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Famous folk have a funny way of ageing. Yes, while the rest of us mark our birthdays in a timely fashion and appear to accumulate an additional year on a strictly annual basis – celebrities are somewhat different. 

They've either been knocking around forever (HOW is Kylie Jenner still only 18?) or we assume they're still young'uns when, in fact, they're well into their fifth decade (Neil Patrick Harris, 42, we're looking at you).

And so here, SHEmazing! rounds up our favourite well-known faces that you probably won't believe are the same age…


1) Sarah Hyland and Margot Robbie: Born in 1990


2) Vanessa Hudgens and Adele: Born in 1988


3) Benedict Cumberbatch and Ryan Reynolds: Born in 1976


4) Alyson Hannigan and Eva Mendes: Born in 1974


5) Charlize Theron and Tara Reid: Born in 1975


6) Lorde and Zendaya: Born in 1996


7) Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie: Born in 1975


8) Leonardo DiCaprio and Jimmy Fallon: Born in 1974


9) Helena Bonham Carter and Halle Berry: Born in 1966


10) Taylor Swift and Dakota Johnson: Born in 1989


11) Jennifer Lopez and Renée Zellweger: Born in 1969


12) Kristen Bell and Kim Kardashian: Born in 1980


13) Kylie Jenner and Maisie Williams: Born in 1997


14) Kate Upton and Selena Gomez: Born in 1992



It's often touted as the best time of your life – and in many ways it is: after all, your 20s is the decade that brings with a load of amazing milestones.

Renting; graduating; jobs; travel and great friendships: it's all actually pretty awesome.

You have the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want, with none of the responsibilities and stresses of the likes of home-ownership, marriage, and children (hello there, 30s!).

Let's face it though; your 20s can also be a pickle – full of uncertainties, broken hearts and set-backs. In fact, at times it's easy to let the pressures of your third decade get to you.

But the weight of the world is heavy thing – and not every little hiccup merits getting really worked up over.

So here, SHEmazing! details the top six things that women aged 20-29 need to chill out about…


1) The life-plan:

Yup, your mam and dad (actually – the entire extended family) are pestering you for 'the plan,' but when it comes down to it… you're just not sure what you want to do. It's easy to get distracted by friends too; especially when a load of your closest mates get sorted with jobs and internships mere moments out of college. 

Well, for one – the whole "what am I doing with my life?" question isn't just for your 20s; that's something you'll be asking into your 30s, 40s and beyond.

And no one has all the magic answers either. In fact, you're probably doing pretty well as it is. So cut yourself some slack. It will all be fine in the end.


2) Dieting:

Most people pack on a few pounds during their 20s. We like to call it 'the swell'.

So your body changes – so what? Seriously, the amount of 35- and 45-year-olds who look back at their 25-year-old selves and wonder: "why did I ever worry – I looked fecking cracking back then!"

Because, in all likelihood, you do look cracking. Focus on being healthy and eating well and being able to run for the bus without medical intervention, rather than getting worked up over a number on a clothes tag. 


3) Being a bad-ass:

Women, especially women in the workplace, still worry about being a 'bitch'. Getting on with people is definitely a good thing, as is making an effort, being polite and being personable. 

However, speaking your mind; standing up for yourself; saying loud and clear 'no siree, I'm not that kinda gal,' is just as important.

Sure, you'd rather not 'make a fuss,' but playing your part is vital. And every time you do, it gets a little bit easier next time.

Maybe you get shot down anyway – but whatever the outcome, be proud of your mind – and your ability to speak it.


4) Social media:

We do it ourselves: we stick up our best pictures, taken at the best angles, in the most glamorous settings. We share the highs and ignore the lows.

And yet we still assume that EVERYONE else has this amazingly gilded life full of parties and beaches; expensive shoes and beautiful people.

Stop! Snapchat and Instagram are NOT real-life; NOT everyone on Facebook is getting engaged or getting married or jetting off to Thailand. Remind yourself as often as you need to that comparing yourself to others is pointless – especially when those others are only offering a gilded portion of themselves.


