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Our favourite ginger, Ed Sheeran sat down with Dermot O'Leary to talk all things Éire. 

Naturally, things took a personal route and Dermot quizzed Ed about his most-loved things to do in Ireland.

That includes his favourite city on his recent tour, his number-one place to visit and all the gigs he has done around the country before he hit superstar status.


Cork night #1 ! @zakarywalters

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Now, before you take your guesses: Dublin-folk take a seat.

The Galway Girl singer said the wanna-be capital, Cork was his number one fav stop on his tour around Ireland.

Although, Dublin has a special place in his heart as he's gigged in Whelan's, Vicar street and the Olympia.


Dublin night #2 !

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When asked what was the difference between Belfast, Dublin and Galway crowds on his tour, Ed's answer was way too relatable for any Irish person.

Poor Belfast was washed out of it when it came time for the 27-year-old to take to the stage.

Therefore, the crowds' enthusiasm had been well dampened, according to the singer. 

Ed confessed to Dermot that he has more of a connection to an Irish crowd than a Scottish – ah, bless.

Don't get too big headed though, this is due to the influence of Irish music and taking about five annual trips growing up, to our beautiful country. 

Adding sweetly in the intimidate Q and A, Ed said the guy who made him want to write music was Irish.

Now getting to the proper juicy part, Ed's favourite place in the Emerald Island is….Dingle Bay.

Honestly, we cannot even blame him. 

Situated in Kerry, it marks one of the westernmost points of mainland Ireland, and it's breathtaking. 

Unsurprisingly, the bay is a usual hot-spot with tourists too.

However, Ed advised anyone wanting to live in Ireland to move to Wexford.

It seems like the singer is always true to his roots – and we love him for it.

Ed and Dermot's chat was a part of Ireland.com's tourism project.

So sit back, enjoy the natter and the incredibly beautiful Irish spots featured throughout the video, which is bound to give you the travel bug.



Ever since he burst onto our screens in the early noughties as the face of Big Brother's Little Brother. Dermot O'Leary has been incredible vocal about his Irish heritage.

He may have been born in the UK, but with parents hailing from Co Wexford, a position as patron for the London Irish Centre and an intense interest in Irish sport, the X Factor presenter considers Ireland and its people an enormous part of his life.

Taking to Instagram this morning, the broadcaster revealed that after almost 40 years in the UK, his parents would be returning to their native Wexford.

"Squeezed in a last visit and supper to O'Leary HQ before Mam and Dad take the trip back to Wexford," he wrote.


Squeezed in a last visit and supper to O'Leary HQ before Mam and Dad take the trip back to Wexford. They've loved it here. Since they've moved in 68 the people have been nothing but kind, welcoming and generous to them in a time when it wasn't easy to be Irish in Britain. But, home calls. So thanks Maria and Sean, for being brave enough to pack up as kids, leave your homes, loved ones and move somewhere no one knows you. Here's to all our parents, and what they do for us. Your daughter has a PHD, your son… well he talks out loud for a living, but let's gloss over that. Est 1968, with a final supper of home grown potatoes, obvs, and one last wistful gaze at those beautiful big Essex/Suffolk skies. Here's to act three. X

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"They've loved it here. Since they've moved in 68 the people have been nothing but kind, welcoming and generous to them in a time when it wasn't easy to be Irish in Britain. But, home calls," he wrote.

"So thanks Maria and Sean, for being brave enough to pack up as kids, leave your homes, loved ones and move somewhere no one knows you. Here's to all our parents, and what they do for us."

Paying tribute to the O'Leary family successes in their time spent in the UK, he continued: "Your daughter has a PHD, your son… well he talks out loud for a living, but let's gloss over that.'

Ending the  post with a nod to the future, Dermot, who holds dual Irish and British citizenship, concluded: "Est 1968, with a final supper of home grown potatoes, obvs, and one last wistful gaze at those beautiful big Essex/Suffolk skies. Here's to act three."

So, it looks like the people of Wexford may be seeing more of Dermot in the near future…


Ever since he began hosting Big Brother's Little Brother way back when, we've had a thing for Dermot O'Leary.

And after graduating from the reality show's spin-off programme, he came to further prominence as the host one of the biggest shows on the box – The X Factor.

So when he turned his back on the show last year, viewers were left distraught wondering if he'd ever make an reappearance.

Thankfully for Dermot die-hards, the 43-year-old did, and he gave everyone a right ol' treat in the process… well, that's if Twitter is anything to go by, that is.

