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Former co-directors of the Together for Yes campaign have been featured on Time magazine’s list of most influential people.

Grainne Griffin, Ailbhe Smyth and Orla O’ Connor are said to be thrilled to feature in the TIME 100 list.

They stand alongside Jacinda Ardern, Brie Larson, Taylor Swift and Greta Thunberg.

The women were recognised for their efforts in leading the Together For Yes campaign during the abortion referendum in Ireland in 2018.

Ruth Negga penned a touching note for Time magazine about the impact the campaign has had on the country.

She wrote: “In May 2018, Irish society voted to lift the near-total ban on abortion that had been in place for 35 years. Society gave its overwhelming blessing to the fundamental rights of women and girls to bodily autonomy, after generations of secondary status, largely dictated by the power and oppression of the Catholic Church.”

The actress praised the activists: “Together for Yes, the campaign to repeal the eighth amendment to the Irish constitution, put the Mná na hÉireann (women of Ireland) front, centre and in control of their own bodies and rights like never before.

“It was breathtaking to witness the determination, intelligence and sheer hard work of its leaders Grainne Griffin, Ailbhe Smyth and Orla O’Connor, who mobilized people of all different backgrounds in the lead-up to the vote. They put the experiences of women and the needs of their country first.

“Their incredible tenacity and integrity and courageousness will be an inspiration for generations to come,” she added.

Huge congratulations to Grainne Griffin, Ailbhe Smyth and Orla O’ Connor and everyone involved in the Repeal the 8th campaign.

Feature Image: Niall Crason/PA


Good news alert: USI expects voter turnout for young people to be larger than Marriage Equality referendum in 2015!

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) – which represents 374,000 students across Ireland – has said that the student turnout to vote ‘Yes’ to remove the Eighth Amendment will be the largest youth voter turnout for any referendum in the history of the state.

Speaking ahead of polls opening tomorrow, USI President Michael Kerrigan explained: “Students know that their future is at stake here. We directly registered 26,979 new student voters in the lead up to this referendum to remove the Eighth Amendment, and we know from our two week roadshow on campuses that students are united on the issue, and will be voting ‘Yes’ for a more caring and compassionate Ireland.”

“Students’ Unions have held referendums on campus on the Eighth Amendment, and up to 92% of students across campuses voted ‘Yes’ for their Students’ Union to campaign to remove the Eighth Amendment.

"We’re expecting student turnout to be bigger than the Marriage Equality vote in 2015. With almost 125,000 new voters on the register, we expect the majority to be first time young voters.”  

USI is the national representative body for the 374,000 students in third level education on the Island of Ireland, and is a member of the national civil society campaign, Together For Yes.

USI has been campaigning for the decriminalisation of abortion in Ireland since 1979. In 2015, USI mobilised students to vote in Marriage Equality seeing the largest youth voter turnout for any vote in the history of the state.

Use your vote tomorrow guys. The women of Ireland deserve better. 


Tomorrow, Ireland will hold a referendum on whether or not to repeal the eighth amendment of the constitution. 

A YES vote will mean that that the amendment will be repealed, and Ireland's archaic abortion laws will be changed. 

A NO vote will change nothing, and 12 women every day will still be forced to leave Ireland to source illegal abortions. 

For me, it is a simple choice, and I will be voting YES, for the women of Ireland. My friends, my future children and grandchildren. 

The exportation of our problems stops here. 

And as a YES voter, I am far from alone.

Thousands of people are getting on planes and boats (irony is not lost on me) to travel home to vote in this history-making referendum.

These people are taking to social media to share their stories, using the hashtag #HomeToVote – and honestly, I'm emotional.  

It's incredibly heartwarming to see so many Irish people making a crucial journey for the women of their nation. 

Here are some of the best tweets we've seen:









Next Friday, the people of Ireland will take to the polls to vote on whether on not to allow the government to legislate for the legal termination of pregnancy. 

In order to have their say, those eligible to vote will need to visit their assigned polling stations between the hours of 7am and 10pm. 

And in an effort to make sure that as many people as possible make it on the day, Lynk Taxis are offering voters free local lifts.

The service will be available between 9am and 2pm on May 25 using the discount code 'LynkToVote'. 

The promotion allows for a free local journey up to the value of €10. If the cost of the taxi exceeds this amount, €10 will be deducted from the total fee. 

Noel Ebbs, CEO of Lynk Taxis says “As a company we have a great respect for our local customers and we want to be sure they use their right to vote in this upcoming, important referendum and make it as easy as possible for them to get to their polling station.

“If our promotion encourages even one person to go out and use their vote, we’ll be pleased. We hope lots of users avail of the #LynkToVote discount code and use their valuable votes on May 25th.”

No excuses, people! Make sure you have your say on May 25. 


With less then two weeks to go until Ireland votes on whether or not to repeal the Eight Amendment, a new Facebook feature has revealed that a number of pages related to the campaign are being managed from outside Ireland. 

It seems the 'page history' feature was accidently launched on Friday and has since been removed by the social network site. 

While active, it allowed users to view a number of details about a page, including the location it was managed from, and revealed that accounts promoting both 'Yes' and 'No' votes in the forthcoming referendum had originated in countries such as the UK, USA and Hungary. 

It comes just one week after Facebook launched a features which allowed everyone to see what type of ads are being run by a page at a given time. 

The pages found to be managed from outside Ireland are as follows:

Yes side

Rosa – Socialist Feminist Movement – Managed in Ireland and the USA.

TFMR Ireland – Managed in Ireland and the UK.

No side

Save the 8th – Managed in Hungary, the UK and two other countries.

Cherish All Children Equally – Managed in Ireland and the UK.

Family and Life – Managed in Ireland, the UK and the US.

