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If you have a boyfriend then there's no doubt you've probably taken your other half's hoodie on a cold day.

They're bigger, comfier, and smells like him, so it's a win-win all round.., well, for you, that is.

But, obviously, some guys might get a little miffed that their hoodie collection is dwindling to a scarce amount, so that's why one guy decided to fight back.

Twitter user, @YoungAdolf_, took to the social media site and said: “You can’t just take our hoodies this year without giving them back. This year we are fighting back.”

He then shared four photos of him wearing, presumably, his girlfriend's hoodies.

Pretty funny, right? Well, it caught on like WILDFIRE and now all of the men of Twitter are taking a stand.

The last one is our favourite! Do you steal you boyfriend's hoodie?



We're not mind-readers – and while men often complain that women's subtle (or not so subtle) hints, clues, and suggestions are all too often lost on them, the ladies can be equally clueless at times.

Fear not! The relationship experts at SHEmazing! have rounded-up the top five things that us gals can be liable to do in a relationship.

Here, we explore why none of them are good for his sanity, not to mention yours…

1) Fretting about your figure:

No one likes feeling less than his or her best: and putting on the odd excess pound here or there can dent your confidence, granted. However, firstly, he probably doesn’t notice, and secondly, even if he does, he definitely doesn’t really care.

What he does care about? You hampering on about so-called bulges, or focusing on apparent inadequacies.

Because a girlfriend who refuses to go out for dinner (lest you dive head first into a bread basket), or refuses to accept his compliments about how good you look is NO fun. So relax, gurl! Enjoy your relationship and focus on being healthy and happy rather than skinny and miserable (not to mention, probably single).

2) Dwelling on the past:

Unless you’ve been together since your teenage years, he’ll probably have a romantic past (so will you). And while spot of ex-girlfriend online investigation is to be expected – full-on cyber stalking is not. Don’t go digging, don’t interrogate mutual friends, and for goodness sake don’t message her.

People are different in different relationships; a guy can grow up A LOT between the ages of 21 and 24, and the right girl can bring out the best in anyone.

So he had a same-sex fling in the past, he cheated on someone, or it took him a while to realise you’re The One. So what! So long as you’re happy together right now, look to the future, not the past.

3) Sweating the small things:

You chip a nail; lose a load of eyelashes; miss a bit while applying tan; or mess up your liquid eyeliner application. It’s all rather annoying, sure, but save your ‘my life is over,’ rant for your girlfriends – because he doesn’t care and he certainly doesn’t get it. Besides, confident women are sexy women.

Heaps of self-assurance just doesn’t come naturally, you say? Fake it until you make it, we say. Hold your head high and tell yourself you’re great (because you are).

4) Getting distracted by everyone else:

Some folk move in together after only a few months – others wait years and years before taking the plunge. Neither is ‘right’; neither is ‘wrong’. Move at your own pace; scrap the checklist.

Just because your friend is pregnant and engaged at 26 doesn’t mean that you’re anywhere near that stage in your life.

That doesn’t mean, of course, you start comprising; that doesn’t mean you let him fob you off with excuse after excuse if you’re looking for more commitment.

However, it does mean that you pursue an amazing career if you want to, or you go travelling if that takes your fancy: because real love won’t just vanish because you decide to do a Masters abroad rather than putting a ring on it.

5) Not giving him space:

Him not wanting to see you doesn’t equal 'he’s about to break up with you' or 'he’s cheating'. Guys want to see their friends; they want to go to the gym and get an early night; they fancy just chilling at home with a book and the radio (much like ourselves, in fact).

Him being able to say that to you speaks far more highly of your relationship than him coming running every time you click your fingers. 



When you’re in a relationship, being yourself and staying true to yourself is key, as unbelievably cheesy as that may sound. It’s far too easy after all, to lose a little part of yourself when you’re trying to accommodate another person into your daily schedule.

As close as you may be, there’s always going to be a tiny little something that you hold back, something that’s left unsaid or indeed, something that’s twisted in order to lessen the side effects (mainly silence) that it may cause. Here are 13 phrases that every couple use and what they really mean. So now you know…

1. “It’s up to you.”

I don’t care enough about this matter to argue, so therefore I’m handing the responsibility over to you in the hope that you will, for once, make the right decision.

2. “I’m fine, ok?”

You’re an unbelievable a**hole, I’m now going to punish you until you remember what it is that you did wrong.

3. “No, I love your friends, why wouldn’t I?”

Possibly because they’re annoying idiots with whom I would never, ever voluntarily spend time with.

4. “I’m just really tired.”

I just really don’t want to have sex with you tonight. No offence or anything…

5. “Yes, I obviously do remember the date of our anniversary.”

Oh no. Please tell me I wrote it down somewhere. Facebook?

6. “Let’s do something.”

I'm bored.

7. “I’ve had the worst day ever.”

That is your cue to make me tea. Seriously. Put the kettle on.

8. “Are you hungry?”

I am absolutely starving, therefore, you’d better be too.

9. “Excuse me?”

Repeat the incorrect information that just departed your stupid mouth. Then await whatever abuse that you so clearly deserve.

10. “I love your mother, you’re talking rubbish.”

I really have no time for your mother. Soz. 

11. “I’m actually freezing.”

If you love me then you’ll give me your hoodie and then you’ll spoon away the cold.

12. “I really appreciated that drunk call last night, thanks so much.”

Thanks for waking me up last night dipshit. You can now suffer the effects of my interrupted sleep pattern.

13. “I think you should wear something else. It’s cold outside.”

You look so horrendous that there’s no way I’m stepping out in public with you. Go and change or I’m leaving you.

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