5 things you should never say to your boyfriend during a fight


There are certain things you may feel so angry you could say in an argument with your boyfriend – but trust us, it will make the patching up time even longer and more complicated.

Obviously, if there is something bothering you, by all means say it but don’t let the heat of the moment make you say something you don’t actually think on a normal day.

Like these…

‘This is JUST like that last time you…’
No. That was another fight, another day, another time. You got over than and moved on – why are you bringing it up again?

‘I’m fine’
You're obviously not – why say it? Women are notorious for saying everything is fine before later exploding into a red ball of fiery words. Keep calm and say instead: ‘No, I’m actually not fine because…’

‘You absolute annoying, useless gobs****’
While we know the words we use are often a lot worse that what’s above, the point is to always avoid name calling of any kind in an argument. It can really hurt and take time for someone to get over the fact that you may actually think of them as annoying and useless. And a gobs****.

‘Why don’t we just break-up?!’
Do not break up with someone during a huge fight. Take time to think about it and if you still feel the same way after everything has calmed down, then perhaps it is something you may want to discuss. Making ultimatums during a blow-out is never a good idea.

‘Just get out/I’m leaving!’
While some time apart may be a good idea, it’s better to approach it with a ‘let's cool off, let's get some frozen yoghurt or something' and then after the fire has calmed, you will both be able to deal with things with a clear head.