The boyfriends we have all had over the years


Ah, boyfriends. The good, the bad and the…amazing! If it wasn’t for those rare amazing breeds, trust us we would have given up on dating long ago!

How many of these lovely characters have you been lucky enough to encounter?

The cringy-teenage boyfriend
This is the one you look back on and cringe to your very core. And so you should. In a very "will you shift my friend" encounter, you guys went out for a whole TWO months! The relationship consisted of texting, ignoring each other in person and meeting up at 3:30pm every day behind the art shed for a shift. True love.

The bad-boy
You worshipped the ground he walked, underage drank and smoked on and thought he was legitimately the coolest human being on the planet. Your parents on the other hand, didn’t agree very much. And guess what? They were right!

The passionate infatuation
You thought it was love because you were actually obsessed with this person. However, the passionate, rage-filled fights eventually took over and it was never going to work. Was it really love, or just lust? You’re still not sure.

The one who got away
This was true love. But for whatever reason, things just didn’t work out for you guys and you often catch yourself thinking about him from time to time.

The one
You may have met him already, maybe not. But you’ll know when you do. What makes it feel so different to your other relationships? Well, it’s that it doesn’t feel different – he’s like an extension of yourself and that’s why it will work.