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If you're a bonafide cheese-obsessive, then you're probably sick to the back teeth of having people highlight the downsides to your devotion.

From the product's high fat content to your 'worrying' ability to make it through a block in one sitting, being a cheese-lover definitely comes with its pros… and cons.

Thankfully, however, we have science on our side right now, and we're going to milk that for all it's worth.

Researchers in Korea have, according to Metro, established that one particular variety of cheese is of benefit to our health, and we are totally here for this news.

It turns out that Swiss cheese contains a probiotic called propionibacterium freudenreichii (expialidocious), and that means it works wonders for that bod of yours.

From reducing inflammation to kickstarting a flailing immune system, Swiss cheese sounds like the type of food we should all be stocking up on.

Ladies, let's be real here, science has basically told us so.


It can be hard to keep up with The Happy Pear brothers.

Having began their business as a simple vegetable shop, the energetic pair have since watched their vegan food brand transform into one of the most recognisable in Ireland.

With books, cafés and their own range of delicious plant-based products, it's safe to say that twins, David and Stephen Flynn, have made their mark on the Irish food industry – but they're not stopping there.

The lads look set to showcase their culinary skills on a new Netflix show, due for release in June 2018.

According to The Happy Pear's official Twitter account, the duo will appear on the upcoming I'll Have What Phil's Having, a food and travel series presented by Everybody Loves Raymond creator, Phil Rosenthal.

The upcoming Netflix series will follow Phil as he explores some of Europe's hidden culinary gems, and it looks like he's a big fan of Irish cuisine.

Earlier this week, the presenter gave a shout out to a a chip shop in Clonakilty, and just yesterday he declared he declared that Irish soda bread and butter was “one of the more delicious things you can eat in this world.”

This man clearly knows his stuff.


Living in Dublin city takes its toll on our wallets and while politicians are completely failing us at handling the housing crisis, we are left with two options: playing the Euromillions, or learning ways to make the most with what is left in our bank account after rent is paid.

Some expenses are hard to minimise – i.e. transport, electricity, health – but you can make a big difference on the state of your finances if you get smart with your food.

With a few simple tips, you could end up saving hundreds if not thousands of Euro a year. 

1. Eat at home as often as possible…

It goes without saying, but eating out is expensive and without even going crazy, one dinner out a week can cost you a minimum of 100 Euro a month. 

2…. and we don't mean takeaways

When we say eat at home, we mean make your own dinner.

A takeaway might seem reasonable once in a while – hungover Sundays for instance – but a tenner here and a tenner there seriously add up.

3. Yes, it goes for lunch as well

We know, making lunch every day is a commitment but it is a smart way to a) save money and b) eat healthier.

No need to make life complicated: make a big batch of pasta or quinoa at the beginning of the week and have fun with some cheap toppings: cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, avocado, corn, beans, leftover roasted veggies, boiled eggs, tuna, leftover chicken, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, fresh herbs, cheese…  

4. Buy what is in season / on offer

Every shop has weekly offers on specific foods.

Have a look at what you can buy from the cheap shelf before you start your shopping.

5. Don't buy too much at once

Buying in bulk might seem like a good idea at first, but if you end you binning half of it, it remains a big waste of money.

Buy in bulks foods that have a long shelf life, like cans of tuna, pasta or beans, and avoid it for fresh food. 

6. Eat less animal protein

Animal protein like meat, fish and cheese come at a price, and we would recommend reducing the amount you buy and prioritise the quality.

Meanwhile, make seasonal vegetables and carbs (such as pasta, potatoes, rice, beans) the base of your diet. Eggs are a healthy and cheap option to get your protein too. 

7. Refuse to waste food

To make sure your food doesn't end up in the bin, only buy the food you need (or that keeps for a long time) and only go shopping if you REALLY need to. 



Eddie Rocket's are now serving  brunch – and we could not be happier about it.

The fast food diner have just unveiled their new menu, with a host of delicious brunch options sure to make any millenials mouth water.

From pancake stacks to avocado toast, there really is something for everyone and with the most expensive dish coming in at €9.50, these tasty treats won't break the bank either.

The new options available include:

  • The Big Breakfast – €9.50

  • Belgian Chocolate & Almond Short Stack – €6.95

  • Bacon & Maple Short Stack – €6.95

  • Sourdough Avocado Toast With Bacon & Egg – €7.95

What's more, the restaurant have added a bacon and avocado chicken or beef burger as well as four new salads in a bid to entice health conscious diners.