5) Contraception:

Deciding on contraception can actually be stressful, problematic, and confusing. You worry about the side-effects, not to mention that niggling two percent – or five or ten percent – margin of error: the 'well sure you might just get pregnant anyway,' window. To all that we say: relax.

Do your research and chat to your doctor about ALL your options: being prepared and taking responsibility for your own sexual health goes a looong way to placating worries.

Otherwise, simply take things when you're supposed to, and use everything exactly according to manufacturers' instructions – then get on with having fun.


6) Ditching friends:

When you're young and in a big group, you do everything with your squad: you socialise together, go to college or school together, and pretty much breathe the same air as one another. 

But that changes over time – and sometimes your 'bestest ever' mate at 21 is not necessary your closest buddy at 24.

That's no bad thing – nor should you worry about streamlining your group down to a handful of 'always there for you' guys and gals. 

On a similar note, kick the ones who aren't worth it to the curb without a second thought. If they're mean, draining, distracting or just down-right negative around you, then they're not what you need in your life.



How-Old.net is a new Microsoft website that uses an algorithm to scan a photo of you and tell you how old you are.

It has been very accurate in some cases, and er, not so accurate in others. 

Everybody seems to be caught up in the addiction and it is definitely the latest internet trend.

It does sound addictive alright, we'll all be testing every facial expression we have to see if we need to change up our beauty routine a bit.

We tried it out on a few of our favourite celebs, and the results may surprise you (maybe not Kylie though).

Kylie is only 17, we lived our teenage years all wrong…

Oh, North, why so serious? Frowning causes wrinkles, you aren't even two yet…

Poor old Ed, he's only 24!

Sure isn't it amazing what a bit of lippie and a beard can do?



Paloma Faith has admitted that she has been lying about her age for years now and is in fact, 33 years-old not 29. 

But, it turns out she may have had a good reason…

The always-impeccably styled star remembered how difficult it had been for KT Tunstall who also broke into the music world aged 27 and decided to go a different route and lie: “When i was asked what my age was at that first meeting, I blurted out 23, when I was actually 27.”

“I felt that everyone was going to focus on my age, not my music. I thought I’d try and protect myself that way … I think if I’d said I was 27, I wouldn’t have got signed. One hundred per cent.”

In that case, Paloma, we are SO glad you lied!



You finish work, everything is going dandy then bam! You find yourself in the middle of an unforeseen mid 20s crisis. Here are some things you don’t need to worry about in your 20s, but you do anyway!

1. A fully established career


They say that your twenties are for establishing yourself, career wise. Therefore, if you, similar to the other 91% of your peers, have either no job, a job that you detest or just don’t know what the hell you want to do with the rest of your life, then worry not. Get out there, travel, socialise, have fun and above all, keep trying. It’ll happen eventually.

2. Finding ‘The One’


By our age it’s likely that most of our parents were together, or even worse, were married. You on the other hand, well, you went on a date there around Christmas and paid for your own cinema ticket. Embrace the freedom and independence that comes with having to answer to nobody because it probably won’t last forever. One day you’ll meet the person that’s going to nag you for the rest of your life and you’ll then yearn for your single days.

3. Having the body of a Goddess


Right now is probably the last period in your life during which you can eat takeaway four times a week and not be obese. Celebrate this. From what we hear, it all goes downhill from here. As long as you’re healthy and active, then stop hating your body because when you look back at yourself when you’re 62 and your boobs and bum are brushing the floor, you’ll realise that actually, you were fairly hot.

4. Never owning your own house


At the rate with which the property market is increasing and the employment rate decreasing, this is becoming more and more likely every day. There are plus points to this, however. If, following the likely event you begin to hate a number of members of your house, you can pack up ship and move on, without the hassle of buying, selling and the mention of that thing we’ve all been afraid of since we first became aware of its existence. A Mortgage. *Cold sweats.*

5. Turning into your parents


Dear god, here’s hoping that this never happens. You are beginning to understand them more though. Whereas once you viewed your dad’s ridiculous and biased opinions as totally stupid, you’re now more than likely to agree with him. That’s ok. He was probably right all along. Doesn’t mean you’re turning into him just yet.

