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So, think your sex life peaks in you twenties? 

Think again.

According to new research, a woman's sex life actually peaks in her late thirties.

A study commissioned by contraceptive app Natural Cycles asked 2,600 women about orgasms, feelings of attractiveness and how much they enjoyed sex.

The women's answers were then analysed by age groups – below 23, 23-35, and 36 and over.

In terms of sexual attractiveness, 80 per cent of women aged 36 and over said they felt sexy and comfortable in their own skin.

On the other hand, only 70 per cent of women under 23 and 40 per cent of women aged 23-35 claimed to be happy with their appearance.

What's more, the results revealed that the older a woman is, the more likely she is to climax on a regular basis with almost 60 per cent of the older age group reporting frequent and better orgasms – a full 10 per cent higher than the younger groups.

However, the biggest contrast was seen when the groups were asked if the had great sex over the last four weeks. 

86 per cent of the older group said they had, while just 56 per cent of the youngest said the same. 

So, if your sex life is lacking a certain je ne sais quoi at the moment, don't worry, it's all ahead of you. 



My sister was born in July of 2006 and I turned 12 that August – and for most families that's a huge gap.

But in this day and age, families come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

So, if your brother or sister was born years after you first emerged on the planet, here are 8 truths you'll know to be true:

1. People will think you're the mother

And considering I still look about 12 and she's now 10-years-old, people get seriously confused.

You will mostly play along when people call you 'mam', but still get a little freaked out.

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2. Even nurses are mistaken

The first day I went to visit my sister in hospital, my mam popped out to the loo and I was holding Áine in my arms. The nurse then came by and STARED at me and said, "I've seen mothers young, but not that young."

Erm… OK? Check yo' facts, woman…

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3. You hear about your friends fighting with their siblings and wonder what the fuss is about

Because there's such a big gap, you probably moved out of home a few years after they were born, so you never clashed while growing up.

Don't get me wrong, I still argue with my sister, but stories of sibling rivalry really amuse me.

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4. They have it SO lucky

Your parents basically tested everything out on you and if they thought some activity was too dangerous to do, you weren't allowed do it.

But, at this stage everything has been tried and tested, and your parents realise that no, she won't die if she gets a pair of rollerskates.

(Yep, rollerskates were too dangerous for me so I had to RUN beside all the other kids skating down to school… thanks, mam.)

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5. If you were an only child beforehand, having a sibling (at first) was seriously weird

Who is this person who just came screaming into the family? How do I hol… oh crap, I just bashed her head against the wall.

You just weren't used to looking after another person…

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6. You're basically their cooler, younger parent

You worry about them non-stop, but are way more understanding (and chill) than your parents.

And if your sibling can't get around your mam or dad, you can bet they'll come to you next. And you, of course, will give in.

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7. You still hold their hand

Since you were old enough to remember them being born and you saw them growing up, you're fiercely protective.

And if you drop them off at school, you still give them a kiss goodbye even though it's SO not cool *death stares being sent your way from the school gates*

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8. But honestly, they'll always be your baby

You have a special bond with them that absolutely nobody else has.

And even though there's years between you, you just get each other and will always be there for each other.

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One minute you’re drinking two bottles of JP Chenet and bouncing out of bed the next morning and then one year later, a glass of pinot grigio at a family barbecue is enough to tie you to the toilet the next day.

Ah, getting older.

1.  Drinking equals dying



Everything hurts.

2. Sleep is the most important thing



A nightclub? Zzz…

3. You’re so fat


When you were sixteen you survived on nothing but ham rolls and Hunky Dories and there was never a pick on you. Now you eat salad for lunch and occasionally use low fat milk and you’re pretty sure nothing is changing.

4. D.M.R. (Deep Meaningful Relationships)


Single life is great. Then suddenly you’re 23 and the only relationship you’ve ever had has been with your fridge. Crap.

5. Weddings. Why? WHY?


One of your friends has just messaged you to inform you that another girl in your year has just got engaged. Seriously?!

6. Baby talk


Please stop. Cats, not babies. Cats.

7. Avoiding awkward questions


Those family reunions where all you hear is “hows the love life?” or “any talent?” Gah!

8. Home sweet home


You find yourself feeling a sense of pride in an organised wardrobe and a gleaming bath. It’s the little things.

9. Dressed to impress


You finally realise what suits you and what doesn’t. Short skirts with your arse hanging out? No.

10. Parental guidance


You are officially old when you realise your parents were right all along. Damn it!

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