Love Island’s Georgia Steel DENIES cheating on Sam with ex

The drama llama is out in full force when it comes to Georgia Steel and Sam Bird's break up. We honestly can hardly keep up.

The former Love Island couple announced their break-up on Wednesday night, and the tension has been building over claims that Georgia cheated on Sam with her ex-boyfriend.

Georgia has now released a statement on the claims on her Instagram account which reveals her side of the celeb story.


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According to Steel, Sam will be divulging details of his own version of events, which she says are completely untrue. 

"Last night Sam told me he was going to the press so I just want to make clear ahead of any interviews he does that there was NO third party involved in the break-up between him and I."

She also asserts that Sam went through her phone and read messages between Georgia and a friend which discussed her ex-boyfriend. He certainly sounds like the jealous type.


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Georgia continues "Sam now wants to believe that I did cheat on him but in reality the relationship ended due to the fact I fell out of love. He was a lovely boyfriend and I really did love him but moving in so soon and the public pressure did make me feel very trapped…"

"I really do hope he finds the girl for him…" Georgia doesn't sound like she's in any way bitter, even expressing hope for the future that both of them will find love with the right people.


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The Love Island scandals just keep on comin'.

Will he be spilling more tea, though? We'll just have to wait and see.

Feature Image: Instagram/@samrobertbird