What to do when your best friend gets a boyfriend


Here are just a few things to remember when your best friend gets a boyfriend:

Nothing will change
Yes, your friend will probably be all loved up and happy, but your friendship dynamic isn’t going to take a turn for the worse, unless you let it.

Make time
You will see less of each other but as long as you both make the effort to organise some time for just the two of you, you should be both fine.

Keep in touch
Sending a simple text can ensure the two of you stay connected.

Get to know her new man
While it might be awkward at first, it’s important that you do become friends with your best friend’s new man. Even if it does or doesn’t work out, it’s still best to make sure the two of you get off to a good start.

Be happy for her
It can be hard to listen to endless chatter of how great her boyfriend is but remember, it’s so much better to see your friend in a happy place than a sad one. And if you have to, fake happiness, she would do the same for you.