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Stop everything – Buffy is BACK.

Getty Entertainment released the news of the Vampire Slayers return on Instagram.

The company uploaded a picture of the old cast in 2000, along with those all important details.

"Buffy’s coming back! Twenty-one years after the original, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is getting a reboot, and Joss Whedon is on board to executive produce," they wrote alongside the photograph. 

Talks for a new Buffy began last autumn, but ultimately the decision to begin the reboot was influenced by writer Monica Breen.

She was selected to take on the task of writing this new chapter of Buffy.

Although a script or director has yet to been chosen, along with casting the central role of Buffy.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer enjoyed seven seasons on television until 2003.

It then continued on in comic book form.

The hit show was adapted from the feature film with the same name, that starred Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry.

It was originally written by the new executive producer for the reboot, Joss Whedon.

Last year, Joss spoke to Hollywood Reporter about a possible reboot or reunion and the fear and pressure when reviving a beloved TV show.

"I see a little bit of what I call monkey's paw in these reboots. You bring something back, and even if it's exactly as good as it was, the experience can't be. You've already experienced it, and part of what was great was going through it for the first time. You have to meet expectations and adjust it for the climate, which is not easy," he explained.

"Luckily most of my actors still look wonderful, but I'm not worried about them being creaky. I'm more worried about me being creaky as a storyteller. You don't want that feeling that you should have left before the encore."

We for one, cannot wait!


The Internet is filled with celeb focused “Where Are They Now” type posts, but few searches produce as glorious results as those for former Buffy star Tom Lenk.

Despite having appeared in How I Met Your Mother, Samantha Who? and The Cabin in the Woods, for many Tom is still best remembered as Andrew Wells from the famed supernatural drama.

Today Tom can be found on Instagram operating an account which is nothing short of wonderful under the name @tommylenk.

To the delight of his 113,000 followers, the 40-year-old actor regularly recreates the outfit choices of some of Hollywood’s best known stars.

Check out some of our favourite looks below:  

Katy Perry:

Sarah Jessica Parker:

Ariana Grande:

Kristen Stewart:




Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen:

Prince George:




Buffy The Vampire Slayer star, Nicholas Brendan has found himself in hot water after he was arrested on Friday night in Boise, Idaho. 

Police arrived to the hotel Nicholas was staying in, following reports of a disturbance between staff and the actor. 

Nichols reportedly showed signs of intoxication and “repeatedly refused officers’ commands to stay seated while officers tried to speak with witnesses.” The actor was eventually arrested on charges of “malicious injury to property” and “resisting or obstructing officers.”

Nicholas entered rehab for alcoholism back in 2004 and once again in 2010 for alcoholism and an addiction to sleeping pills. 

He was also arrested back in 2010 after an altercation with Las Angeles police for which he received a one-year suspended sentence, community service and extended probation. 

The most recent arrest comes only two weeks after Nicholas married Moonda Tee on the 5th October last, after a whirlwind one week engagement. 

We hope Nicholas receives any treatment he may need to deal with his issues. 



Charisma Carpenter, who played Cordelia Chase in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, celebrated her 44th birthday this week and shared a naked photo of herself to prove she’s still got it!

Since the end of Buffy and Angel, Charisma has had roles in a few American TV shows – most recently she appeared on The Lying Game and Blue Bloods – but she’ll always be Cordelia to us, the ultimate 90s mean girl. And she has DEFINITELY still got it!