TIPSY in Starbucks?! The coffee chain has debuted its first cocktail

In the US, Starbucks hold various Starbucks Evenings where people can go to have a glass of wine or a pint of beer in the chain restaurant for one night only.

Yep, it's something we all wish would come here sometime soon, but another thing that might be stepping onto the scene in the near future is the Starbucks cocktail.

The coffee chain has just debuted its new drink which is made by an espresso and… beer.

It's called an Espresso Cloud IPA (they've already trademarked it) and it sounds hella' complicated to make.

According to Delish, you "shake up some espresso with ice, orange pieces and sweet vanilla to create a frothy foam and then spoon it on top a pint of hoppy IPA to imitate the head of the beer.

"The rest of the citrusy espresso shot is served on the side for you to pour into the IPA which creates the namesake 'espresso cloud' of the drink."

OK, so instead of all that mumbo jumbo, you basically just drop an espresso into a glass of beer and it goes really foamy. It does look delightful, though.