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​To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

It's been a long week, and it's only Tuesday.

The need for good quality content in our lives is at an all time high if we want to make it to Christmas in one piece.

There's still six days away, and only some seriously gas online material will help us to survive, and some serious self-care.

noah centineo bath GIF by AM to DM

Luckily for the entire internet, Noah Centineo has delivered once again.

Otherwise known as the boyfriend of the online community, when Noah was a mere sixteen-years-old, we appeared to be already rehearsing for his role as public heart-throb.

Fans have stealthily dug up footage of himself belting out Boyfriend by our old pal Justin Bieber, while dressed as Batman…in a candlelit room…

Yes, we can confirm it's as hilarious as it sounds. Take a look;

We're still laughing that the title of the video is literally 'Boyfriend by Justin Bieber Super Hero Swag', uploaded by Centineo's pal Jack Griffo.

God bless you, Jack Griffo, for gifting us with this glorious content.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.


​To All The Boys I've Loved Before has taken the Irish Netflix audience by storm in recent weeks – with fans taking to social media to praise the romantic storyline and unique concept.

16-year-old Lara Jean writes secret love letters to all her former flames, but these letters are somehow posted to all of her high school crushes. Understandable, chaos follows. 

As one of the most popular films on Netflix at the moment, and a Netflix Original, the streaming service wanted to mark the movie in a special way. 

Telling their Twitter followers that they just want to see a little more love in the world, they invited fans of the film to write their own anonymous love letters, complete with their crushes Twitter handle, so that Netflix could post them.

The result was pretty damn heart-wrenching – with anonymous contributors pouring their hearts out online. 

However, not everyone is happy with the attention. One Twitter user who was tagged as the recipient of a love letter, has lashed out against the declaration of love. 

'The more comments I get on this, the more frustrated I get. Don’t do some “grandiose” rom com gesture to someone you don’t talk to and haven’t seen in the LAST FOUR YEARS,' she wrote. 

'Also you had a girlfriend when we met and I have a GREAT BF (NO SECRET THERE). This isn’t romantic folks.'

Sometimes what works in a rom com definitely doesn't work in real life.