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Andy Murray and his wife Kim welcomed their third child into the world earlier this month. The tennis player’s wife gave birth to a baby boy at the beginning of November and they have finally shared his name.

They decided to call their son Teddy, which is too cute for words.

The name Teddy is of English origin and means wealthy guardian. 

Andy shared the sweet news during the launch of his new clothing brand on Tuesday. According to Hello, he said: “He is called Teddy. My wife liked that so she chose it.”

The dad added that his son’s middle name is Baron, but he’s not awfully fond of it.


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“The middle name is a family connection. I don't actually love the name, but my dad's middle name was Baron, his dad was Baron, my grandad's dad too, so I kept that,” he shared.

Andy and Kim are also parents to two daughters- two-year-old Edie and three-year-old Sophia. There’s no doubt they’ve got their hands full with three little ones at home, but the dad said he has been loving every moment.


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“It's been good. It's just busy. We've got three under four now and two dogs, so you've got to keep an eye out all the time, but we are sleeping fine and everyone’s healthy,” he revealed.

Andy and Kim couldn’t have chosen a cuter name for their baby boy.



Andy Murray and Kim Sears have welcomed their third child together. The couple have welcomed a baby boy.

Andy’s grandfather Roy Erskine confirmed the joyous news to The Sun. He said, “It's a wee boy. He was born during the week, I don’t know what his name is yet. My wife is away down, she went down this morning."

It is understood that Kim gave birth to their little boy in London last week.

Andy opened up about the pending arrival of their third child in an interview with The Times. The dad-of-three told the publication that Kim’s due date was just around the corner when he was heading to the European Open in Belgium.


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"Obviously the baby can come any time from pretty much next week. If the baby came early, I would miss Antwerp and then maybe play at the Paris Masters,” the tennis champion explained.

Andy and Kim are already parents to two daughters-one-year-old Edie and three-year-old Sophia, who will be the best big sisters to their little brother.

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This is Andy and Kim’s first baby boy so there’s no doubt the couple are thrilled by the new addition to their family.

Huge congratulations to the family-of-five.

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Congratulations are in order for Andy Murray and Kim Sears – they're expecting their second child!

Andy's agent confirmed the news today, however he noted that the tennis player does not want to comment on the news.

The Daily Mail also confirmed the news, stating that the couple have only told close family and friends.

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Andy and Kim already have a daughter, Sophia, who is 17-months-old.

The pair married in 2015, and Andy previously said that he will put his family first, before his career.

"My child is more important to me and my wife is more important to me than a tennis match.

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"It's a big change for me and my wife, but that's the current priority."

We're delighted for the growing family!



Andy Murray is celebrating today, but for once it's nothing to do with his successful tennis career.

The Wimbledon champion reportedly welcomed a baby girl with wife Kim Sears on Sunday night. Andy's reps have yet to confirm the news but a formal announcement is expected shortly.

News of the couple's pregnancy first emerged last August, and though the pair have both kept quiet about Kim's pregnancy on social media, Andy hasn't been able to resist gushing about his excitement in various interviews.

"She’s been amazing, handled everything unbelievably well," he said of his wife at a press conference after losing to Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open final last month. 

"I have to thank her for allowing me to play and stay here with everything that was going on," he said, adding that Kim was a "legend" and that he was on the "first flight home" to England to be with her.

Andy insists his priorities are always where they should be when it comes to his family, and says he would have had no qualms about leaving Australia early if Kim had gone into labour.

"My child is more important to me, and my wife is more important to me, than a tennis match," he told journalists.

"It's a big change for me and my wife, but that's the current priority and I'll see after that."


British tennis star Andy Murray and his wife Kim Sears married in April of this year and now there are reports circulating that the pair are expecting their first child together.

The former Wimbledon champion is said to have only just broken the news to friends and family who are overjoyed at the latest news.

According to the Mail Online sources have said that the couple decided to make the announcement to their families following Kim’s hospital visit. The reports said that Kim, 27, is believed to be due in February of next year.

Andy’s mom, Judy, who starred appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in the past is said to be thrilled at the news. Just weeks ago she was just joking about her dreams of becoming a “very active granny for sure”.

These reports also surface not too long after Andy was encouraged by fellow Wimbledon champion Andre Agassi to start a family to improve his performance. According to now retired tennis pro a baby would “put stuff in perspective” for Andy.

In 2013, following his gold medal win at the Olympics one year previously, Andy said he and Kim were considering starting a family. The two have been together for ten years.

Up until now Andy apparently has believed their two terrier dogs Maggie May and Rusty, to be his children, he joked that he often Skypes with the canines while travelling.

The pair will possibly even already have a playmate for their new baby as Andy’s coach Amelie Mauresmo is expected to give birth to her baby. She announced her pregnancy on social media just days before Andy and Kim married in his hometown of Dunblane.



While most celebrities opt to stay away from social media on the day they tie the knot, tennis ace Andy Murray has been uncharacteristically forthcoming in his latest Twitter post.

The star, who is set to wed his longterm girlfriend Kim Sears today at Dunblane Cathedral, took to Twitter to give his followers an insight into how he’s feeling – and it’s a rather mixed bag of emotions!

Summing up his emotions and each stage of the couple’s wedding day in cute emojis, Andy included everything from tears at the altar to plenty of cocktails and sleep.

Even if he doesn’t win a single trophy for the rest of the year, Andy has well and truly won the internet this weekend.

The Wimbledon champion popped the question to Kim just last year, with the pair having dated for nine years.

Previously opening up on their relationship and Kim’s unwavering support, Andy said: “I work better in a relationship. At the end of the day, especially if I’ve lost a match, I don’t like talking about tennis, so it’s nice to have someone to talk to about other stuff.”

Given how fabulous Kim’s style is, we can’t wait to see her amazing dress.



Tennis star Andy Murray came through a tough set to beat his Czech opponent Tomas Berdych at the Australian Open yesterday, but it was his fiancée Kim Sears that made headlines.

Kim got a bit too wrapped up in the tension of the game and was caught on ESPN cameras wildly cursing as she watched the match.

Although no microphones caught her f-bombs (phew), it's clear she was not singing Tomas' praises:

Lip-readers have deciphered her outburst as "'F***** have that you Czech flash f***" or something close to it.


When asked about Kim's f-bombs, Andy didn't seem too bothered, saying, "I was told about that. When there’s a lot of tension surrounding something which you [the media] created, then it’s completely normal that the whole first set everyone was tight… In the heat of the moment you say stuff that you regret."

We absolutely agree, Andy, we're just glad our rants have never been caught by international TV cameras!