weight of the world is heavy thing – and not every little hiccup merits getting really worked up over.

So here, SHEmazing! details the top six things that women aged 20-29 need to chill out about…


1) The life-plan:

Yup, your mam and dad (actually – the entire extended family) are pestering you for 'the plan,' but when it comes down to it… you're just not sure what you want to do. It's easy to get distracted by friends too; especially when a load of your closest mates get sorted with jobs and internships mere moments out of college. 

Well, for one – the whole "what am I doing with my life?" question isn't just for your 20s; that's something you'll be asking into your 30s, 40s and beyond.

And no one has all the magic answers either. In fact, you're probably doing pretty well as it is. So cut yourself some slack. It will all be fine in the end.


2) Dieting:

Most people pack on a few pounds during their 20s. We like to call it 'the swell'.

So your body changes – so what? Seriously, the amount of 35- and 45-year-olds who look back at their 25-year-old selves and wonder: "why did I ever worry – I looked fecking cracking back then!"

Because, in all likelihood, you do look cracking. Focus on being healthy and eating well and being able to run for the bus without medical intervention, rather than getting worked up over a number on a clothes tag. 


3) Being a bad-ass:

Women, especially women in the workplace, still worry about being a 'bitch'. Getting on with people is definitely a good thing, as is making an effort, being polite and being personable. 

However, speaking your mind; standing up for yourself; saying loud and clear 'no siree, I'm not that kinda gal,' is just as important.

Sure, you'd rather not 'make a fuss,' but playing your part is vital. And every time you do, it gets a little bit easier next time.

Maybe you get shot down anyway – but whatever the outcome, be proud of your mind – and your ability to speak it.


4) Social media:

We do it ourselves: we stick up our best pictures, taken at the best angles, in the most glamorous settings. We share the highs and ignore the lows.

And yet we still assume that EVERYONE else has this amazingly gilded life full of parties and beaches; expensive shoes and beautiful people.

Stop! Snapchat and Instagram are NOT real-life; NOT everyone on Facebook is getting engaged or getting married or jetting off to Thailand. Remind yourself as often as you need to that comparing yourself to others is pointless – especially when those others are only offering a gilded portion of themselves.


5) Contraception:

Deciding on contraception can actually be stressful, problematic, and confusing. You worry about the side-effects, not to mention that niggling two percent – or five or ten percent – margin of error: the 'well sure you might just get pregnant anyway,' window. To all that we say: relax.

Do your research and chat to your doctor about ALL your options: being prepared and taking responsibility for your own sexual health goes a looong way to placating worries.

Otherwise, simply take things when you're supposed to, and use everything exactly according to manufacturers' instructions – then get on with having fun.


6) Ditching friends:

When you're young and in a big group, you do everything with your squad: you socialise together, go to college or school together, and pretty much breathe the same air as one another. 

But that changes over time – and sometimes your 'bestest ever' mate at 21 is not necessary your closest buddy at 24.

That's no bad thing – nor should you worry about streamlining your group down to a handful of 'always there for you' guys and gals. 

On a similar note, kick the ones who aren't worth it to the curb without a second thought. If they're mean, draining, distracting or just down-right negative around you, then they're not what you need in your life.



Her personal struggles have been well-documented in recent years – but witnesses say Amanda Bynes was looking better as she made a rare public appearance in Los Angeles this week.

She was spotted yesterday in Craig’s, a seriously hip steakhouse in West Hollywood which is a favourite of celebrities – as well as the paparazzi.

​She was wearing a pair of giant sunglasses and an oversized grey jumper. Notably, the 29-year-old still sported her bright blonde hair, worn in a long, straight style, and she had bejewelled acrylic nails. 

She was also accompanied by her life coach, a woman who has been helping her get back on track.

Amanda hasn't been seen in public since November.

It is thought that the former child-star, who has battled mental health issues and had been exhibiting worrying behaviour, is now in a much better place.

One eye-witness said that Amanda yesterday seemed quiet and reflective during her time at Craig’s. She and her life coach left together.

"Amanda is doing great. She appreciates all of the love and support she receives from family, friends and fans," her spokesperson told PEOPLE in response to the sighting.

Legal representatives for her parents, Lynn and Rick, also told the same website: "She is doing great, working on her fashion design and staying focused on living a balanced and healthy life."

It has been reported that Ms Bynes has made sufficient improvements to move out of her parents’ home and into her own apartment.

It is believed that Amanda’s relationship with her mum and dad, which at times has been hugely strained, has also improved significantly since late last year.

As recently as last October, the star was being treated in a psychiatric facility.

In 2012, she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and two years ago she was involuntarily hospitalised because of her erratic behaviour.

Two sets of hit and run charges against her were dismissed when she made financial settlements out of court.

She has also been caught shoplifting and in a series of worrying tweets, she made several incredible accusations – including that she had been sexually abused by her father.

It was a comment she later retracted, saying that a "microchip made her say it".

The former Nickelodeon star remains under the temporary conservatorship of her parents. A court hearing later this month will assess her current condition.

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