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Whether you're a Daddy's girl or not, we'd like to think that most fathers and daughter have a special kind of bond.

But all of us would agree that we would NEVER let our dads read our texts that we send to our boyfriends. 


Whether it's talking about how drunk you were last weekend, or how good he was the night before, we think that kinda talk would either make our dads angry or cry… or both.

So, these ladies in this video were VERY brave to let their dads into their messages. But we have to admit, it does make the after-lunch slump a little bit more amusing. 



We're not mind-readers – and while men often complain that women's subtle (or not so subtle) hints, clues, and suggestions are all too often lost on them, the ladies can be equally clueless at times.

Fear not! The relationship experts at SHEmazing! have rounded-up the top five things that us gals can be liable to do in a relationship.

Here, we explore why none of them are good for his sanity, not to mention yours…

1) Fretting about your figure:

No one likes feeling less than his or her best: and putting on the odd excess pound here or there can dent your confidence, granted. However, firstly, he probably doesn’t notice, and secondly, even if he does, he definitely doesn’t really care.

What he does care about? You hampering on about so-called bulges, or focusing on apparent inadequacies.

Because a girlfriend who refuses to go out for dinner (lest you dive head first into a bread basket), or refuses to accept his compliments about how good you look is NO fun. So relax, gurl! Enjoy your relationship and focus on being healthy and happy rather than skinny and miserable (not to mention, probably single).

2) Dwelling on the past:

Unless you’ve been together since your teenage years, he’ll probably have a romantic past (so will you). And while spot of ex-girlfriend online investigation is to be expected – full-on cyber stalking is not. Don’t go digging, don’t interrogate mutual friends, and for goodness sake don’t message her.

People are different in different relationships; a guy can grow up A LOT between the ages of 21 and 24, and the right girl can bring out the best in anyone.

So he had a same-sex fling in the past, he cheated on someone, or it took him a while to realise you’re The One. So what! So long as you’re happy together right now, look to the future, not the past.

3) Sweating the small things:

You chip a nail; lose a load of eyelashes; miss a bit while applying tan; or mess up your liquid eyeliner application. It’s all rather annoying, sure, but save your ‘my life is over,’ rant for your girlfriends – because he doesn’t care and he certainly doesn’t get it. Besides, confident women are sexy women.

Heaps of self-assurance just doesn’t come naturally, you say? Fake it until you make it, we say. Hold your head high and tell yourself you’re great (because you are).

4) Getting distracted by everyone else:

Some folk move in together after only a few months – others wait years and years before taking the plunge. Neither is ‘right’; neither is ‘wrong’. Move at your own pace; scrap the checklist.

Just because your friend is pregnant and engaged at 26 doesn’t mean that you’re anywhere near that stage in your life.

That doesn’t mean, of course, you start comprising; that doesn’t mean you let him fob you off with excuse after excuse if you’re looking for more commitment.

However, it does mean that you pursue an amazing career if you want to, or you go travelling if that takes your fancy: because real love won’t just vanish because you decide to do a Masters abroad rather than putting a ring on it.

5) Not giving him space:

Him not wanting to see you doesn’t equal 'he’s about to break up with you' or 'he’s cheating'. Guys want to see their friends; they want to go to the gym and get an early night; they fancy just chilling at home with a book and the radio (much like ourselves, in fact).

Him being able to say that to you speaks far more highly of your relationship than him coming running every time you click your fingers. 



Men and women are just built differently, it's no secret. They don't always understand us and we don't always understand them, but we wish they would make more of an effort to try to…

Here are seven things our boyfriends don't understand about us…can't live with them, can't live without them!

1. When they like pictures of girls you don't like
"It's just a like." Well if it means nothing then don't do it, you don't need to publicly show appreciation for her cleavage. Simple. It wasn't even a profiler, we have never felt more betrayed…

2. When we're annoyed and they just brush it off
No this is not "grand" I'm trying to be annoyed so please acknowledge it by apologising immediately. Sound hun. 

3. Our love of babies
Alright chill out, just because we say how much we love babies and our voices go unnaturally high, it doesn't mean we actually want one right now. 

