Hilarious photos of Bressie and Kodaline as teenagers!


It’s good to know that even the hottest musicians around went through an awkward teenage phase aswell! Presenter Eoghan McDermott posted a hilarious throwback snap of Kodaline during the week, saying: “THERE IS HOPE! Even if you are a nerdy awks teenager, you too can grow into a bona fide superstar sex god. @Kodaline.”

kod teen

And even Bressie, the most beautiful man in Ireland, wasn’t always as stylish as he is now – singer Dara Munnis posted a great photo of the singer hanging out with Mark from Kodaline, saying Laura Whitmore and Eoghan put him up to it: “Sorry @markkodaline and @nbrez. My least sound tweet. @thewhitmore and @eoghanmcdermo put me up to it. #Flashback”

bressie teen

Ah, these photos remind us of our own teenage disco days. Good times, even if they weren’t the most stylish!