They'll also be serving 'veggie frites', or carrot sticks, green beans and courgettes sticks lightly seasoned with garlic and chilli, if you will.

The brunch menu will be served until 4.00pm daily, but many of the other new additions are available all day. 

You can check out the full new Eddie Rocket's menu on their website now.


He may be famous for his quirky personality and laugh-out-loud posts on social media, but James Kavanagh is also a real foodie. 

Alongside his boyfriend, William Murray, the social media star is currently working on a cookbook which will be out next year.

Called The Currabinny Cookbook, named after their successful food company, it will be a collection of James and William's most sought-after recipes; from breakfast ideas to sumptuous suppers and sweet treats. 

Before you can get your hands on the book and make his favourite recipes at home, James Kavanagh shared with SHEmazing his food habits, guilty pleasures and pet peeves.


The sunset in Athlone is outrageous #AthloneToDaBone

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What is your typical weekday breakfast?

I usually grab whatever is in the fruit bowl and have a Revive Active – so,so good for energy. 

What about lunch?

I’m currently obsessed with Industry's salad boxes – I get one of those almost every day.

They have new salads every day, so you’re never bored. Make sure you get the hummus too – it’s life changing.  

What do you usually have for dinner?

Some sort of pasta or fish and vegetables.

When I’m feeling lazy (which is all the time), I get Cotto pizza or Brother Hubbard via Deliveroo. 


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Is it different at the weekend?

Myself and William have more time at the weekend, so we tend to go wild in the kitchen, and pour loads of time and energy into a meal.

William usually goes all out and whips up a cake too. 

Do you snack during the day?

Crisps are my weakness. I’d eat bags and bags of them.

Tayto Cheese & Onion are my fave (at the moment). 

What would be your ideal food day?

For breakfast, I'd have almond milk porridge from The Westbury. 

For lunch, whatever the special is in The Pepper Pot. 

Dinner would be the tasting menu in Chapter One.

Finally, for dessert, I'd have a Cremia ice-cream cone from Japan (the best ice-cream you’ll ever have).

The one food you could have everyday for the rest of your life?

Pasta (all kinds of pasta) 

What is your favourite dessert? 

Our Currabinny Soaked Orange Cake!


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What is your favourite meal of the day?

Dinner. It’s always exciting. 

Your favourite restaurants in Dublin/Ireland/the world?

In Dublin, I love Coppinger Row – there’s always such a gorgeous atmosphere there. 

In Ireland (this is SO hard to chose!) maybe Café Paradiso in Cork. Proof that meat is not necessary to make an exquisite meal.   

The best brunch place in Dublin?

Fia in Rathgar. The best eggs in Dublin. 

Do you have any “food pet peeves”?

Raisins; they seem to be in everything and they RUIN everything.

Even people who are fond of a raisin would prefer a plain scone, or to not have them in a curry or couscous.


What food would you not eat for the whole world? 

Coddle – not if you paid me. 


Surprise bitch x

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What can we always find in your fridge?

Elderflower cordial. 

You have friends over for dinner, what do you cook for them?

Our halloumi burgers – they always win hearts.

Do you find it hard to eat a healthy diet in a daily basis? 

No, not at all. Good food is plentiful these days, and most cafes and restaurants are pulling up their socks and tweaking menus to suit those after wholesome dishes. 

What is your guilty pleasure?

A cheese toasty. I’d have them every day… 

What is you go-to drink/cocktail in a bar/pub?

Espresso martini or a G&T.

Your favourite place for a drink in Dublin? 

L’Gueuleton. And the barman William is really hot!


Adulting comes with many unfortunate tasks to accomplish, such as paying bills, paying bills and, oh yeah, paying more bills. 

Yet one good thing that you learn to love as years pass by is simple homemade food.

Because too many takeaways is the death of your bank account (and probably a hazard to your waistline), you gradually started learning how to cook some basic meals, and before you know it, you actually begin to enjoy it. 

Cooking tasty and nutritious food doesn't require some crazy skills and infinite knowledge, it is only about mastering some basic recipes, one meal at a time.

To help you nail it, we have scrolled the Internet to find the best of the best and establish the definite list of the recipes you need in your life. 