6. Being the oldest in the club


The greatest sign that you’re pushing on, time wise, is that horrific feeling that you get when you’re in a bar or club and the clientele are all young enough to worry about being underage. The easiest way to determine the average age of the clientele is by looking at their clothes. Is there an unnaturally high level of boobs and leg on display? Show them how it’s done, you old mover you. Shake that booty, or failing that, just snitch on them. Rage to be underage.

7. Appearing cool on social media


What the hell is Snapchat?

8. Forgetting everything you’ve ever learned


Your mid twenties is probably the first time in about 18 years that you won’t be returning to school in September. You can finally feel grown up and mature. You’re out in the real world now. Then one day it hits you. You’ve literally forgotten everything that you spent the entire of your speaking life learning. Down the swanny. Gonzo. Don’t panic. As long as you can read, write and speak in some form of audible tone, then all has not been lost. Most of it was useless anyway. *Ahem*

9. Your friends beating you at life


One minute you’re all there drinking your lives away on a Wednesday afternoon in college and then they all go off and get proper jobs and just generally succeed at being an adult, whilst you can’t yet change a lightbulb. You’ll catch up eventually. They probably wish they were as carefree as you and cry themselves to sleep every night anyway. Probably.

10. Being too old to drink so much that you nap in the toilets


The fear takes on a whole new meaning, when you begin to fear that you’re actually too old to be this hungover in the first place. You vaguely remember all of the 17-year-olds looking at you with a glance of disapproval, that’s usually only reserved for use by parents and teachers. You need to drown your sorrows somehow, mask the general feeling of impending age doom. Enjoy it now. When you reach 52 it may actually be too old and tragic to be acceptable.

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One minute you’re drinking two bottles of JP Chenet and bouncing out of bed the next morning and then one year later, a glass of pinot grigio at a family barbecue is enough to tie you to the toilet the next day.

Ah, getting older.

1.  Drinking equals dying



Everything hurts.

2. Sleep is the most important thing



A nightclub? Zzz…

3. You’re so fat


When you were sixteen you survived on nothing but ham rolls and Hunky Dories and there was never a pick on you. Now you eat salad for lunch and occasionally use low fat milk and you’re pretty sure nothing is changing.

4. D.M.R. (Deep Meaningful Relationships)


Single life is great. Then suddenly you’re 23 and the only relationship you’ve ever had has been with your fridge. Crap.

5. Weddings. Why? WHY?


One of your friends has just messaged you to inform you that another girl in your year has just got engaged. Seriously?!

6. Baby talk


Please stop. Cats, not babies. Cats.

7. Avoiding awkward questions


Those family reunions where all you hear is “hows the love life?” or “any talent?” Gah!

8. Home sweet home


You find yourself feeling a sense of pride in an organised wardrobe and a gleaming bath. It’s the little things.

9. Dressed to impress


You finally realise what suits you and what doesn’t. Short skirts with your arse hanging out? No.

10. Parental guidance


You are officially old when you realise your parents were right all along. Damn it!

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When sizing up potential partners, age can definitely be an issue, especially if your new would-be boyfriend is a younger man. Here are some ways to see if an age gap could be a problem.

If you and your partner were both born in different decades, it’s quite likely you won’t be in the same stages of your lives. While you’re hearing wedding bells, he still has last night’s clubbing music ringing in his ears.

If you aren’t at the same mental level, discussions will often turn into arguments that just seem to go in circles. A bit of maturity helps a person see the other side of an argument and compromise. Sometimes.

Is this your little brother?
If he has a baby face, while also being younger than you, things could also get quite awkward in social situations. Don’t be surprised if someone thinks he’s your little brother…or down the line, your son.

Some relationships work perfectly fine when there’s a significant age gap; sometimes, even better than ‘normal couples’. So, does it really matter what age he is?

We say it depends on the guy.


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