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There are some foods which the Irish could prepare and devour in their sleep. Give us a potato, and we'll show you at least 10 ways to cook and serve it.

But leave us in the kitchen with certain types of seafood, and you'll more than likely find us leafing through a takeaway menu instead of tackling the fare in front of us.

Take mussels, for example.

According to the Red C survey commissioned by Bord Bia, over half of respondents have never considered eating mussels while a B&A study established that 51 per cent "wouldn't know how to prepare and cook shellfish properly at home.”

Considering we live on an island and are revered internationally for having some of the freshest seafood in the world, the good folk at Bord Bia think it might be time to take us all in hand.

As part of their #FlexYourMussels Campaign, Bord Bia are here to remind us that not only are mussels quick and easy to prepare; they are also great value for money, incredibly tasty and best of all – they are packed full of nutrients.

And it sounds like Roz Purcell –  one of our favourite food gurus – is a long-time convert.

"The fact that mussels are a great source of quality protein, are low in fat and provide several vitamins and minerals means that they are a regular on my shopping list!" she said. "There is no time like the present for people to try something new and flex their mussels in the kitchen."

And while we may accept the benefits, that doesn't mean we're any less clueless when it comes to cooking the damn things.

Thankfully, Bord Bia have thought of everything…


If anyone has a serious case of The Fear this morning, it's one particular branch of Domino's Pizza after an employee was snapped in a compromising position in a well-known highstreet supermarket.

So, it all kicked off when the guy, who was wearing a Dominos uniform, was photographed stocking up on potato wedges in a branch of Aldi in the UK.

Taking to social media to call the pizza giant out on the apparent indiscretion, SineadSarah shared the snap before writing: "Thank you @dominos – next time I spend 3.99 on tiny portion of potato wedges, I'll remember there from Asda." (sic)

Twitter users, unsurprisingly, wasted no time getting in on the drama as the tweet racked up more than 17,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

"Free Pizza for life coming her way so she doesn't reveal any more of your secrets!" wrote one (exceptionally gleeful) social media user.

"I feel so betrayed," added another.

Weighing in on the controversy, a spokesperson for the international franchise acknowledged the public's outrage, and hastened to offer an explanation for the move.

"With a big sporting weekend, very occasionally our stores are in an unfortunate position where some products may run out," she said.

"We do not advocate this as a solution and are investigating. We have rigorous food standards where our franchisees buy all food from our approved suppliers to help maintain the high standards customers rightly expect.”

Right, so…


Oh, how things can change in the space of 24 hours for a chocolate-lover.

While yesterday we celebrated the Malteaser Teaser going it alone, today we're being forced to consider the unlikely combination of chocolate… and sushi.

But after research aplenty, we've decided this may actually be something we can get on board with because – for the most part – these delicacies are actually sweet.

The idea, which started as an April Fool's joke last year, gained momentum over recent months, and resulted in a speciality store in Japan creating and serving the KitKat sushi delicacy.

So for those of you still reading, the delicacies will come in three flavours;  Maguro, Tamago and Uni.

According to reports, Maguro is raspberry flavoured Kit Kat on puffed rice covered with white chocolate – definitely something we'd try.

And then it gets a little fishier…

Uni has both melon and mascarpone cheese-flavoured Kit Kats wrapped in seaweed while Tamago is pumpkin pudding-flavoured, served on puffed rice covered in white chocolate and wrapped with seaweed.

Oh, and all three varieties have a hint of wasabi.

Perhaps given the unlikely combinations, the delicacies will only be available at Tokyo's newest KitKat Chocolatory shop between February 2 and 4 this year.

Maybe it'll catch on…

If you've spent much of January bemoaning the number of Celebrations you ploughed through over the festive season, you're (obviously) not alone.

But in our defence, we honestly feel we wouldn't have eaten our way through so many of the less popular ones if we'd been supplied with a larger quanity of our favourite one – the Malteaser Teaser.

Generally considered the holy grail of the Celebrations box, the Malteaser variety is your only man, and it looks like Mars have finally cottoned on to this one.

Doing their bit for mankind, the confectionary company have released – wait for it – a box of nothing BUT Malteaser Teasers,

Yes, you read that right.

Hitting the shelves in Tesco, the retailer is, according to reports, the only place you can get your hands on them.

So we'd advise you to move quick before you're left wrestling for the last box with… well… us.

Don't say we didn't warn you.


So, we're going to be honest here.

Given our various clean-eating resolutions for the year ahead, the only appliance we envisioned ourselves buying over the next 12 months was a blender to nuke anything and everything green and leafy.

And just 23 days into the New Year, we can safely say that that dream has now died after laying eyes on the Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill.

Brought to us by Nostalgia Electronics, this vertical grill allows us to cook six pieces of bacon at a time while its design forces the drainage of fat. (Clean eating, check.)