Avocado toasts


Scrambled eggs


The perfect porridge


Blueberry muffins


Classic omelette


Spaghetti bolognese


Chicken fajita


Shepherds' pie


Roasted chicken


Caprese salad


Simple salad dressing


Grilled cheese sandwich


Tuna salad




Roasted sweet potatoes


Simple quiche


Chicken stir-fry


Pasta bake


Chicken curry


Salmon tray bake


Loaded baked potatoes


Winter soup






Choc chip cookies




Banana bread


Strawberry no-bake cheesecake


Apple crumble


Bread butter pudding



We won't lie, we are slightly jealous of Niamh O'Sullivan's life.

The 24 year-old Kildare-native moved to New York in October 2015 and since then, she has been giving a snapshot into her life in the Big Apple as well as sharing healthy recipes, fitness and motivation tips on her blog Cinnamon Soul.

While her Instagram feed frequently features icecreams and pancakes, Niamh tells SHEmazing all about her favourite foods and how living in New York is both heaven and hell for healthy eaters. 

What is your typical weekday breakfast?

I tend to rotate between a fruit smoothie, protein pancakes, and fried eggs on toast.

It depends on whether or not I've been to the gym that morning, and how much time I have to whip something up. 

What about lunch?

I'm living in New York at the moment and one of the best things about it is all of the food options at your disposal. With that said, the cost of groceries is extremely high, especially in Manhattan.

I find myself picking something up last minute every day like a salad or wrap from Pret a Manger. As long as it's fresh, I'm not too fussy.


When you build yourself up for an avocado toast lunch and then they tell you THERE'S NO BREAD LEFT  #dayweekandmonthruined

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What do you usually have for dinner?

I'm a serious creature of habit so my dinner is usually fresh prawns with soybean spaghetti, fried in garlic, chilli & olive oil. So simple and SO tasty! 

Is it different at the weekend?

The weekends are always my biggest downfall when I'm trying to stay healthy, but I am definitely not complaining!

Not only are there literally thousands of restaurants to choose from in New York, but there's always a new part of the city to explore too so it's always fun to try new places.

Naturally though, my weekends plans revolve solely on where and what I'm eating! 


Best brunch in Brooklyn 

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Do you snack during the day? 

My go-to snack at about 3pm every single day is a tub of 0% Fage yoghurt with frozen berries, almond butter and a few drops of MyProtein flavour drops to sweeten it up. 

What would be your ideal food day?

Breakfast would be a massive bowl of granola, boring – I know, but my Mum makes the most delicious kind and I miss it so much since I moved away from home. 

I love tapas and the way that you can be so social when you eat it, so I would probably opt for that for lunch. 

Dinner would have to be a classic roast chicken with every single trimming possible. 

Dessert would be a warm chocolate brownie or fondant with some pistachio or vanilla ice-cream. Or, my Mum's chocolate roulade – my mouth waters when I think about it! 


All of the good fats 

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The one food you could have everyday for the rest of your life?

Chips, with mayonnaise and salt. I'm absolutely obsessed! 

What is your favourite dessert? 

Anything Nutella-based. Or a good scoop of ice-cream. Pistachio is my favourite flavour so when I find a good one, I really can't help myself. 



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What is your favourite meal of the day?

Probably dinner because I usually don't have to be anywhere after I eat it, so I can eat as much as possible and then vegetate on the couch until I can move again, haha! 

Your favourite restaurant in Dublin/Ireland/the world? 

My favourite restaurant in Dublin is probably the Rustic Stone: you can't beat a good steak! 

In Ireland, I think my favourite restaurant would have to be the K Thai in the K Club in Kildare.

I waitressed in the K Club all through college and for my last few months of working there, I worked full time in the K Thai I've tried every single thing on the menu and can safely say that there's not one thing that isn't delicious! I always go back every time I'm home and still catch up with the chefs who are so sound, couldn't recommend it highly enough. 

At the moment I'm obsessed with a small Italian restaurant in Alphabet City in New York called Supper NYC. Cacio è Pepe is one of my favourite meals ever and this place has a delicious version (it's basically just spaghetti with cheese and pepper but it's divine).

My favourite restaurant always depends on my mood though so it changes regularly! 

The best brunch place in Dublin?

I actually have only tried one place since I've been living abroad for the past 18 months and lived in Galway prior to that. BUT, I went for bottomless brunch in Cleaver East while I was at home in March and it was delicious!

Any “food pet peeves”?

When restaurants don't take the tails off prawns. I hate working for my food – LOL!

I also hate when the restaurant doesn't tell you that what you're ordering definitely needs a side of veg or chips. Nothing worse than when you're finished your meal and have to ask to see the menu again because you're still starving. 

What food would you not eat for the whole world? 

