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Do we all remember how insanely popular Ashley Graham's first PrettyLittleThing collection was? We do. Which is why we're oh so grateful for take two; step into spring.

The company are SO excited to announce their second collaboration with the veteran model, entrepreneur, body positivity activist host of American Beauty Star. 

Their #EveryBODYinPLT campaign praises the inclusion of all body types, and PrettyLittleThing are aiming to encourage confidence through fashion, celebrating every woman.


The collection is all about those beautiful silhouettes which make you feel effortlessly gorgeous.

Winter wardrobes are officially GONE, it's time to bring back spring. The clothes inspired by the amazing Ashley Graham provide lush, killer outfits with sophisticated tailored pieces.

We're talkin' blazers, button detail dresses and peplum jumpsuits; be your own boss.


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Ashley spoke about her collection, expressing her hope that size will no longer be the 'be all and end all' in fashion;

“The #EveryBODYinPLT campaign shows customers that their size cannot define them and will not restrict them from having access to clothing that they love. Brands like PrettyLittleThing influence millions of people who want to dress on trend, and I’m excited to reach even more people with this second collection.”

The feminine gathered dresses, satin styles and sweetheart neckline silhouettes will have hearts racing, and red takes a starring role. It's next level, gals. Shop the collection now on their website; it's available in UK sizes 6-28. UNREAL.


It's time to celebrate one of the biggest holidays in the employment calendar; National Sickie Day. *Tosses confetti*

We figured it's time to do some healthy digging and find out what gems people were using to call in sick to work, and we also desired to know the dumbest excuses too. Natural curiosity gets the better of us…

Employment Law Experts (ELAS) are saying that the estimated number of employees calling in sick in 2017 on National Sickie Day was… wait for it…350,000 WORKERS. Wow.

Why is the first week of February just too unbearable for everyone to face their jobs? A combination of factors are predicted, such as the first weekend after Dry January and the first post-Christmas pay-day.

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ELAS have also predicted that National Sickie Day will cost the British economy around £45 million (€51.3 million), due to hours lost, wages and overtime. Good God, that's a LOT of wasted labour.

According to a survey by AXA PPP, using the flu excuse seemed to be satisfactory for four out of 10 bosses. However, eight percent of managers weren't convinced by a single one of the nine 'best excuses' listed below…

The number one excuse for ringing in sick (according to the boss) was the flu, with back pain coming in second, and injury caused by accident in third place.

Stress, elective surgery, depression, anxiety, common cold and migraine finished up the top nine, with 'none of the above' in 10th place, meaning there were some other crackers outside of the top 10 that we just NEED to hear.

According to ELAS, the absolute WORST excuses in 2016 for missing work were:

“My only pair of work trousers is in the wash”, “It’s my dog’s birthday and I need to arrange a party for him”, “The dog ate my shoes”, “I got arrested”, “I lost my PPE”, and of course; “I stayed out partying last night and haven’t had any sleep”.

Classic. Other contenders were; “My friend is on annual leave so I can’t get a lift”, “I have no way to get to work” and “My wife earns more than me so I have to look after the kids”

Ah lads, you've got to do better than that. A bit of creativity would go a long way with that lot…


Thought your job came with some pretty decent perks? Think again.

While you spent this Monday daydreaming about sandy beaches and city scapes, the staff over at the White Moose Café were surprised with an all expenses paid, three-day trip to Disneyland Paris.

That's right, the owner of the popular Dublin café, Paul Stenson, has decided to celebrate its two year anniversary by closing up shop and treating all his employees to a well-deserved weekend away.


To celebrate our 2nd birthday, we're closing the cafe in Jan to bring all cafe staff to @disneylandparis!!!

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Paul made the announcement after gathering all staff members in the adjoining hotel, Charleville Lodge for a sing-song in honour of the café's second birthday.

“I’m delighted to say we’re now doing very well for ourselves and I want you to give yourselves a round of applause for that. However and it’s not with delight I say this, it’s sadness – In January 2018, the cafe is going to close,” he said.

“Yes, the café in January is going to close for three days because we are going to bring you somewhere”.

Paul then held up a photograph of Disneyland Paris' famous Sleeping Beauty's Castle, asking his team: “Do we all know where that is?”

Of course, the news was met with cheers of shock and joy, with Paul concluding:

“We’re bringing you to Disneyland as a way of saying ‘Thank You’ for all the hard, very very hard work you’ve done”.

Look like we've got ourselves a candidate for boss of the year.



It's happened to us all.

We drink a little bit too much on a night out, and then dread having to get up for work the next day.

Why we do this to ourselves, we don't know, but when people end up in that situation, it can only go one of two ways; you can either get up and get on with it, or you can call in sick.

The latter is what this lad, Mark McLelland, tried to pull the other day when he told his boss he had them, ahem… runs.

However, Mark made a huge mistake and wasn't even supposed to be in work that day. In fact, it was Sunday.

Thankfully, his boss was sound and was pretty cool about the whole thing.

Lesson to be learned? Be careful next time you pull a sickie… awryt?


Niamh Geaney popped into Debenhams to chat to perfume savvy Emma Cunningham on her top 5 fragrances for Christmas, most for us ladies and one universal fragrance that would suit any man. Our Christmas wish list is getting even longer!



There are very few things more nerve-wracking than asking your boss for a raise.

You’ve been working your backside off,  been with the company ages now and distinctly remember being told you were due a pay review any day now.

And yet, you chicken out at the last minute and reason with yourself that you’ll definitely do it next week.

Here are a few tips to use when asking for that raise:

Ask, don’t beg.
Your boss doesn’t really care that your commuting costs went up or you’re in desperate need of a wardrobe revamp. Don’t lead with why you need more money, but instead make it clear that you deserve it.

Be positive
The person who is constantly complaining about the workload isn’t someone who is likely to get that raise. It’s hard to want to push that person towards success when they seem to not care. Try to be upbeat and positive, showing your boss you’re up for any challenge.

Make a commitment
As well as showing your boss you deserve a raise due to brilliant performance, make he or she a few promises about how you will continue to improve your work, so that the company will continue to benefit for years to come. Asset is you’re middle name!

Be confident, not cocky
It’s good to show (and fake) confidence when talking to your boss, but don’t ever be cocky. Confidence shows your boss that you believe in yourself and your skills, and that you are grateful for the opportunity. However, arrogance will just rub your boss up the wrong way.

Timing is everything
Strike while the iron is hot. You’ll increase your chances of success if you ask your boss during an opportune time. Wait until the company has had a good few months, you get praise for a job well done, or even just catch your boss in a good mood.




It’s clear to see who the boss of the food bowl is in this adorable video.