Vogue Williams HITS OUT at Kian Egan for criticising Boyzlife tour


Vogue Williams has slammed “jealous” Kian Egan after he voiced his views on Boyzlife last week.

The Voice of Ireland mentor is clearly not one bit happy about the new band, and when speaking on The Big Breakfast recently, he said they were doing it all wrong. 

“It’s not the right way to do it. I think it was pretty unfair on the fans to make them think that [the bands were uniting.]

“It’s a bit of an off one. You know, a member of Westlife who left the band after four years decides to use half the name for whatever it is they’re doing. If Westlife ever got back together again, it would be Weslife. It would be the four guys who stood in Croke Park the day Westlife ended."

However, Kian's words hit a nerve with Brian's ex-wife Vogue Williams, and in her most recent Sunday World column, she gave Kian a piece of her mind.

“It was actually six years and without doubt, the most successful period for the band, including 12 number one singles. Westlife only enjoyed a further two number one singles after Brian left.

“Kian was pretty vocal in his attack. Thinking Brian doesn’t have the right to use the Westlife name is frankly just plain stupid. I suspect that Kian may have a case of the green-eyed monster. In fairness to Kian, I’d be raging too if I hadn’t thought of the idea myself, seeing how successful it’s been."

Ouch! There seems to be no love lost there.