It’s official! Brian MacFadden and Keith Duffy snapped as ‘Boyzlife’

In perhaps the greatest news to hit our ears ever, Boyzone and Westlife are being reincarnated as Boyzlife and two of our fave members from each band are tied to the project. 

Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy have confirmed a Boyzlife tour which will involve performing some of the original groups' greatest hits. 

The tour, which is being funded by the Hilton hotel group, launched today in London and the lads seemed excited about the venture. 

While there is reportedly potential for other members of the original bands to join, Brian admitted that for now it would involved just two of the lads. 

"People are getting confused thinking that with Boyzlife we have started a new supergroup together.

"But this is me and Keith's show. It's called Boyzlife. There's nothing to stop the rest of the guys pairing up and doing it, but for us this was our way."

The pair revealed that the show will involve performing hits from both groups but also chatting to the audience about their lives and careers to date. 

Sign us up!

The lads are kicking off their tour in London on October 16 before doing 11 more gigs around Ireland.