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It's time to celebrate one of the biggest holidays in the employment calendar; National Sickie Day. *Tosses confetti*

We figured it's time to do some healthy digging and find out what gems people were using to call in sick to work, and we also desired to know the dumbest excuses too. Natural curiosity gets the better of us…

Employment Law Experts (ELAS) are saying that the estimated number of employees calling in sick in 2017 on National Sickie Day was… wait for it…350,000 WORKERS. Wow.

Why is the first week of February just too unbearable for everyone to face their jobs? A combination of factors are predicted, such as the first weekend after Dry January and the first post-Christmas pay-day.

mean girls wink GIF by T. Kyle

ELAS have also predicted that National Sickie Day will cost the British economy around £45 million (€51.3 million), due to hours lost, wages and overtime. Good God, that's a LOT of wasted labour.

According to a survey by AXA PPP, using the flu excuse seemed to be satisfactory for four out of 10 bosses. However, eight percent of managers weren't convinced by a single one of the nine 'best excuses' listed below…

The number one excuse for ringing in sick (according to the boss) was the flu, with back pain coming in second, and injury caused by accident in third place.

Stress, elective surgery, depression, anxiety, common cold and migraine finished up the top nine, with 'none of the above' in 10th place, meaning there were some other crackers outside of the top 10 that we just NEED to hear.

According to ELAS, the absolute WORST excuses in 2016 for missing work were:

“My only pair of work trousers is in the wash”, “It’s my dog’s birthday and I need to arrange a party for him”, “The dog ate my shoes”, “I got arrested”, “I lost my PPE”, and of course; “I stayed out partying last night and haven’t had any sleep”.

Classic. Other contenders were; “My friend is on annual leave so I can’t get a lift”, “I have no way to get to work” and “My wife earns more than me so I have to look after the kids”

Ah lads, you've got to do better than that. A bit of creativity would go a long way with that lot…


We've all been there – It's Monday morning, the alarm goes off right on cue, and the thoughts of the day ahead immediately fill you with dread.

Next, the moral dilemma sets in; "sure, I've a pretty packed work schedule this week, but one day off isn't going to hurt, right?"

Truth be told, everyone deserves a spontaneous day off every now and again and while calling in sick probably isn't the best way to go about it, sometimes it's the only way you'll get to indulge in some much needed 'me time'. 

These thoughts probably cross people's minds every Monday morning, but it looks like tomorrow is the day when most people will give in to the urge. 

The first Monday of February marks 'National Sickie Day', meaning that a employers should expect to see a signifiant increase in the amount absences due to illness – or at least that's what they'll be told. 

The spike in illness, be that fake or not, is due to a combination of factors. 

Not only does it fall after Super Bowl Sunday, a night when sports fans stay up until the wee hours to watch the famous American football event, but it's also the first weekend after Dry January and the first after post-Christmas pay day. 

Needless to say, many people spend the day nursing hangovers and catching up on sleep, though it's not like they're going to tell they're bosses that. 

So, what excuse do you use when you just can't fathom the idea of a full working day?

Well, according to research, these are the nine best excuses for calling in sick, as recommended by employers. 

1. Flu

2. Back pain 

3. Injury caused by accident 

4. Stress

5. Elective surgery 

6. Depression 

7. Anxiety 

8. Common cold

9. Migraine 

10. None of the above

So, whether you're planning a late one tonight, or are still recovering from the weekend that was, you might as well draft your email now so you don't have to worry about it come morning time. 

Happy Sickie Day everybody! 



We've all found ourselves justifying a 'sick day' because our bodies need to rest and recuperate, right?

And considering the public's annual desire to hide away from the world on the first Monday in February, it's no real surprise that today has been dubbed National Sickie Day.

We might tell ourselves we'll only spend a couple of hours under the blankets in front of the box before getting to grips with those things that we just don't get a chance to look at when we're in work all week, but unfortunately, it doesn't really work that way.

And here are just ten incidents which remind us why.

Expectation: I will take the day off and become a better person as a result.

Reality: I will eat Honey Loops from the box and wipe my sticky hands on the couch.

Expectation: I will pamper myself and return to work revived and refreshed.

Reality: I will be lucky if I brush my teeth.

Expectation: I will NOT sleep all day and wreck my sleeping pattern.

Reality: I will sleep all day and suffer insomnia all night.

Expectation: I will glance over some work documents from the comfort of my own home thereby putting myself AHEAD of the game.

Reality: I will binge watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians and judge them from my duvet kingdom.

Expectation: I will tell no one I am taking the day off as this is a private endeavour.

Reality: I will message everyone in my contacts and use the word 'suckers' more than once.

Expectation: I will spring clean the house because I am not unwell, but simply taking some down-time.

Reality: I will spill Honey Loops down the side of the couch and refuse to pick them up because I am taking some down-time.

Expectation: I will meditate and collect my thoughts because it's damn hard getting time to do it during the week.

Reality: I will obsess and worry about insignificant things which I don't even THINK about during the week.

Expectation: I will do some online research into local evening classes.

Reality: I will spend two to three hours reading about ostriches on Wikipedia.

Expectation: I will go for a swift walk around the block as fresh air is a daily requirement.

Reality: I will cower beneath the blankets when the doorbells goes.

Expectation: I will not ruin my day by feeling guilty.

Reality: I will ruin every waking moment by feeling guilty.

Ugh, pass us the lip gloss, we're rejoining the human race tomorrow.


If you decided you just couldn't face work today, don't feel too bad as it turns out you're one of many!

The first Monday of February is the most common day of the year for employees to call in sick, with a spike in the number of sick leave days taken on this day than any other time of year.

Bad weather is the most common reason behind people's decisions to call in "sick"… yup, a duvet day sounded pretty good to us this morning.

Colds and flu were the second most common reason, and a hangover after Friday's January payday is of course high up on the list too.

It's believed many dissatisfied employees take days off in early February to attend job interviews, after realising over the Christmas break that it was high time for a change.

As for the rest of the year, Fridays and Mondays are the days we're most likely to pull a sickie (three-day weekend!), while Tuesday is the least appealing.

So, did you call in sick today? While of course we'd never condone it, we'll let you off today!