There are very few things more nerve-wracking than asking your boss for a raise.

You’ve been working your backside off,  been with the company ages now and distinctly remember being told you were due a pay review any day now.

And yet, you chicken out at the last minute and reason with yourself that you’ll definitely do it next week.

Here are a few tips to use when asking for that raise:

Ask, don’t beg.
Your boss doesn’t really care that your commuting costs went up or you’re in desperate need of a wardrobe revamp. Don’t lead with why you need more money, but instead make it clear that you deserve it.

Be positive
The person who is constantly complaining about the workload isn’t someone who is likely to get that raise. It’s hard to want to push that person towards success when they seem to not care. Try to be upbeat and positive, showing your boss you’re up for any challenge.

Make a commitment
As well as showing your boss you deserve a raise due to brilliant performance, make he or she a few promises about how you will continue to improve your work, so that the company will continue to benefit for years to come. Asset is you’re middle name!

Be confident, not cocky
It’s good to show (and fake) confidence when talking to your boss, but don’t ever be cocky. Confidence shows your boss that you believe in yourself and your skills, and that you are grateful for the opportunity. However, arrogance will just rub your boss up the wrong way.

Timing is everything
Strike while the iron is hot. You’ll increase your chances of success if you ask your boss during an opportune time. Wait until the company has had a good few months, you get praise for a job well done, or even just catch your boss in a good mood.