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Of all the reality stars in Chelsea, E4’s Jess Woodley easily has the most admirable sense of style. 

From her choppy blonde bob to her endless supply of dungarees, she is one of MIC’s more alternatively dressed cast members and with that look she has gained herself a pretty impressive following.

Since we are obvious fans of pastel hair trends here at SHEmazing! HQ, you can imagine our excitement upon spotting Jess’ recent uploads – a set on photos in which she has perfectly PEACH coloured hair.



I Look creepy af but hair is  the one and only colour queen my @harrietmuldoon @bluetitlondon

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The reality star’s hairdresser Harriet Muldoon told Look that since last October she’s been adjusting Jess’ golden locks towards a more bleached style. 

Because of Jess' complexion they felt the peach shade would be a good colour to experiment with and, by the looks of these Instagram posts, we have to agree.



Killer jacket @diesel  @selectmodelmgmt #drive photo by @luke__storey

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Could you do ours next please?


Is that what we think it is? Oh why yes it is… it's Alex Mytton trying his best to Irish dance.

Irish model and Made In Chelsea star, Nicola Hughes, just posted a downright hilarious video of her terribly posh English boyfriend, Alex Mytton, attempting to get a bit of a céilí going.

And we think you'll agree, it makes for some truly excellent viewing…



A video posted by Nicola Hughes (@nicolamhughes) on

The video was posted from Co. Cavan, where Alex was clearly getting into the Irish spirit – or certainly trying to.

At least the couple themselves seem stronger than ever – both on screen and off. In a brand new interview with OK magazine, the pair open up about their feud with MIC's Jess Woodley, as well as their future together.

In the interview, the 25 year-old Dubliner admits that she felt betrayed when she found out that Jess, an ex of Alex’s and someone who Nicola had thought of as a friend, said she had "unfinished business" with him.


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“I didn’t know she fancied my boyfriend. I gave her the chance to tell me how she felt and she chose not to.”

But Jess’ crush on Alex doesn’t seem to have had too much of an impact on the couple, who admitted that they have talked about getting married and having kids in the future.

Alex even admitted: “I’ve thought about proposing to Nicola when I’ve been drunk.”

Oh we really hope that this happens on air! A Made In Chelsea wedding is exactly what we need.