Celery. I despise it more than anything and I can taste/smell/sense it a mile away. It physically makes me gag! 


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What can we always find in your fridge?

About 10-12 cans of cold brew coffee from my local supermarket, Fage yoghurt, almond milk, and berries.

The rest is usually bought the day I want to cook/eat. I hate planning meals in advance because I'm so indecisive with food. 

You have friends over for dinner, what do you cook for them?

For starter, the last time I had the girls over I made a delicious bruschetta (if I do say so myself).

For mains we had prawns fried in garlic, chilli and olive oil served over spaghetti – my favourite!

Dessert is usually a trip to the Fro-yo place across the street. 


Making me miss the weekend more… 

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Do you find it hard to eat a healthy diet in a daily basis? 

Yes and no. In New York, there are so many healthy food options to choose from. But with that, there is also a massive amount of unhealthy options to test you.

If I'm on a roll with my healthy eating then I usually find it easy enough but the smell of pizza is always lingering! 

What is your guilty pleasure?

Mayonnaise. I add it to the majority of my meals, I can't help myself. 


Le weekend 

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What is you go-to drink/cocktail in a bar/pub?

Vodka, soda with fresh lime and/or mint. Or a Pinot Grigio. 

Your favourite place for a drink in Dublin? 

I love P. Mac's, it's such a cool bar. I love the key lime pie cocktail in The Exchequer too. It's a great alternative to dessert after dinner! 



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With her genuine approach to blogging, Grace Mongey has gained a following of more than 100k on Instagram. 

Since the birth of her baby daughter Sienna, the beauty, lifestyle and travel blogger has chosen to get real about motherhood and isn't afraid to share some of the struggles she's encountered along the way. 

As she is just back from her summer break in Marbella, we have asked the makeup artist about her food habits.  


Never been happier #Family #MyGirl #SiennaHarper 

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What is your typical weekday breakfast?  

I love to mix it up at breakfast time. My favourites would have to be a slim bagel, smoked salmon and a poached egg, or some fruit with Greek style yoghurt and maybe some muesli too.

A coffee is always a must on the side! 

What do you usually have for dinner?

I generally would mix up the type of dinners I make but all would consist of meat, vegetables and a small portion of carbs.

Carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa or butternut squash are always a hit. 

Is it different at the weekend?

Yes it can be for sure, it's a lot easier I find to fall off the bandwagon at the weekends and get a takeaway or indulge a little bit more.

I try to be as healthy as possible but we're all allowed a treat! We will cook something nice like Mexican food, fajitas are always a winner! 

I love to nibble on things like crackers and cheese, meats and hummus. 


The most incredible lunch. Buckwheat Pancakes #Yum #London #Lunch

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Do you snack during the day?

Of course, I always try to include as much protein as possible. My trainer recommends that so I'd have a protein shake with a banana, almond butter and milk. It's so nice, it's like a peanut butter milkshake!

Otherwise I'd have Greek style yoghurt with berries or some nuts.

What would be your ideal food day?

Cheese! Anything with cheese and more cheese! With bacon or bread. All the good stuff! 

What is your favourite dessert? 

Ohhh definitely a warm chocolate brownie and ice cream!

What is your favourite meal of the day? 

I would have to say breakfast. There are so many different things you can have for breakfast. Having a big breakfast or going out for brunch, I love both. 

Your favourite restaurant in Dublin/Ireland/the world? 

That's a really tough question! I don't know if I have a favourite because I love to try new places all of the time.

A great brunch spot though would be Noah&Co. in Liffey Valley. The food is delish.

The best brunch place in Dublin?

We love HQ on Grand Canal, that's gorgeous!! 

Any “food pet peeves”?

Mine would have to be when people automatically say they don't like something when they haven't tried it!

I'm one to try before I decide whether or not I like it. 

What food would you not eat for the whole world?

I hate ginger! It makes me feel ill even thinking about it…

What can we always find in your fridge?

Cheese, milk, yoghurt, oh and eggs!

You have friends over for dinner, what do you cook for them?

I love to cook and I have a few favourites. 

I would go for spaghetti bolognese, I love spaghetti.A stir fry either, my Mam says they are the best! I do a really nice chicken satay as well. Any of those I'd say! 

Do you find it hard to eat a healthy diet on a daily basis?

If I stay in 'the zone' I am totally fine, keeping up with workouts and eating healthy each week but it's when I fall off the bandwagon like I would have on my holidays, I find it really hard to get back on track!

