What your boyfriend is really thinking


Even though we can spend hours trying to figure out exactly what men are thinking, we can often be taken by surprise with what’s really going on in our guy’s heads:

What is she wearing?

They might not act like it but our fellas do care sometimes about what we’re wearing. They probably know that a certain outfit doesn’t suit you but are too scared to say it or they think that outfit looks really great on you but compliment you in the wrong way.

Loves her sense of humour
As much as some guys love creating jokes of their own, they love if their girlfriend cracks a great joke too.

What is she talking about?
Not too surprising, but sometimes are fellas are just not paying attention to a word we’re saying.

What is she looking at?
Guys, like girls can get easily jealous. So, you might think they’ve missed that sneaky glance at the hot waiter but they definitely didn’t, just like you didn’t miss them looking at that pretty waitress.

What’s that scent?
They will either love or hate that new perfume you got. But one thing is for sure, they will spend hours trying to figure where that strange bubble-gum or vanilla scent is coming from.