The good folk behind the wonder gadget speak to our inner hungover selves when they assure us that the "unique patent pending easy-clean doors make flat, crispy bacon that doesn't shrivel."

So if crispy bacon is your only lad after a night on the gin, you can get your hands on this gizmo for €39.99.



As part of their Go for Gold campaign, the Food Agency in the UK have issued a warning to the public over the dangers associated with overcooking starchy food like bread and potatoes.

The FSA warn that cooking these particular foods for long periods at high temperatures can lead to an increased risk of cancer.

The campaign seeks to educate the public on the development of a potential carcinogenic known as acrylamide – a chemical which is created when the aforementioned foods are cooked at unnecessarily high temperatures.

Elaborating on the campaign, Steve Wearne, Director of Policy at the Food Standards Agency said: "Our research indicates that the majority of people are not aware that acrylamide exists, or that they might be able to reduce their personal intake."

"We want our 'Go for Gold' campaign to highlight the issue so that consumers know how to make the small changes that may reduce their acrylamide consumption whilst still eating plenty of starchy carbohydrates and vegetables as recommended in government healthy eating advice."

"The FSA is continuing to work closely with the food industry to reduce acrylamide in the food you buy, including the development of practical tools like an industry toolkit and codes of practice which will be embedded throughout the food chain," he added.

Four specific guidelines have been issued to the public which the FSA believe will assist the public in reducing exposure to acrylamide.

If you promised yourself you’d hone your cooking skills in 2017, but are still struggling to operate the defrost setting on your microwave, you’re not alone.

Deciding that you’re going to become a culinary queen might happen overnight, but putting it into practice definitely doesn’t.

By acknowledging that you won’t be whipping up gourmet meals any time soon, you’ll give yourself a chance to arm yourself with the tips, tricks and tools needed to become a better cook in no time.

Ladies, we’ve got you covered.

1. Assess your knife collection

You wouldn’t try to write an essay or report with a broken or leaking pen, and the same should apply in the kitchen.

Sharpen your knives so they’re actually functional when you use them.

Struggling to handle your ingredients a result of shoddy implements is enough to put anyone off cooking.

2. Invest in a good frying pan and saucepan

Like knives, you wouldn’t believe the difference durable pots and pans make when you’re learning to cook.

Spending your hard-earned euros on kitchen equipment doesn’t sound in the least bit appealing – we know this, but believe us, it’s worth it.

Ruining what has the potential to be a great meal because your pan is an old rustbucket is the last thing you want.

3. Learn how to chop an onion (no seriously)

Onions are used in so many dishes, so it’s worth your while learning how to chop them properly.

(No one likes picking a giant hunk of onion out of their teeth, right?)

Cut off the top of the onion, and bin it. Peel off the outer layers, and chop the onion vertically. Then, chop it horizontally, and you're sorted.

4. Learn how to cook rice

The sign of a good cook is someone who can cook rice without looking like they're intending to feed (or poison) the entire town.

The key to cooking rice is to use the 1:2 ratio, so it's one-part rice, two parts water. 

And a fist-sized portion of rice generally counts as one serving.

5. Bulk buy chicken breasts 

Chicken is so versatile, and so easy to cook as well.

Bulk buy and store in your freezer, so you know for certain you will always have the basis for a quick and easy meal.

6. Invest in a cookery book

And actually study it.

Do your research and choose a publication which features simple meals suitable for any beginner.

Don't get overwhelmed by the content at the start, and instead tell yourself you'll have conquered all the recipes by the end of the year.

7. Focus on three recipes

If you try to master too many recipes at once, you'll have a meltdown and jack in your resolution for good.

Instead, focus on three recipes (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or three evening meals, if you'd rather, and master them before moving on.

Cooking is all about confidence, so the moment you've mastered three meals, you'll be much more prepared to tackle the next set.


If you've actively avoided social occasions while on a health kick, you're most definitely not alone.

While we may be able to stay on the straight and narrow for the vast majority of the week, the minute we begin socialising all bets are off.

Whether it comes down to manners or sheer lack of willpower, many of us find it difficult to decline a plate of goodies when pressed upon us by the friend or co-worker hosting us.

But according to new research, the easiest way to curb how much you consume at a party or gathering is by serving yourself, and ensuring you're the only one looking after your food intake.

The findings, which were published in the Journal of Marketing Research, concluded that people ate less unhealthy food when they tasked themselves with filling their own plates.

"We find that when participants are given the choice of whether or not to consume snacks that they perceive as relatively unhealthy, they have a greater inclination to consume these snacks when less (versus more) physical involvement is required to help themselves to the food." study authors Linda Hagen, Aradhna Krishna, and Brent McFerran said.