I'm an 80/20 kind of girl though, so I do my best to eat healthy and work out as much as possible but I love some treats or cheat meals too. 

What is your guilty pleasure?

Cheese! Any type, cheese boards with all the trimmings, olives, meats and grapes.

Cheese on top of cheese on top of cheese!!


Ketty Quigley has been eating her way through the Irish capital for more than ten years and has been blogging about it for more than five.

Her successful blog French Foodie in Dublin got her to be named Food Influencer of the Year 2017 at the inaugural SHEmazing! Awards and she has been using her knowledge about the Dublin food scene to create Delicious Dublin Tours.

This is why when Ketty suggests a restaurant or a bar in Dublin, we are listening carefully!

For SHEmazing!, the French lady is sharing some of her favourite places in Dublin and also how she balances out her taste for rich food.

What is your typical weekday breakfast?
I eat porridge every morning for breakfast, it’s great fuel after an early morning run and the only breakfast that keeps me full enough until lunch!

I like putting lots of different toppings in my porridge: seasonal fruits, nuts, dried fruits, seeds and anything that makes it a bit less boring.

When the weather is warmer I struggle to eat porridge and replace it with yoghurt and fruits.

What about lunch?

My office is only a 7 minute walk away from my place so I go home and most of the time I either eat the leftovers from the night before or I quickly cook something with what I have in the fridge and pantry.

I often make salad bowls with a base of grains (I love couscous) or starch and whatever vegetables I have in handy. I don’t have a typical lunch, it could be a nice salad, pasta carbonara or even avocado on sourdough toast with sriracha if I don’t have much time.

Sometimes though I sneak into 147 Deli for one of their delicious sandwiches, as a treat!


Tasty leftovers for lunch: chicken with caramelised onions and cardamom rice (@ottolenghi's recipe).Now it's time to get out and enjoy that Dublin sunshine!

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What do you usually have for dinner?
Dinner is better because I have more time and always cook something from scratch. I love using Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks or the Ballymaloe course cookbook to find inspiration in the evening and cook something simple but tasty.

There’s very often something meaty and a bit of veg, although my husband and I tend to eat too many carbs (I’m a sucker for pasta and potatoes). Dinner can be duck confit with gratin dauphinois and a green salad or lamb koftas with a cucumber and tomato salad.

I like cooking lots of different things, it relaxes me in the evening.
Is it different at the weekend?
I really treat myself at the weekend… I cook nice brunches and I usually eat out at least once during the weekend.

This is the time of the week when I splurge in Fallon and Byrne or Temple Bar Food Market, cook and eat indulgent things!


A very French start to the day @fallonandbyrne before getting stuck into my wedding 'to do' list!

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Do you snack during the day?
I rarely snack during the day, just because I never buy snacks when I go food shopping. I’m human though and sometimes I have something small like a macaron or a piece of dark chocolate.

There’s one exception though, when I’m hungover I could snack all day long, but that doesn’t happen too often…
What would be your ideal food day?
The bacon sandwich from the Pepper Pot for brunch, dinner at Forest and Marcy and cocktails at Peruke and Periwig.


Chargrilled & pickled courgettes, basil, buttermilk, spiced crab

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The one food you could have everyday for the rest of your life?

Moliterno al tartufo, a truffle cheese from Sardinia.
What is your favourite dessert? 
Floating islands – it’s been a favourite of mine since my childhood, but very few places ever have it on their menu. 
What is your favourite meal of the day?

It only happens at the weekend, but my favourite meal has to be brunch. I associate brunch with having time off and being relaxed, and just love putting together something simple and flavoursome.

Your favourite restaurant in Dublin/Ireland/the world? 
Forest and Marcy, the chef is talented and creative and I love the casual atmosphere.

Closely followed by Delahunt and Etto, they’re very consistent and showcase Dublin’s vibrant and emerging food scene.
The best brunch place in Dublin?

My apartment, that’s why I rarely eat out for brunch.

Any 'food pet peeves'?
This might be controversial but I’m not a big fan of people who self-diagnose themselves with food intolerance.

I also don’t really understand people who call themselves ‘foodies’ yet have a long list of things they don’t eat.
What food would you not eat for the whole world? 
I know it’s likely to become the food of the future but I’m scared of eating insects. I’m sure I will try at some stage but yes, I still have a mental block.

