Top Gear is coming to Ireland! But there won’t be any time for PUBS


Top Gear hosts Chris Evans and Matt Le Blanc are coming to Ireland this weekend to film a part of the new series in Kerry.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2 this morning, Chris said: Mr Le Blanc and I are going to Ireland on Friday to make a Top Gear film – actually a couple of Top Gear films that will be combined.

"We're thinking of going to the Dingle area."

Matt then began to mention all of the lovely pubs and restaurants on our fair green isle, but Chris shut him down, saying they need to stick to a schedule.

"We haven't got time for any of that. Technically we'll be working obviously, but we'll try and eke out some time."

The new series is set to air next month, yet the latest reports suggest all is not well between the two hosts.