In other words, if you tell your host that you're good for now and will help yourself in a bit, you'll be less likely to consistently tuck in because, hey, who wants to keep getting up and down from the buffet?

When you accept a plate of unhealthy (but obviously delicious food) you tend to relinquish responsibility, but you don't have to.

“We suggest that this behaviour occurs because being less physically involved in serving one's food allows participants to reject responsibility for unhealthy eating and thus to feel better about themselves following indulgent consumption," the authors added.

Simply put, if you insist that it's your responsibility to keep yourself fed and watered at the next party, you're much less likely to overindulge.

And while that seems to make sense, all we can think about is getting free reign over a buffet…

Ladies, there are some things you just don't know you need until they burst into your life, and you suddenly find yourself wondering how you ever survived without them.

Dry shampoo, we're looking at you. 

And as an office of wine-lovers here at SHEmazing! HQ, we admit we're absolutely intrigued by a mail-order British company which has created a wine bottle which allows you to receive your vino stash right through your letterbox.

The bottles supplied by Garcon Wines are flat and made from glass-like plastic which means they can be delivered straight into your hallway, and no one has to spend hours queuing at a postal depot after missing the postman by mere seconds.

Commenting on the creation, founder, Joe Revell, said: "The team have worked hard to refine the design and ensure the service overdelivers on our customers' expectations."

"No more missed deliveries, no more depot-collection cards, no more waiting around for couriers and no more heading out to the supermarket late at night next time you feel like wine."

Ladies, the future is now.

If you regularly devour half a chipper before starting in on the contents of the fridge after a night on the booze, it's because… well… you're totally normal.

According to a recent study by the Francis Crick Institute in London, the consumption of alcohol activates a hormone in our brains which is directly linked to appetite.

Using mice as part of their exploration of the theory, researchers injected the creatures with alcohol once a day for three days – a measure which was the human equivalent of two bottles of wine or ten beers.

Researchers quickly realised that the mice which had, essentially, gotten tanked up consumed 25 per cent more food than the sober control group.

Further to this, researchers established that agouti-related protein (AgRP) neurons – proteins linked to their food cycles – experienced an increase in the amount of electrical activity following alcohol consumption.

So, the next time you hoof into the entire kitchen after a night on the beer, console yourself that your body is doing exactly what it should be.


Just when we thought we'd had our fill of unicorn related food, we get slapped with yet another magical treat!

Image result for unicorn stacked pancakes

Unicorn pancakes are our latest mythical food discovery, and we are so in love. 


Breakfast goals  #yum #kkbloomstyle #brunchsohard #unicornpancakes

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They're also really easy to create, so long as your cabinet is stocked with a rainbow of food colouring products. 


Happy Pancake Day!! #pancakes #pancake #pancakeday #shrovetuesday #confettipancakes #sprinkles #unicornpancakes #helloduffymoon

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You simply have to dye your ordinary pancake batter, and stack them on top of each other to create the colourful effect.

Then you can easily create a unicorn horn using icing, and garnish that baby with marshmallows and sprinkles galore. 


We'll be honest – when we think 'fast food', we generally think grease, fat and more salt and vinegar than you can shake a stick at.

But food which can be prepped, cooked and consumed in record time does not have to be unhealthy.

And considering our New Year resolution had something to do with, you know, creating the body we've always wanted, it's high-time we schooled ourselves on the dishes which will fill us up and do our body good…without having to sacrifice our entire evening.

And here are just five of our absolute favourites so far.

1. Salmon with Boy Choy and Apple Slaw 

Packed full of protein and vitamins, this super-easy dish is exactly what you need when you're stuck for time, but keen to stick to resolutions.

While the salmon cooks through, you are free to prepare the slaw. And voila! A healthy dish in mere minutes.

2. Carrot & ginger immune-boosting soup

Soup is the ultimate comfort food, and there's nothing better than a comfort food which packs a nutritional punch and can be prepared in next to no time, right?

Blitz your ingredients (including your veg stock) in a blender, and then heat until piping hot. Done and done.

3. Spicy Asian Chicken Salad

Gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and low carb, this quick and easy dish seems almost too good to be true, but it can be all yours with just a few minutes in the kitchen.

This particular recipe serves four, so why not divide the remaining batch and use them for the next few day's lunches?

4. Quick Pork Chow Mein

In just 15 minutes you'll have a healthy version of one of our favourite take-away dishes – what more could you want?!

With five minutes of prep and ten minutes of cooking, this dish will stop you reaching for the takeaway menu, and tick all the boxes on the nutritional checklist.

5. Spicy sundried tomato and feta omelette

When it comes to protein-rich dishes, you can't go wrong with eggs. (And it helps that we adore feta.)

Easy to cook and oh-so versatile, this omelette is the perfect dish to prepare when the last thing you want to do is spend unnecessary time in the kitchen.