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Picketing officially began this morning for the nurses' strike, which is only the second time in 100 years that the group have carried out work stoppages.

According to The Journal, three-quarters of Irish people support the nurse's 24-hour strike, which is being carried out over an apparent recruitment and retention issue.

Nurses and midwives across the county will be out on the picket line today, fighting for pay and better working conditions at hospitals and private clinics nationwide.

Nursing unions are seeking pay parity with other health service grades, such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) has announced that talks which were held at the Labour Court on Monday night did not lead to any breakthroughs.

The INMO has over 40,000 members, and announced the strikes earlier in January. Over 90 percent of members which were polled voted in favour of industrial action in a ballot held in November.

According to nurses, increasing their pay is the only way to retain nurses, and this would improve working conditions, as well as the recruitment and retention crisis among members.

The government has expressed it's concern over pay rises for nurses outside of the broader public sector pay agreement reached last year, and has refused to give in to the nurses' demands.

The strikes have gone ahead after the Labour Court claimed it would not intervene in the dispute in a formal way, as the government are anxious that other industries will also request pay rises if the nurses obtain their requested 12 percent rise.

A Claire Byrne LiveTheJournal.ie poll of 1,000 adults by Amárach Research found huge support for the nurses' action, with 74 percent of participants expressing agreement with the 24-hour strike. 

Only 17 percent said no, while 9 percent were unsure.

Members of the public have been requested by the HSE only to attend emergency services in hospitals if it is totally necessary.

Liam Woods, HSE national director of acute operations, commented; “We would appeal that patients would only attend the emergency services if absolutely essential."

In emergencies, there will be an emergency response, and any patients whose appointments or surgeries have been cancelled will achieve priority in the weeks following the strike.

The INMO has also said that further strikes will take place on the February 5 and 7, and then February 12, 13 and 14 if an agreement cannot be reached. 

Feature image: Limerick Leader


A new poll published in today's Sunday Independent shows majority support for a 'Yes' vote on May 25, though the gap is narrowing. 

Figures show that 45 per cent of respondents say they intend to vote 'Yes' and 34 per cent say they will vote no. 

18 per cent of those survey were still undecided, while 4 per cent did not have an opinion. 

The results were welcomed by Together For Yes who say poll shows consistent support for a Yes vote on the referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment. 

Campaign Co-Director Ailbhe Smyth said: “We note today’s referendum poll which shows a consistent pattern of support for a Yes vote on May 25th. It demonstrates that the Yes campaign’s message of care and compassion for women in Ireland is hitting home with people across the country.

"In particular we note the strong support among young women, whose future healthcare will be directly affected by the referendum result." 

However, she did acknowledge the 18 per cent of voters who are yet to make up their mind. 

“However, Together For Yes knows that each and every vote will matter over the next 19 days, and we recognise the large number of undecideds who have yet to make up their mind.

“That is why our 'Get Together For Yes’ conversations tour being launched today in Athlone is an important opportunity to speak directly to voters and encourage people to start the discussion with friends and family about the harms of the 8th Amendment.

“The poll shows a growing appetite among Irish people to ensure that abortion in Ireland is safe and regulated. People are well aware that we already have abortion in Ireland, and that it is a reality.

"Voting Yes will regulate it, make it safer and ensure we provide care to women in Ireland who need it."


The public have voted, results are in, and the Irish accent is officially the sexiest accent going!

We always knew that our beautiful brogues were admired across the world, but there's something about actual statistics that make us feel that bit more smug.

A survey of British singletons found that the Irish twang was the most desired in a potential partner, while the regional dialects of Liverpool, Glasgow and Birmingham were deemed the least attractive.

The tone of someone's voice seemed to be a deciding factor when choosing a potential partner, with two thirds of those surveyed admitting they couldn't be with someone who had an annoying voice.

What's more, 25 per cent revealed they had dumped someone for having a physical trait or habit that they did not like.

Terrible teeth and talking with their mouth full topped the list of unsavoury attributes.

Paul Hunt, managing director of V2Cigs which conducted the poll, said: “It seems the British public are quite choosey about who they go out with but remember it’s not all about looks and habits." 

Cigarettes also proved to be a major turn-off with over half of women saying they wouldn't date a man who smoked.

That said, more tha half of all smokers who took part in the poll said they would be willing to ditch the cigs if a date was on the cards.

So, if you're a non-smoker, chew with your mouth closed and hail from the Emerald Isle, you're pretty much in there.


One in five 18-34 year-olds have cried due to anxiety this week. 

That's according to a new poll that came out yesterday from the mental health charity, Mind

The poll was conducted by Populas, and they interviewed 2,063 adults online in May of this year. 

"Anxiety has now become level with depression as the most common reason for calls to Mind’s information line," the charity says.

"In 2014/15 alone there were 6,087 calls about anxiety and panic attacks, which accounted for nearly one in six of all calls."

Gender was also shown to play a major role in anxiety, with women being three times more likely than men to have cried because of anxiety in the last week. 

However, women were also twice as likely to feel better after crying. 

The charity has launched a free guide for people to help them recognise if what they're going through is anxiety, and the best ways to cope with and manage it. 

It comes at a much-needed time, as the demands of our modern society and being constantly plugged-in and unable to escape work or social obligations, it seems that we are all more anxious than ever. 



David Beckham has topped a poll asking people to decide which male celebrity wears his suit the best.

Beckham won with 24% of the vote, and he beat of some stiff competition such as Justin Timberlake who came second with 19%, and George Clooney who had 16%.

Prince Harry came fourth with 13% and Made in Chelea’s Spencer Matthews came fifth, with 10% of the vote.

We have to agree with the voters’ choice. Beckham really knows how to rock his suit and tie (sorry Justin!).




Michelle Keegan has been announced as the winner of the greatest celebrity body according to a poll carried out by Fit Britches shapewear.

The former Corrie star beat the likes of Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Kelly Brook to be hailed as the proud owner of the hottest bikini bod.

Here is how the voting went for the greatest celebrity bikini body went:

  1. Michelle Keegan 39%
  2. Rihanna 15%
  3. Kelly Brook 13%
  4. Kim Kardashian 13%
  5. Lucy Mecklenburgh 11%

This voting was done by women, while over in the male corner, Michelle was once again the winner of first place while it was Kelly Brook and Kate Upton who came in second place with 19% each respectively.



It’s official – Jennifer Lawrence is the ‘sexiest woman in the world’.

The Oscar-winning actress has topped FHM magazine’s annual ‘100 Sexiest Women in the World’ poll taking the crown from 2013 winner Mila Kunis, who drops to sixth place.

Jennifer, 23, narrowly beat Michelle Keegan to the title, with the Corrie star finishing in second place!

Although she just missed out on the top spot, Mark Wright’s fiancée was still thrilled to finish as runner-up.

”I’m so flattered. I believe that being ‘sexy’ isn’t wearing lots of heavy make-up or having the perfect hair or figure, it’s about self-confidence, being comfortable with yourself, smiling and being happy!” she said.

Rounding off the top five are Rihanna in third spot, fourth placed model Emily Ratajkowski – who received worldwide attention after appearing naked in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video – and Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco in fifth.

Other top 10 placed stars include Beyoncé in seventh spot, Nicole Scherzinger in ninth and Scarlett Johansson in tenth.

Some interesting entries in the list include TV chef Nigella Lawson at number 21, Kate Moss at 42, Jennifer Aniston at 36 and supermodel Cara Delevingne at only number 54!