Protect the 8th – Managed by Ireland, the UK and the US.


A new poll published in today's Sunday Independent shows majority support for a 'Yes' vote on May 25, though the gap is narrowing. 

Figures show that 45 per cent of respondents say they intend to vote 'Yes' and 34 per cent say they will vote no. 

18 per cent of those survey were still undecided, while 4 per cent did not have an opinion. 

The results were welcomed by Together For Yes who say poll shows consistent support for a Yes vote on the referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment. 

Campaign Co-Director Ailbhe Smyth said: “We note today’s referendum poll which shows a consistent pattern of support for a Yes vote on May 25th. It demonstrates that the Yes campaign’s message of care and compassion for women in Ireland is hitting home with people across the country.

"In particular we note the strong support among young women, whose future healthcare will be directly affected by the referendum result." 

However, she did acknowledge the 18 per cent of voters who are yet to make up their mind. 

“However, Together For Yes knows that each and every vote will matter over the next 19 days, and we recognise the large number of undecideds who have yet to make up their mind.

“That is why our 'Get Together For Yes’ conversations tour being launched today in Athlone is an important opportunity to speak directly to voters and encourage people to start the discussion with friends and family about the harms of the 8th Amendment.

“The poll shows a growing appetite among Irish people to ensure that abortion in Ireland is safe and regulated. People are well aware that we already have abortion in Ireland, and that it is a reality.

"Voting Yes will regulate it, make it safer and ensure we provide care to women in Ireland who need it."


With the abortion referendum fast approaching, people who have not yet joined the electorate are being urged to do so before the May 8 deadline. 

Yesterday it emerged that a shocking 150,000 young people are not yet registered to vote, putting themselves at risk of not being able to use their voice on May 25. 

Anyone who would like to register is invited to attend a huge voting drive at Trinity College Dublin today. 

Forms will be printed out and members of An Garda Síochána will be present to sign the forms on the spot. 

You don't have to be student to attend, just make sure to bring ID and proof of address and the completed forms will then be posted on your behalf. 

The drive will take place at the following locations:

  • TCD Arts Block: 1-2.30pm

  • TCD Hamilton Building: 2.30-4pm

  • DIT Aungier St: 10am-3pm

  • DIT Bolton St: 12-4pm 

Those unsure whether they're registered or not are being advised to Check the Register.



It's been reported that up to 150,000 young people are not registered to vote in next month's Referendum on the Eighth Amendment. 

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, James Doorely from the National Youth Council revealed how a RED C Poll carried out last year found that 22 per cent of people aged between 18 and 29 were not on the register. 

He encouraged anyone who has not yet signed up, or anyone who is unsure of their status to log onto checktheregister.ie ahead of the ballot. 

If you are not yet registered, you have until May 8 to do so and the relevant forms can be downloaded from the website. 

"There is a form called an RSA2 form. You need to fill that out and bring it to your local garda station with identification, and they will need to sign and stamp that form," Mr Doorely said.

"Once that's done, you just need to post it back to your local city or county council. But it has to be done by Tuesday 8 May, so with the bank holiday next Monday, we really are encouraging people not to leave it till the last minute."



Irish emigrants are once again being urged to come #HomeToVote ahead of the abortion Referendum scheduled for May 25.

As part of the campaign, the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign has released a two-minute video encouraging expats to return and vote in favour of repealing the Eight Amendment. 

It's estimated that around 40,000 out of the 750,000 Irish people living abroad are eligible to vote. Any person living outside the country for 18 months or less can use their vote, though they must show up in person on the day. 

Another short clip tweeted by London- Irish ARC featured a powerful message. 

"If you’re an Irish citizen and lived in Ireland in the last 18 months, wherever you are in the world right now, you may be entitled to vote."

"On the 25th of May we’re getting a once in a generation chance to make Ireland a fairer, safer place for women. Let’s do it together. Come home to vote yes to repeal the 8th Amendment."

We saw similar scenes in 2015, when thousands of Irish citizens travelled from around the world in order to have their say in the marriage equality referendum. 

A recent opinion poll conducted by The Irish Times showed a clear majority in favour of repealing the eighth amendment, 47 per cent of voters said they would vote yes, while 28 per cent said they would vote no. 20 per cent were still undecided. 



The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) is urging young people to register to vote ahead of the November 25 deadline.

It's feared that up to 150,000 young people may not be eligible to vote in a number of referendums scheduled to take place in 2018, including the vote on the Eight Amendment.

The council is encouraging people who have not yet registered (particularly those aged between 18 and 29) to fill out the RFA1 form and post it to the relevant local authority by Thursday, November 23.

Alternatively the form could be physically handed in on the November 25 deadline.

You must be 18-years-old to legally vote in Ireland, however, anyone who comes of age on or before February 15, 2018, is eligible to register.

According to The Irish Times, NCYI director, James Doorley has called for the “cumbersome and outdated” registration system to be revamped.

“Every year over 60,000 young people turn 18 and become eligible to vote, yet our cumbersome and outdated system makes it hard for many of them to get on the electoral roll.”

“It is ridiculous that in the 21st Century eligible voters cannot register online, we are effectively still administering a 19th Century voter registration system – all that’s missing is the quills.”

RFA1 forms are available from all local authorities, post offices and public libraries. You can also download a digital copy here.



Newly appointed Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, has announced that an abortion referendum will take place next year.

He said that the Health Minister of Ireland, Simon Harris, will be responsible for bringing forward the legislation which will allow for a referendum on the eight amendment.

This comes after the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled for a second time on Tuesday that Ireland's abortion laws violate women's human rights.

Simon Harris said that a report is being put together by his team at the moment and a formal submission will be made sometime soon.

Finally, a step in the right direction.