Tributes have been pouring in from models, designers and celebrities alike, who are all mourning the loss of a fashion industry legend.

The world famous fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham, passed away on Saturday aged 87 in New York, following a stroke.


I was so sad yesterday to hear of the passing of the legendary, Bill Cunningham. Here's a little story… I watched a documentary about this iconic NY street style photographer, called "Bill Cunningham New York" last year (a must see if you're into fashion, btw). I was so taken by this sweet man & his commitment to his art… you can't help but fall in love with him. All I could think after watching was, I want to be photographed by Bill! How cool would that be?! A few months later I was in NYC for fashion week. I stepped out of my car at the DVF show & photographers started snapping shots. I was so distracted by what was happening in front of me, that I didn't realize there was a familiar face in a familiar blue jacket taking pictures to my left. My stylist Madison (who is equally obsessed with Bill) gets my attention amidst the chaos & points at sweet Bill. What happened next was completely unexpected. I saw him, freaked out & excitedly screamed "BILLLL!!!". I'm pretty sure I startled him & he shyly smiled & took some pictures of me. A wave of emotion came over me & I started to cry. I tried to hide my tears of joy as I posed for a few more shots, hoping that people wouldn't notice. I made my way over to Bill & told him how much I loved him & asked for a picture. He was so adorable & kind & gentle. #RIP #BillCunningham It was an honor to have met you & to have been photographed by you. I hope wherever you are, you still have that camera of yours. 

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Cunningham is famous for saying ‘he who seeks beauty will find it’ and this could not be more true to fact when looking at his work. He had an eye for the magnificent, and a flair for the fabulous. We have Bill Cunningham for the idyllic street style that New York is famous for. 

Bill Cunningham

He will be missed by all lovers of fashion and photography. Rest in Peace you wonderfully talented man.