Singer admits she’s been lying about her true age!

Paloma Faith has admitted that she has been lying about her age for years now and is in fact, 33 years-old not 29. 

But, it turns out she may have had a good reason…

The always-impeccably styled star remembered how difficult it had been for KT Tunstall who also broke into the music world aged 27 and decided to go a different route and lie: “When i was asked what my age was at that first meeting, I blurted out 23, when I was actually 27.”

“I felt that everyone was going to focus on my age, not my music. I thought I’d try and protect myself that way … I think if I’d said I was 27, I wouldn’t have got signed. One hundred per cent.”

In that case, Paloma, we are SO glad you lied!