Does age really matter?


When sizing up potential partners, age can definitely be an issue, especially if your new would-be boyfriend is a younger man. Here are some ways to see if an age gap could be a problem.

If you and your partner were both born in different decades, it’s quite likely you won’t be in the same stages of your lives. While you’re hearing wedding bells, he still has last night’s clubbing music ringing in his ears.

If you aren’t at the same mental level, discussions will often turn into arguments that just seem to go in circles. A bit of maturity helps a person see the other side of an argument and compromise. Sometimes.

Is this your little brother?
If he has a baby face, while also being younger than you, things could also get quite awkward in social situations. Don’t be surprised if someone thinks he’s your little brother…or down the line, your son.

Some relationships work perfectly fine when there’s a significant age gap; sometimes, even better than ‘normal couples’. So, does it really matter what age he is?

We say it depends on the guy.