4. It is perfectly acceptable for us to find celebrities hotter than them
"He's a celebrity, it doesn't count."

5. It is not at all acceptable for them to find celebrities hotter than us
"Why would you say that? I'm clearly on an equal level of hotness with Michelle Keegan…"

6. They'll be thankful for our giant handbags when they want to put stuff in it
Yes, we do need a pair of sunglasses, 20 tampons, a random apple and our phone charger for a walk to the shop.

7. Yes means no and no means yes
"I can't believe you went out that night when I told you I didn't mind and wanted you to have fun…"




There are certain things you may feel so angry you could say in an argument with your boyfriend – but trust us, it will make the patching up time even longer and more complicated.

Obviously, if there is something bothering you, by all means say it but don’t let the heat of the moment make you say something you don’t actually think on a normal day.

Like these…

‘This is JUST like that last time you…’
No. That was another fight, another day, another time. You got over than and moved on – why are you bringing it up again?

‘I’m fine’
You're obviously not – why say it? Women are notorious for saying everything is fine before later exploding into a red ball of fiery words. Keep calm and say instead: ‘No, I’m actually not fine because…’

‘You absolute annoying, useless gobs****’
While we know the words we use are often a lot worse that what’s above, the point is to always avoid name calling of any kind in an argument. It can really hurt and take time for someone to get over the fact that you may actually think of them as annoying and useless. And a gobs****.

‘Why don’t we just break-up?!’
Do not break up with someone during a huge fight. Take time to think about it and if you still feel the same way after everything has calmed down, then perhaps it is something you may want to discuss. Making ultimatums during a blow-out is never a good idea.

‘Just get out/I’m leaving!’
While some time apart may be a good idea, it’s better to approach it with a ‘let's cool off, let's get some frozen yoghurt or something' and then after the fire has calmed, you will both be able to deal with things with a clear head. 



Ah, boyfriends. The good, the bad and the…amazing! If it wasn’t for those rare amazing breeds, trust us we would have given up on dating long ago!

How many of these lovely characters have you been lucky enough to encounter?

The cringy-teenage boyfriend
This is the one you look back on and cringe to your very core. And so you should. In a very "will you shift my friend" encounter, you guys went out for a whole TWO months! The relationship consisted of texting, ignoring each other in person and meeting up at 3:30pm every day behind the art shed for a shift. True love.

The bad-boy
You worshipped the ground he walked, underage drank and smoked on and thought he was legitimately the coolest human being on the planet. Your parents on the other hand, didn’t agree very much. And guess what? They were right!

The passionate infatuation
You thought it was love because you were actually obsessed with this person. However, the passionate, rage-filled fights eventually took over and it was never going to work. Was it really love, or just lust? You’re still not sure.

The one who got away
This was true love. But for whatever reason, things just didn’t work out for you guys and you often catch yourself thinking about him from time to time.

The one
You may have met him already, maybe not. But you’ll know when you do. What makes it feel so different to your other relationships? Well, it’s that it doesn’t feel different – he’s like an extension of yourself and that’s why it will work. 



Oh don't get us wrong, we love being girls. It’s fun, it’s glamorous and…OK, fine…sometimes we’d like to be our boyfriends for a day. There, we said it.

Just look at the ease with which they glide through life while we suffer through car-to-bar shoes and monthly mini breakdowns.

Here are just ten reasons those lads of ours have it easy!

1) We wake up and mentally put aside at least half an hour to wash, do our hair and put on our make-up; this is before we even get to breakfast.

They wake up and mentally put aside eleven minutes to eat, wash, dress, scuffle with their flatmate over COD and still manage to leave the house before we’ve even located the damn eyeliner.

2) We alternate between three different outfits in one hour when deciding on an ensemble for a night out.

 They alternate between three different shirts in one year and no one seems to notice.

3) We suffer through an existential crisis once a month.

They suffer through an existential crisis when the off- licence is out of craft beer.

4) We must tend to our nails, eyebrows, hair and waxing appointments while also maintaining a normal work/life balance.

They must go to the barbers once every six weeks for approximately fifteen minutes.

5) We are always cold. If our pumps aren’t keeping our feet warm, then our bangin’ leather jacket is doing nothing to keep the breeze out.

They are always comfortable. If their snug trainers aren’t keeping them warm, you can be damn sure their fleece-lined jackets are.

6) We panic over every little quibble among our friends.

They panic over every little piece of food that goes missing from the fridge.

