If you, despite your best efforts, generally struggle to create a topknot larger than a chickpea on a good day, you might find it difficult to feel anything but envy over an eight-month old baby girl who needs a daily blowdry due to the sheer volume of her barnet.

But don't worry, we're with you on that one.

Hitting the headlines today, Maya Rattab (hereafter known as Maya With The Good Hair) has given everyone in SHEmazing! HQ serious hair goals after we clapped eyes on a series of shots which showcase her stunning locks.

Commenting on his daughter's unique look, Adam Rattab said: "Her hair is constantly growing, it just hasn't stopped. Everyone – even Annabel [her mum] – said her hair will start falling out around the back as she gets older, but it hasn't."

Maya, whose hair has reached bob-length in just eight months, has a daily routine which sees her parents blowdry and style her hair so she can get down to standard baby gal business.

"She wears it in a top knot a lot, but it can get quite messy," Adam explained. "She's teething and always dribbling, so her hair gets wet and gets in her way, which is why we like to keep it out of her face or put a clip in it."

"It just gets messy, so we have to wash it in the bath pretty much every day. It takes a while, and we have to use a hair dryer because a towel just doesn't work properly. If we left it to dry naturally she would be there forever, just cold and wet."

And if you think Maya might struggle with the necessary routine, think again.

According to her pop, she loves nothing more than the daily pammper sessions, with Adam adding: "She loves staring at the hair dryer and tries to put her face in front of it."

"She sits there patiently while her hair is brushed. We like to put it up in a knot but she sometimes has plaits around the sides which lead into a ponytail."

Ladies, can we all take a moment for the wonder that is Maya's 'do?!