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Sick day


It's happened to us all.

We drink a little bit too much on a night out, and then dread having to get up for work the next day.

Why we do this to ourselves, we don't know, but when people end up in that situation, it can only go one of two ways; you can either get up and get on with it, or you can call in sick.

The latter is what this lad, Mark McLelland, tried to pull the other day when he told his boss he had them, ahem… runs.

However, Mark made a huge mistake and wasn't even supposed to be in work that day. In fact, it was Sunday.

Thankfully, his boss was sound and was pretty cool about the whole thing.

Lesson to be learned? Be careful next time you pull a sickie… awryt?


It's the first week back after the Christmas holidays, so there's a fairly big chance you're struggling right now.

Yes, you made it through the last four days, but who's to say next week's five-day stint won't push you over the edge? And what about the week after?

If the thought of pulling a sickie is the only thing getting you through right now, it's probably best you draw on the results of a study which established the best time to do it.

According to a market research study, if you want to be in with a good chance of convincing your boss that a day in the scratcher is the only thing for you, then you better send that mail at 06.38 on a Tuesday morning.

The study, which harnessed the experience of 1,000 employees, established that this particular day is more likely to elicit sympathy from your boss, unlike a last-minute Monday or Friday sickie.

Oh, and if you're wondering what your excuse should be, wonder no more.

The bog-standard 'upset stomach' is your go-to guy in this case because, really, who wants any further details on that one?!

Make of that information what you will, ladies.