7) We wash our teeth, remove our make-up, brush our hair and apply our moisturiser before we can even THINK about getting into bed.

They wash their teeth, drop their trousers, tumble into bed and start snoring before we’ve even located the cotton balls.

8) We constantly have sore feet.

They NEVER have sore feet.

9) We wake up and look like a different person to the goddess that got into bed.

They wake up and look the same as they did when they got into bed, if not cuter. Dammit!

10) We get to date someone who considers Call of Duty a suitable dinner topic.

They get to date US!

We demand some changes.



Why can’t real-life relationships be more like the ones we see on-screen? Here’s our list of the best fictional boyfriends ever.

1. Noah from The Notebook

With his combination of charm, sincerity and adventurous spirit, Noah has all of the ingredients to be the perfect boyfriend. He knows what he wants, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it, even if that means dangling off a Ferris wheel. Let’s face it: Ryan Gosling in any role is our dream boyfriend.

Memorable quote: “I want all of you, forever. You and me, every day.”

2. Nick from New Girl 

From the moment that Jess moved in with the guys, we were already rooting for her and Nick to get together. Although he can be a little grumpy and pessimistic at times, he’s a loyal friend, a great listener and the perfect partner in crime. Who didn’t swoon during that amazing first-kiss scene?

Memorable quote: “I think you’re the kind of girl a guy would come back for.”

3. Jack from Titanic

Jack Dawson is the ultimate romantic. Come on, the guy froze to death to save the life of the girl he loved, even when it was quite clear he could have fit on that piece of wood. We love his boyish charm, spontaneity and smile that could melt any girl’s heart. Plus, he really knows how to wear a tux.

Memorable quote: “You jump, I jump, remember?”

4. Dr McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy

Oh swoon swoonage. Mc Dreamy, the ultimate gentleman; he’s kind and gentle and… he’s a brain surgeon. Meredith is annoying as hell and we don’t know how she got him, but wow. 

Memorable quote: “You’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you.”

5. Pacey Witter from Dawson’s Creek

Pacey Witter was the heart throb of many a girl born in the late 80’s/early 90’s who watched Dawson’s Creek religiously. The way he looked and treated Joey Potter was unparalleled, he was the bench mark that many a boy was measured against, and few measured up. So sweet, so unrealistic.

Memorable quote: “You and I were one of the few things, perhaps the only thing, that ever made perfect sense to me.”

6. Tom from (500) Days of Summer 

Tom is a hopeless romantic and one of the few guys left who still believes in fate and true love. You would never have to worry about “defining the relationship” with him – if Tom is with you, you can rest easy knowing he’s in it for the long haul. Plus, we love that he has good taste in music and a penchant for running through IKEA stores.

Memorable quote: “I love how she makes me feel. Like anything’s possible… or like life is worth it.”

7. Graham from The Holiday

The heartbreaking story of poor widowed Graham who falls hopelessly in love with Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. The scene when he’s doing Mr Napkin head for his daughters is really what gets us in this one. 

Memorable quote: “I finally know what I want and that, in itself, is a miracle. And what I want is YOU.”

8. Chuck from Gossip Girl 

With confidence, class and a smouldering gaze, Chuck Bass is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. Although he can be kind of mean, we can’t help but be drawn to his bad-boy charm. If more college guys dressed as well as Chuck does, the world would be a more beautiful place.

Memorable quote: “I’m sorry I gave up on us when you never did.”

9. Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing

Pretty much the coolest guy we’ve ever seen, Johnny from Dirty Dancing was the best. We all dreamed of meeting an older, sexy ride that taught us everything we needed to know about life and sex in one summer. Dem hip moments though…

Memorable quote: “Nobody puts baby in the corner”

10. Aidan Shaw from Sex And The City

He’s not Mr.Big, he never will be – he’s a whole other kind of guy. Aidan was just… so…. nice. This man just wanted to carve you furniture and take you to a log cabin and then out to his cool bar. Okay so maybe he wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for the sane women out there who can actually appreciate a genuinely nice guy – he was your Adonis.

Memorable quote: “I love you, Carrie. There’s no one I could love more. I want to live my life with you.”

10. Smith Jarrod from Sex And The City

Well we couldn’t exactly include SATC and NOT have Smith in here. Not only was he literally the hottest thing ever to grace our screens, he was also head over heels in love with Samantha, totally faithful, accepted her for exactly who she was and just an all round absolute gem.