What can we always find in your fridge?
Nduja – this spreadable pork salami from Italy is delicious on pizza, as a pasta sauce or even just lightly grilled on bread, I could eat it all day.
Sriracha – I love siracha sauce as it spices up any meal.
Irish butter – Ireland has some of the best butter in the world so I’ll always have at least one big stick of Irish butter at home.
You have friends over for dinner, what do you cook for them?
I love having friends over for dinner and never cook the same thing.

It could be homemade pizzas, a crepe or raclette party, a Middle Eastern feast, traditional French food or lots of tapas… I like changing the theme of my dinner parties!

Do you find it hard to eat a healthy diet in a daily basis?
Yes… because I tend to be a bit too much of an Epicurean! I don’t eat junk or processed food but I tend to eat homemade food that is quite rich.

I’m conscious that I don’t eat as much vegetables as I should be eating and I don’t drink enough water but I exercise a lot. I never feel guilty though, food is pleasure for me and life is short!
What is your guilty pleasure?
A dirty burger from Wowburger.


We’re not fat, just big bun-ed! #Wowburger #InstaGood #LoveDublin #LoveBurgers #DublinDaily

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What is you go-to drink in a bar/pub?
When I go to the pub, I try to order craft beer and usually an IPA, whenever possible.  

I mostly go to one of the Galway Brewery pubs, I love their double IPA ‘Of Foam and Fury’. I never drink wine in pubs or bars but I love a good cocktail sometimes.
 Your favourite place for a drink in Dublin? 
I like the Black Sheep and P. Mac's for beer, Peruke and Periwig or the Vintage Cocktail Club for cocktails.


Bad news guys – smelling food before you eat could contribute to weight gain, new research has found.

Researchers in the US have found that the smell of food could actually play a vital role in how our body processes calories.

In a study, scientists at the University of California, Berkely, used gene therapy to eliminate in the sense of smell in a group of obese mice.

Results showed that the mice who couldn't smell lost weight when compared to those who could, even though they all ate the same amount of high-calorie food.

What's more, the mice who were able to smell actually doubled in weight, while mice with a boosted sense of smell put on the most weight.

As it turns out, smelling food could trigger the body into storing calories rather than burning them off.

Céline Riera, of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, said: “This paper is one of the first studies that really shows if we manipulate olfactory inputs we can actually alter how the brain perceives energy balance, and how the brain regulates energy balance.” 

Researchers hope that the study could help people with eating disorders and diseases such as Parkinson's. It's also thought the results will help those who struggle to lose weight.

Senior author Andrew Dillin, said, “Sensory systems play a role in metabolism. Weight gain isn’t purely a measure of the calories taken in; it’s also related to how those calories are perceived,”

 “If we can validate this in humans, perhaps we can actually make a drug that doesn’t interfere with smell but still blocks that metabolic circuitry. That would be amazing.”

For now though, it's probably best to avoid walking past that bakery on the way to work.


In what can only be described as a feat of food engineering, one innovative bakery in the US have created a combination of sweet treats that you never even knew you needed – until now.

Introducing the ice-cream donut.

The guys and gals over at B Sweet Bar in Los Angeles have blessed the world with their mouth-watering dessert know as the 'Halo'.

According to the shop's official Instagram account, the dish consists of "a scoop of your favourite #icecream heat-sealed inside our fresh glazed donut!!! Hot on the outside, cold on the inside and yummy allover!"

Customers can choose to fill the classic donut with a scoop of their favourite ice-cream, with options of vanilla, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, rocky road and chocolate malted crunch to choose from.

B Sweet is also famous for its rotating menu of over 40 different flavours of bread pudding, which honestly looks way more appealing than it sounds.

Alas, these beautiful creations are only available in LA right now, but fingers crossed the recipe will make it onto Irish shores sooner rather than later.


Calling all street food connoisseurs! 

Dublin will be transformed into a feast of food, fun and entertainment this weekend as Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular takes over Merrion Square South.

Festival goers can enjoy a huge selection of freshly-made dishes from over 25 culinary regions at the Just Eat STREET international street food festival, including award winning Mexican food from Boojum, authentic barbecue from Smokin Bones and loaded sweet potato fries from Strong Roots.

The Just Eat waiters will be on hand to take orders and deliver some of the best street food the country has to offer, so you can sit back and enjoy the sound of the international music stage which will feature a wide variety of genres to compliment the food on offer.

Across the two-day festival, visitors will be treated to live performances from Cuban All Stars, Havana Club Trio, Manden Express and samba musicians and dancers MaSamba. 

The Just Eat Street at Laya City Spectacular will take pace this Saturday July 8 and Sunday July 9. You can find more information at cityspectacular.com