While rocking a pair of fitted cream trousers during this weekend's episode of the singing contest, the presenter grabbed the attention of viewers who wasted no time sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

Jeez guys, contain yourselves.






Dermot O'Leary has finally spoken out about the phone call he got from Simon Cowell, asking him to return to the X Factor having let him go months previous. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Dermot spoke about the night the television boss called him to apologise. 

According to Dermot, Simon, who is not known for his humility, spoke about how he should not have let him go, saying “I’ve made a mistake, I’d love to get you back.”

The phone call between the two resulted in an £8 million deal that will stretch across four-years. 

Despite the handsome pay-out, Dermot insisted that he did not take the job for the money, claiming "I’ve been like that since I was a runner on nine and a half grand a year. I’ve never taken a job purely for the money."

Dermot left X Factor last year after he heard that the show's producers were in talks with other potential hosts for the Saturday night slot.

Simon initially made no attempt to keep Dermot, replacing him with Olly Murs and Caroline Flack.

After Olly and Caroline received widespread criticism for their hosting abilities, it would seem as though Simon has seen the error of his ways. 

Thankfully, Dermot O'Leary will return to our screens this year for the new season of X Factor, and we are EXCITED! 


Dermot O'Leary must be feeling pretty chuffed with himself today as the TV presenter has reportedly signed an £8million contract which will see him host the X Factor for the next four years.

And that's not all – according to The Sun, the new deal will not prevent the British-born broadcaster from working on other projects while signed with the hit show so Dermot will be able to top-up his lucrative pay package whenever he feels the need to do so.

The 43-year-old host lost his spot on the hit talent show last year when he was rather unsuccessfully replaced by Olly Murs and Caroline Flack, but the break seems to have benefited Dermot in a big way as not only will he take back his position as the show’s host, he is also about to become the highest-paid solo presenter on British television.

An insider told The Sun:  “This is the comeback of all comebacks for Dermot.”

“Just one year after Cowell axed him, he’s signing the contract of a lifetime.”

“Simon may have had questions about Dermot’s commitment before but he soon realised he’d made a mistake."

“Even a couple of weeks into the live shows last year, enquires were being made about bringing Dermot back.”

“He had to think long and hard about it because he was loving working on a wide range of projects, including TV series for the BBC, documentaries and his Radio 2 show.”

“But at the end of the day he loves X Factor and he was pretty much able to name his price – it was too good an opportunity to walk away from.”

The X Factor will be back on screens next month with Dermot as host and Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne as judges.


Television presenter and X Factor veteran, Dermot O' Leary, thinks that Simon Cowell should take the X Factor off the air for a year. 

In an interview with Radio Times, the 42-year-old has said that the show has taken a turn for the worst. 

"If I was Simon, I’d take it off air for a year," said Dermot. 

"I’d rest it, then I’d get back to the rooms. For me it was always room, arena, boot camp.

"I was really uncomfortable about the Six Chair Challenge. I don’t think it’s a particularly nice bit of television.”

And we could not agree more. 

Over the years, ratings of the show have dropped while criticism has mounted over the constantly changing format of the show and an emphasis on entertainment over the people involved. 

Dermot presented the talent contest for eight years up until last year and he was replaced by former Xtra Factor duo Caroline Flack and Olly Murs who faced intense criticism during the season's run. 

"You never want other people to fail, but sometimes you need a few cock-ups to remind people it’s a finely honed craft."

The ITV show's ratings dropped by a massive 700,000 for the last show compared to last year's final and Dermot knows exactly where the viewers have gone. 

"I know where they’ve gone, they’ve gone and watched Strictly [Come Dancing].”

“One of the reasons people like Strictly is because it’s a very warm show.”

You tell 'em, Dermo. 



They have always been the best of buds, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a little bit of awkwardness between Caroline Flack and Dermot O’Leary after she was announced as his X Factor replacement this year.

However, Caroline has broken her silence on the issue, insisting that by being the ultimate pro, Dermot has made the transition a lot easier for her.

In an interview with The Telegraph this weekend, the former Strictly Come Dancing star said: “He’s made it less awkward. I think I felt more awkward than he did, and he’s made it so it doesn’t feel awkward, which is such a lovely thing to do.”

The 35-year-old also revealed that she spoke to Dermot on the day that he decided to step down from his long-running stint on the popular talent show.

“I think in his head it was time to go. Definitely. I think eight years is a long time to be on a show and to do it so well,” she added.