Memorable quote: “I forgot to tell you something on the phone: I love you.”

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When you’re in a relationship, being yourself and staying true to yourself is key, as unbelievably cheesy as that may sound. It’s far too easy after all, to lose a little part of yourself when you’re trying to accommodate another person into your daily schedule.

As close as you may be, there’s always going to be a tiny little something that you hold back, something that’s left unsaid or indeed, something that’s twisted in order to lessen the side effects (mainly silence) that it may cause. Here are 13 phrases that every couple use and what they really mean. So now you know…

1. “It’s up to you.”

I don’t care enough about this matter to argue, so therefore I’m handing the responsibility over to you in the hope that you will, for once, make the right decision.

2. “I’m fine, ok?”

You’re an unbelievable a**hole, I’m now going to punish you until you remember what it is that you did wrong.

3. “No, I love your friends, why wouldn’t I?”

Possibly because they’re annoying idiots with whom I would never, ever voluntarily spend time with.

4. “I’m just really tired.”

I just really don’t want to have sex with you tonight. No offence or anything…

5. “Yes, I obviously do remember the date of our anniversary.”

Oh no. Please tell me I wrote it down somewhere. Facebook?

6. “Let’s do something.”

I'm bored.

7. “I’ve had the worst day ever.”

That is your cue to make me tea. Seriously. Put the kettle on.

8. “Are you hungry?”

I am absolutely starving, therefore, you’d better be too.

9. “Excuse me?”

Repeat the incorrect information that just departed your stupid mouth. Then await whatever abuse that you so clearly deserve.

10. “I love your mother, you’re talking rubbish.”

I really have no time for your mother. Soz. 

11. “I’m actually freezing.”

If you love me then you’ll give me your hoodie and then you’ll spoon away the cold.

12. “I really appreciated that drunk call last night, thanks so much.”

Thanks for waking me up last night dipshit. You can now suffer the effects of my interrupted sleep pattern.

13. “I think you should wear something else. It’s cold outside.”

You look so horrendous that there’s no way I’m stepping out in public with you. Go and change or I’m leaving you.

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Jesy Nelson and Jade Thirlwall are officially back on the market after splitting from their dancer boyfriends.

Jade had been with Sam Craske since 2012 and while Jesy and her beaux Jordan Banjo had broken up last March, it looked as if they were back on track.

The splits are apparently because of the girls’ hectic schedule. They are jetting off for their US tour soon, which will mean they’ll be away for the whole summer.

We hope they’re ok!



Even though we can spend hours trying to figure out exactly what men are thinking, we can often be taken by surprise with what’s really going on in our guy’s heads:

What is she wearing?

They might not act like it but our fellas do care sometimes about what we’re wearing. They probably know that a certain outfit doesn’t suit you but are too scared to say it or they think that outfit looks really great on you but compliment you in the wrong way.

Loves her sense of humour
As much as some guys love creating jokes of their own, they love if their girlfriend cracks a great joke too.

What is she talking about?
Not too surprising, but sometimes are fellas are just not paying attention to a word we’re saying.

What is she looking at?
Guys, like girls can get easily jealous. So, you might think they’ve missed that sneaky glance at the hot waiter but they definitely didn’t, just like you didn’t miss them looking at that pretty waitress.

What’s that scent?
They will either love or hate that new perfume you got. But one thing is for sure, they will spend hours trying to figure where that strange bubble-gum or vanilla scent is coming from.



Here are just a few things to remember when your best friend gets a boyfriend:

Nothing will change
Yes, your friend will probably be all loved up and happy, but your friendship dynamic isn’t going to take a turn for the worse, unless you let it.

Make time
You will see less of each other but as long as you both make the effort to organise some time for just the two of you, you should be both fine.

Keep in touch
Sending a simple text can ensure the two of you stay connected.

Get to know her new man
While it might be awkward at first, it’s important that you do become friends with your best friend’s new man. Even if it does or doesn’t work out, it’s still best to make sure the two of you get off to a good start.

Be happy for her
It can be hard to listen to endless chatter of how great her boyfriend is but remember, it’s so much better to see your friend in a happy place than a sad one. And if you have to, fake happiness, she would do the same for you.

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