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The weekend is finally here and we honestly couldn’t be happier. We are so ready to relax and leave the stress of the past week behind us.

We have certainly got that Friday feeling but we honestly haven’t got the energy to do anything other than sprawl across the sofa for the foreseeable future.

As per usual, we’ll be tuning into everyone’s favourite Corkman Graham Norton and the presenter has got some pretty brilliant guests this week.

The legendary Stephen Fry and Upside Down singer Paloma Faith will join the presenter on Friday night.

Fleabag fans will be overjoyed to hear that the iconic 'hot priest' in the comedy series is set to make an appearance. That’s right, Irish actor Andrew Scott will also chat to Graham about his roles in Fleabag and most recently, Black Mirror.

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There will also be music from Bastille.

The Graham Norton Show airs on BBC1 at 10: 35 pm.


Iconic singer Paloma Faith has spoken candidly about her hope that her child grows up as a regular kid, rather than being known as the child of a celebrity. 

She divulged on This Morning that motherhood is more challenging than she ever expected.

'It was more difficult than I anticipated… I hadn’t heard the truth and not enough people speak about it,' she said. 


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'Everyone’s experience is different and some sail through and I didn’t.'

'The pull between wanting to be the greatest mother ever but also trying to sustain a selfish career in a way.'

'It was quite hard to find a balance between those two things.'


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Paloma is raising her child as gender neutral, making a conscious effort not to enforce any gender stereotypes on her child. 

She has not shared the sex of her child with anyone outside family and close friends, and does not share photos publicly of the baby. 

'I won’t say whether I have a boy or a girl for privacy reasons,' she told OK! earlier this year.

'I’m not in denial of gender but I have absolutely no problem if my child grows up not feeling an affinity with the gender they were born with.'


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'It’s important to me they’re given all the opportunities to be the person they want to be.'

'I buy gender-neutral clothes and a range of toys for my child – dolls are important for both girls and boys; children can learn about nurturing, and equally both should be able to build things and play with toy cars.'

Paloma's open and honest approach to parenting is so refreshing. 


After becoming a mum for the first time in December 2016, Paloma Faith has revealed that she is raising her child to be gender neutral.

The singer welcomed her first baby with French boyfriend, Leyman Lahcine, late last year – and while the pair announced their new arrival via Instagram, they have never revealed the child's name nor their gender.


God bless the NHS!!! #angelsonearth #iamamother

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Speaking at the Q Awards in London, the former judge of The Voice, explained why she chose not to reveal that information, while also admitting that she would love to have more kids in the future.

“I’m loving being a mum,” she said

“I want two or three kids in all and they’ll be gender neutral.”

She went on to say how she would never dress her children in stereotypical “boy/girl”colours such as pink and blue,” and instead insisted she just wanted then “to be who they want to be.”

The singer has often showed her support for gay rights and the feminist movement, and marched on International Women’s Day in London in 2015 to demand equality.

Her fourth album The Architect is out next month.

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She only made her debut this weekend, but new judge to The Voice UK, Paloma Faith has already threatened to leave the show. 

She told The Sun that if she gets bad reviews on social media she's going to throw in the towel… But doesn't everything kinda get a bad review online?

"I haven't experienced this season yet so I don't know if I will want to do next year's series," she admitted.

"If every day from the first show is a barrage of abuse on social media and in letter form then of course I'm not going to do it."

But, she's willing to hold out to see how it all goes. 

"Boy George and I haven't experienced it yet so there's a sceptical feeling. We're happy within us but we just hope that translates into a public reaction."


Tom Jones is not happy with BBC bosses following the announcement that he will be leaving The Voice UK.

According to a post on the legendary singers Facebook page, he received “no consultation or conversation of any kind” before they announced he was axed from the show.

He claims those involved with the show only provided him with a day’s warning before he was cut as a judge on the talent competition.

Yesterday a new line-up of judges was announced for the show that included Paloma Faith and Boy George, 54.

BBC bosses thanked Tom for his work on The Voice and it seemed as though  the decision had been made with both parties having discussed the matter.

About The Voice UK: In good faith, as part of the team, I’d put the time in my schedule to be involved in Series 5, as…

Posted by Tom Jones on Friday, 14 August 2015

Just hours later, Sir Tom (he received a knighthood in 2006) took to social media to set the record straight. He wrote:

“I’ve supported the show and the BBC since the beginning. I was told yesterday, with no consultation or conversation of any knd, that I would not be returning.”

He went on to say that while he appreciates changes often have to happen in the creative  world, he also believes “being informed, as a matter of duty and respect, is an important part of creative relationships.”

He called the way in which bosses handled the show “sub-standard behaviour” and “very disappointing.”

Fans have no reacted well to the news, which comes as the Daily Mail reports an insider as saying that Tom had asked for a significant increase in his salary to be included in this year’s contract. Apparently it was something to the tune of €700,000.


A spokesperson for the show has reportedly pointed out that Tom was not actually fired, as judges are given contracts which only last one year. His was simply not renewed.



Paloma Faith has admitted that she has been lying about her age for years now and is in fact, 33 years-old not 29. 

But, it turns out she may have had a good reason…

The always-impeccably styled star remembered how difficult it had been for KT Tunstall who also broke into the music world aged 27 and decided to go a different route and lie: “When i was asked what my age was at that first meeting, I blurted out 23, when I was actually 27.”

“I felt that everyone was going to focus on my age, not my music. I thought I’d try and protect myself that way … I think if I’d said I was 27, I wouldn’t have got signed. One hundred per cent.”

In that case, Paloma, we are SO glad you lied!