Caroline, who bagged the presenting gig alongside her celebrity bestie Olly Murs, admitted that she is definitely feeling the nerves ahead of the new series.

“I don’t want to let him down…it’s a big old space to fill – especially with someone like Dermot who’s extremely brilliant at it. He’s just the best at what he does,” she said.

What a lovely thing to say. Don’t worry Caroline, we know that you and Olly have this!


The X Factor is in for a big shake-up this year, with Dermot O'Leary, Louis Walsh, Mel B and Xtra Factor presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford all saying goodbye.

Now, the first look at two of the newest names to join the next series of the show has been released.

Former X Factor finalist Olly Murs will join forces with TV personality Caroline Flack to host this year's series, and they showed off their onscreen chemistry in the first official call-out for musical hopefuls.

The promo video, filmed at the first round of X Factor auditions in Manchester last weekend, shows Olly and Caroline standing on a stage surrounded by auditionees. 

It might be the X Factor music or the the hundreds of screaming fans, but the new hosts definitely seem to be doing a good job of presenting so far. Take a look:

​Dermot O'Leary revealed in March that he was stepping down from hosting duties after eight years, but it's thought he may have made the choice himself to avoid being fired later on.

"Dermot has known for a while that his card was marked and show bosses had said they were going to be changing the format and looking for different talent," a source close to the presenter said at the time.

“He decided to walk before they could officially axe him."

Louis Walsh also predicted he wouldn't be returning to the judging panel this year, telling TV3 last month, "I think I’m done with X Factor. I’ve done 11 seasons." As early as last year, Louis admitted he felt he was on "borrowed time" with the show's producers.

We hope Olly and Caroline know they have some big shoes to fill…



There have been many rumours about Cheryl’s future as a judge on The X Factor following her highly anticipated return last season.

Now, it would seem Simon has made a decision and it planning to keep Cheryl on the reality TV show ‘at all costs’.

According to The Sun, Mel B may not be as lucky as Cheryl this year: “They haven’t signed a deal yet but Simon, Cheryl and ITV are all on the same page. But that’s really bad news for Mel. She had a good first year but bosses want a new line-up.”

It had been said week following Dermot O’Leary’s shock departure that The X Factor producers were doing their all to shake things up for next year.

Does that mean that Olly Murs will step in for the much-loved presenter? Not without his BFF Caroline Flack: “The only way I would even think or talk about it would be if Caroline was doing it with me because me and Caroline were great together.”

It sounds as if things are going to be very different indeed this season!



We were pretty shocked to hear that, after seven wonderful years on the show, Dermot O’Leary is leaving his presenting gig on The X Factor.

Now that the news has sunk in, attention has turned to just who will replace Dermot, and it looks as though we have a front-runner – well, two, actually.

Indeed, after the success of their stint on The Xtra Factor, it’s singer and X Factor alumnus Olly Murs and presenter Caroline Flack who are tipped to take over.

While Ryan Seacrest’s and Marvin Humes’ names have also been bandied about already, fans of the show clearly have a soft spot for Olly and Caroline.

Indeed, Twitter users appear to be very excited at the prospect of having the pair back, with one writing: “Imagine if Caroline Flack and Olly Murs came back to The X Factor to present the main show? That would be amazing!”

Olly has also added fuel the rumour himself, cancelling his April 8th gig in Stockholm on the same day that Dermot’s departure from the show was announced.

We’ll keep you guys updated, but it certainly looks like we have some early favourites!



Everybody's favourite TV presenter, Dermot O'Leary, has had a close call this weekend following a car accident in Kenya.

The 41-year-old X Factor star was filming for Comic Relief when a passing vehicle careered off the road, almost crashing into the makeshift beds Dermot and a group of homeless boys were occupying.

Immediately taking to social media to assure the public that both the boys and Dermot survived the frightening incident, Comic Relief staff tweeted: "A car crashed into a ditch feet away from the boys. Everyone is fine, but a big lucky escape."

Dermot, who was sleeping rough with youngsters Fred, Maurice and Hannington, was said to be shaken but unharmed following the terrifying incident.

The danger associated with sleeping rough by busy roads was proven following the accident, with the charity having earlier tweeted: "It's an incredibly vulnerable place to sleep which is why they stick together. The cars, motorbikes and rickshaws are so close the noise is something to behold."

The star also took to Twitter to thank fans and followers for their support in the aftermath of the frightening event and paid tribute to the youngsters he befriended during filming.

 Fingers crossed the rest of the trip goes off without a hitch.