Matt LeBlanc DIVIDES Twitter after THAT dodgy Emilia Clarke remark

From his role as Joey in Friends to his recent gig on Top Gear, Matt LeBlanc has always been seen as cute, harmless and pretty damn lovable.

But it looks like a recent remark he made at the Emmys this weekend may go a long way towards turning that perception on its head.

While walking the red carpet at the weekend, the 49-year-old actor offered his opinion of Game of Thrones – and Twitter has been having a field day ever since.

While being interviewed alongside GoT's Emilia Clarke, Matt revealed he wasn't a die-hard fan of the show, but Emilia's nude scenes may change that.

"I saw the first season and then kind of fell out of touch with it…and I guess that’s when she started getting naked, so I need to catch up," he said.

And then all hell broke loose in the Twitosphere as social media users debated the nature of the comment.