10 signs you are getting older


One minute you’re drinking two bottles of JP Chenet and bouncing out of bed the next morning and then one year later, a glass of pinot grigio at a family barbecue is enough to tie you to the toilet the next day.

Ah, getting older.

1.  Drinking equals dying



Everything hurts.

2. Sleep is the most important thing



A nightclub? Zzz…

3. You’re so fat


When you were sixteen you survived on nothing but ham rolls and Hunky Dories and there was never a pick on you. Now you eat salad for lunch and occasionally use low fat milk and you’re pretty sure nothing is changing.

4. D.M.R. (Deep Meaningful Relationships)


Single life is great. Then suddenly you’re 23 and the only relationship you’ve ever had has been with your fridge. Crap.

5. Weddings. Why? WHY?


One of your friends has just messaged you to inform you that another girl in your year has just got engaged. Seriously?!

6. Baby talk


Please stop. Cats, not babies. Cats.

7. Avoiding awkward questions


Those family reunions where all you hear is “hows the love life?” or “any talent?” Gah!

8. Home sweet home


You find yourself feeling a sense of pride in an organised wardrobe and a gleaming bath. It’s the little things.

9. Dressed to impress


You finally realise what suits you and what doesn’t. Short skirts with your arse hanging out? No.

10. Parental guidance


You are officially old when you realise your parents were right all along. Damn it!

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